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Friday, 27 November 2015

Ishra TS : Tum Saath ho Part 2

" I had a Flower for every time you made me Smile and laugh and i'd have garden to walk in forever"

4 year later 

Venue College Night 8pm 

Somewhere In College 

"He tried to kiss me" She says and hugs him hides her face in V of his Chest....he consoles her but Not able to console her she cries and cries in his arms .....

Raman slowly separates her from his Tugs her hair behind her ears lift her chin with his finger....
Bus bahut ro li ab ye sada hua thobda Dhoke aa(enough Now stop crying and wash your face ) Now i am your Partner for Prom and this time i ll kill you too if u stop me to punch Ashok and how many times i told you He is not good guy but you,you were so busy in making me jealous....

ishita lift her eyes to see him....pure rage and jealousy on his face....She has no courage to reply him when he is angry...and yes she did asked Ashok for prom and make Raman jealous too....


Raman with his hands in Sanjana's waist walks over to Ishita and tap on her shoulder....
she turns and her eyes falls on Raman left hand around sanjana's waiste...she rises her eyebrows....

"What" Raman gives her look.......

She ddnt replied any and Walks over to Ashok and drags him towards Raman and sanjana....Raman meet my prom partner 


Ashok stuns hear this he himself asked Ishita in morning and she denied and Now she herself Announcing "Wow treat" he thinks...Raman loses his hand around sanjana and Grabs Ishita's hand and drags her in corner....

"What the hell" you are not going with him..Raman barks on her...

"Who the hell are you deciding this",, ishita replies him

"Let me remind you baby" i am your best friend and you ll do what i said

Oh Come out of your fantasy world from last one year  you have changed and your best friend too i suppose i was your best friend but Now sanjana replaces me..she turns crosses her hand over her chest fights woth her tears to fall down

He turns her by shoulder " No one can replace you and sanjana is just friend but You ,you are special" 

You liar i am noting coming to your this trap again Raman...and i am going to Prom with him...and thats Final and you go with your So called Girlfriend i dnt care all i care is About Ashok...ohh god he is so so..u know what i think he is Real man....perfect package.....

"What the " Raman about to complete his sentence But Ishita cut him off....

"Dont even try to Say next word About him Raman and Remember If u do anything to Ashok i ll tell all your dirty secret to Uncle and Aunty including Cigarette and Rave Party too   " She points finger in his chest and leave stuns him with this avatar.....

"Flashback End"

She lil stammers : sorry 

Raman looks at her She is scared from the incident and From his anger too 
"Dont be Scared Come here" he says sternly and opens his hands and embrace her in his hug again slowly murmurs "okay now listen lets go to party i ll around you and If he comes nears you i am there to kill him " She looks at him from same position 

he reads her eyes and adds " your perfect package is not so perfect to lay hands on me Okay so don't worry "

"If you comes with me then What about Sanjana" She asks innocently 

"What about her" He rise his eyebrow 

"She ll feel bad that her boyfriend" 

"Ohh god How many time i told you i am not her boyfriend She came with her boyfriend" Says this he comes out of the hug position and turns his side 

" Then with whom you came " She asks again 

" Alone " 

"Then why didn't u told me that you were not coming with her and i thought you loves her "

this provokes him he ddnt want to told her this but Now he can't control he turns his side his eyes is blood shot red ready to kill

he comes near her and holds her Shoulder 

" Hasna ishita ke Saath Rona Ishita ke Saath to main Pyar kisi or ke saath kaise Kar sakta hu (Laughing with Ishita, Crying with Ishita, how can i love someone Else )
Can't you see Ishita how much i love you Are you blind or something....When you smile my hearts go just Just (he runs his hands to his hair now able to make sentence in nervousness) Just Boom Boom and he laughs...When you cry i want to be your shoulder....Ishita i want to be the reason of your smile and He loses his hands and looks at her face....

Sudden Shivers went through to her body to listen Raman's confession....her voice chokes she wants to say Raman that she loves him as much as he loves her...she about to say but Raman cuts her off

" Ishita its ok i can understand you are brilliant student how can you like some one duffer like must like Someone like Dinesh  its ok i promise i won't say anything about this more you just forget about my words" he says and about to turn....

She turns him by his shoulder and Slaps him 

He touches to his cheeks where she slaps him with " what the hell is this " look

tears brimming in her eyes  " Itni der kyo laga di ye bolne me (why u took so much time to tell me )
yes you are a duffer and how can i love you more you then you love me you duffer...i love you too "she cries and cries hugs him He hugs her back tears falls from his eyes too.....He swings her in his arms She closes her eyes...after a minute he puts her on her feet hold her hands in his hands and kisses on her palm She feels shy from before this moment he was his friend Now they love each other....

