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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

ISHRA FF : Hum Tum Ek Kamre me Band Ho "Dorm No 143" Part 14

Hello All i know i know you all are angry for not updating this but i was hell busy here is summary before the update bcoz some of ghajni's deffo forget whats going on the story

Summary : Raman Ishita met in bookshop their parents tried to tied them but they denied and wish that never see each other again but destiny played her games and they ended on the hostel in same room they agreed to stay with each other just for 4-5  months..and Subbu was thier 3rd roommate Slowly   both Raman and Ishita realize their for each other and they kissed each other in open air theater then story moves to 3 months when Raman went london and they shared Mail and whatsapp messages with each other and story run with flashback how they moved further with A deal "Roommate with benefits" thier relationship Now last part was when Raman said to Ishita that he is going to pick "Her" (without saying name )" and they met in canteen where Raman comes with Her "SHAGUN"

Meet My friend Shagun she is cheer leader captain

Raman : Shagun this Ishita...My...My roommate cum....

Roomamate cum friend Ishita cuts him between He gives a glare to her

Shall we sit i am starving...... he pulls chair for her and when Ishita about to sit on her chair he whispers in Ishita's ear "Starving For You"  she converts to beetroot red and hide quickly

Raman : hey Shagun what u want

Shagun : Burger with coke...

Raman : Okay

Ishita about to say something but Raman disappears without hearing her choice wow in 12 hour he forget her " this is what you want No emotion No care then Why u Care if he ddnt ask for your Choice"

"So you are his roommate and one guy too" i must say you are DAMNNNN Lucky Two guys Wohhhh Shagun says with so girly style which Ishita dont like She is not that type of girl who enjoys with Boy's company

before she tells something Raman places burger and coke in front of Shagun and Coffee in front of Ishita and says Ur burger with coke and Your Coffee Obviously Low Fat....

But Maine to bola hi nahi the (But i ddnt tell you for coffee) Ishita says while looks at him

But Mujhe to pata hai naa tum daily kya leti ho Tea Or Low Fat coffee Raman says and winks  (But i know What you prefer daily either tea or Coffee)

"he Knows What i prefer in breakfast dont fall Ishita Dont fall " she says to herself

Seems He Knows so many things about You Ishita Shagun Joins the winks battle

"Everything"  he says and winks again

Ishita frowns with thought "is he told her about us..No No He is not that stupid "

tell me about yourself  and how you met Raman Ishita asks her with quickly  changes the topic....

Raman who is sipping her coffee set on alert

Ohh He is the Handsome Hunk i was catching since 1st day of college but caught hold on Yesterday on basketball Match...when i myself gave him Massage in Drink break

Her jaw drops What she hears"She is catching Raman from 1st day and yesterday She gave him massage on their 1st meeting what A Bitch and What A Dog he is in 1st meeting he asked her for massage but wait " She comes out of her thought and ask

But You are Cheer leader how can you gave him massage its i think some medical staff works

Ishita asks Shagun Raman diverts his gaze he knows he is in trouble now Ishita ll cut that Portion of body where Shagun gave him massage"

Ohh that i managed Shagun says and winks again

Oh i see anything else you did manage too Ishita asks her with anger

"I didn't get you" Shagun replies looking confused

Ohh lets go Ishita our class will start in Five minutes Raman gets up and make Ishita too stand up too

Shagun too stands up and says We ll continue Ishita in lunch break bye i have to go for practise Byee Handsome she leans and kisses on Raman's cheeks....he wants to blush but he knows what is waiting for him....

Raman and Ishita leave towards class and Shagun in other direction

Shagun takes out her phone and calls someone : Tumahara Kaam ho gaya hai (your work is done )

Raman try to Match his tracks with Ishita But she is not giving any chance to him and walking  almost running towards the Class

She enters in class and Ishita looks around but couldn't find any one with whom she can share seat she sit on empty bench...

Raman who is just behind her looks at her "Finally " murmurs and sit with her

Class began to start teacher comes and start her lecture

He holds her hand below the Desk....

She looks at him and shrugs her hands 

....Whats wrong Baby " he wisphers

She frowns " Dont call me Baby" she whispers in his ears

" Why " he whispers back

"What if anybody hear us What will they think" she whispers again

"Who cares " he looks at her with "WTF" look in his eyes

"Ok tell me Whats wrong with you "

You both have any problem???? teacher asks  them

No problem  Ishita replies

Okay next if you have problem tell me rather then discuss with each other

All students laughs And Ishita blushes

Raman again holds her hand below the Desk and whispers

"when u blush i want to You Know Kiss you hard and right Now i want same " he whispers huskily this time

she couldn't help but forget all what she hears about massage and All And blushes again

She looks at Raman who is writing something on A Paper

She try to look and almost leans over him to see but then Raman suddenly turns and his hands brushes harldy on her Nose she squeak a loud Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Teacher turns and yells hey you both what is your problem  stand up you both on you place ....she walks towards them

And stops when she looks at Raman who is trying to hide a piece of paper in his left hand

hey What are you hiding she asks Raman

Nothing teacher its just before he could say further

teacher Snatch from Him and Start Reading

"If you Smile, I Will Kiss You Lips

If You Blush I will Kiss your Cheeks

If You CRY I will Wipe the tears And hold you Tight

(All students change their position on sitting they put their chins on thier elbow and elbows are rests on desk and they are enjoying the poem )

And If You LOOK AT ME and Bite your Lip, I Will lead you to BED "

When teacher finishes with Last line all student sighs in unison

Teacher who herself lost in this lovely piece of poetry Now just searching word what to tell

Ishita who is completely shocks as well as awwwww expression becomes a fully blushful red  statue on her place

Raman Stands like nothing happens and gives smiles to the girls who is drooling over him

At last teacher says :Hmmmmmm So You MR Poet You can Do what you want to do outside of class not here this is my first warning to you and You  " Blushy " girl (teacher comes close to her and says in low voice )

"Hold on him

 let him do what he wants to do and this is My first and Last warning to you "

You Both get out right Now.....

Before Anyone anything say Raman hold her hand and drags her out of class to the Garden Area


"You stupid ,Moron, Love sick, teenager, A** hole, She yells at him in open garden where they just came thrown out of class Now each and every student known about them.....

He comes  from behind and snakes his hand around her  waist she resist but he is strong enough  to hold her in his arms

Hey My lil Abusive girl Now tell me whats wrong why you behaving like A Jealous Kitten

" What the hell are you saying " she replies acts like she don't know what he is asking

"you Know what" he rest his chin on her shoulder

I dont Know what are you saying She says and comes out of his Arms crosses her arms and look at him directly

He sighs walks over to her put his hands on her shoulder  She is trying to show that conversation with Shagun ddnt effect her she looks back at his face when he says " Ishita during the match i slipped due to wet floor near the Area where Cheer girls were performing and Shagun and all cheer girls quickly came to me .my ankle got cut and blood was flowing so Shagun tied her hanky to stop the blood after that  medical staff came  and did treatment but If Shagun ddnt tied her hanky i wasnt able to play further so after match i went to her and gave my thanks and i offered her lift  and She accepted because she lives  near our hostel and when i asked her what can i do to repay she requested me to pick her up today because her brother is going somewhere else Now tell me Anything i did wrong" his hands still on her shoulder

Ishita who is listening like a 5 year old girl doesn't reply him she struggles his hands and turns her side gather all courage and replies "Raman i didn't asked you for explanation and moreover why would  i ask i don't care remember we were agreed on the deal " she turns and crosses her arms Now she collected all courage and look back him....

He with a devilishly smiles walks over to her and for her surprise for this moment bend down and kissed on her lips and murmurs " admit it you were jealous " and leave her.....


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