The Next she knows that Raman's lips is 1 inch away from her She can feels his hot breathe on her face...A finger is tugging her hair strand from her face to her ears....Now his Nose touches her ,her faces goes to cups in his hands And  then...then A warm lips touches her upper lips slowly....gently ...her lips parted for more access Now her hands around his neck .. A warm tongue playing with her...suddenly she feels that her oxygen level is going down (how can she calculate oxygen level this moment dont even ask me )
But She Sees him Suffocating and Next moments Both breathe Heavily 

Next statement turns her beetroot red "how can someone's Kiss take my breathe Way hmm"

She wants to reply him but she hears voices of their friends 

Mihika  : So guys you are here and we were searching you like mad

Raman : So u admitted that you are Mad....

You just shut up Raman Mihika says and drags ishita with her...Ishita looks helplessly to Raman 

Mihir : lets go buddy Party is on full swing...

Raman : yeah lets go...

At Party 

Mihika and Mihir are dancing with other and 
Raman and Ishita are standing in the Corner Raman so wants to talk to her but people disturbs them finally He comes behind her and whispers " that was your first kiss how it felt you "  

She knows that Raman already kissed so many girls bit that all was flings 

She replies that stuns him and a smile comes to his Face 

The Best Feeling in the world is to kissing someone For the first time 
When you've  really wanted to kiss them for a long time"

From Next moment Ashok is out of Sight When he saw Raman's Hands around Ishita's waist 


Next few days like this....
They met kissed hugged all lovers can do in First phase of their love life...

they talked over nights and nights.....endless mesaage and smiles shared ....Raman always wished  her goodnight with ends "Will meet in your drRamans" and ishita replied with
" Keep dreaming muhahhahaha good night Kiss"


" I wish you could hear all the words i am too afraid to say "

There is so many things in the world Apart from love and Its called "Life" 

3 months Later.....

This three months So hard for both Raman and ishita

Same College but Different Fields Made their love life Hard for each other....

Ishita At Mihika's place and Raman is going back from Construction site 

(Remember he wants to become Architect So he have to Work as a trainee under Big company's dont want to drag more)

Died tired Raman in Cab leans to backseat

"You still at Mihika's place '" Raman sends her message on phone...

"Yes i told you before Important one what happened???? ishita replies back....

" Nothing Just confirming So Dinner cancel ???? He sends message again...

" Hmmmm Not possible" She replies

" Good I am busy too thats why i asked now no guilt feeling lol" He replies back..

" Such a relief i thought you ll show ur temper For cancelling again" She replies again

"Not at all i am damn busy just going home have to work on deigns chal byee Milte hai Fir" Raman replies

"Keep dreaming Good Night".....

No " will meet in your dreams" ishita thinks  and smiles

"No good night Kiss" Raman thinks and smiles

From last Few days thier message conversion also changed

Ishita turns on Radio in her phone and here Cab's driver turns on same Radio station song playing on Radio perfect for thier situation

"Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho"

She turns off radio when She hears Mihika is coming to the Room Shouted loudly 

God!!!!!!!!!! ishita you made it....ishita your project is selected in NASA's Fresher's Mind Competition Ohh god i cant beleive this....i mean i know u can but this....that means you are going to Washington DC
Mihika sounds suddenly after a happy exclaimed......

With her hands on her mouth shocks with the news "ohhhh yessssssssssssssssssss yesssssssssss finally i did it.... then looks at Mihika....but why are you So suddenly Sad....

You ll go so far from me....From us ......From Raman She says burst out in tears....

She knows this will happen One day she have to leave Mihika and other one day She made her mind and make herself strong to face this situation But Mihika's last sentence sends chills to her spine ..." From  Raman "

She consoles her and fights with her tears too...She have to take that decision 

Raman's phone rang he give signal to driver to turn down volume of radio 

"Yes Speaking"...Raman replies to phone

" Are you Sure " Raman confirm again

" Thank you Yes i will update asap" he says and cuts phone....

"ohh God "he almost shouts ....

" Kya hua Sahab bahut khus dikhayi de rahe ho "( what happened Sir you are looking so happy ) driver asks Raman 

Haa Bhaisahab Baat hi esi hai Wo main....(ab ise kaise Samzau) Mujhe London me  Pool banane ki comapny me Job Karna tha uska Offer Aaya hai mera sapna pura hone Jaa raha hai (yes Brother Actually my dream is to work with London's Biggest Bridge making company My dream is going to Fulfil )

Badahayi ho Sahab Par London to bahut dur hai aur aapko Apne Maata-Pita,dost yaar Apki koi Premika to hogi hi sab ko chod ke Jaana hoga (Congratulation but London is So far you have to leave your Parents friends and your lover )

Hmmm he replies And looks outside of the Car 

Raman also made himself strong for this Situation but Driver's last Sentence " Your  Lover " sends current waves in his body....

He have to take that decision Asap....Driver turn on volume that Songs last lines Played again same

"Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho"



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