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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

ISHRA TS : Tum Saath ho Part 1


"There's something about childhood friends that you just can't replace "

He is sitting near the lake's shore No one love him his cousin makes fun of his tone his mom says when he ll grow up his speaking tone will automatically become like others but why not Now ???he thinks and his thought moves to his next a girl standing her arms crosses over her chest looking angry  .....

Tumala Naam tya hai (what is your name ) 4 years old Raman ask her in his stammering tone (baby tone) not able to make sentence in clear hindi  ...

She looks down at him "Mela naam itita(ishita) hai (My name is Ishita ) same age ishita replies in same stammering tone yet angry tone..

Ale tum bhi meli talah totla bolti ho..tome sit with me (hey you also stammer like me...come sit with me ) Raman replies with Joy because he finds someone like him...

All her anger towards her friends and cousin who teased her over her stammers ( baby tone ) vanishes when she heard Raman's voice someone like her...she sits next to him....

Tum taha lehti ho....(where do you live )..Raman asks her while take a stone and throws in lake...

Main...Wo...totaity ( society ) me wo do Nelw Ghal hai Naa wo mela hai....(Me..i live that new house in society)  ishita replies him...

Ohh To Tum  ho DO mele ghal ke baju wae ghal me lahne aaye the 4 din pele (so you ppl came to live next to my house 4 days ago ) Raman asks her again

She nods her head...

Tum itnne dusse me kyu thi (why were u so angry )...Raman asks innocently...

Wo mele ilitataing coutins and  tuch frienls aaye the unhone mude chilaya (wo mere irritating friends aaye the unhone mujhe chidya (some of my irritating cousin and friends came they teased me )

Ohh to tumko bhi tab tidate hai (so you are also teased by all ) Raman ask her again...

She nods tears brimming in her eyes Raman looks at her dont know what to do........

then His mother's face comes in front of him when Some teased him and he cried his mother cups his face and wipes his tears and takes him in hugs console him ....Hmm mute bhi yahi talna chahiye (hmm i should do this )

He cups her face and wipes her tears and takes her in his small hug She hugs him back

her cousin sister's face comes in front of her eyes when her cousin was hugging one boy at School she asked her cousin she said he is  My boyfriend

both separates and Ishita with the same innocence " Hum Gl-friend Boy friend " hai kya...(are we girlfriend boyfriend )

Raman looks at her thinks of his favourite Tv Advertisement of Mcdownland and mimics  in same tone

(If anybody wants to see ad here is link 

" No gl-friends Bahut demanding hoti hai Mude ye thahiye wo thahiye "(No girlfriends are so demanding i want this i want that )

ishita laughs over his mimicry and she mimics too " But Mujhe to bus ek Mc aloo tikki chahiye "

(But i just want Mc aloo tikki )

Raman laughs too and continues his mimicry "ESA KYa then tik hai (Oh like this ok then ) then he shows her his cheeks he is thinking that like TV ad Girl kisses the boy on cheeks So ishita ll kiss to

Ishita laughs more on this....

He again points on his cheeks .....Ishita shows him tongue and runs away towards  her house Raman too runs behind her...shouting her name

Itita itita (ishita ishita) ....itita luto main bhi aa laha ru...(ishita...ishita wait for me i am coming too )

"Childhood is a journey not Race "

12 year later

"What the hell" i just taught you and you duffer forget it in seconds where the hell were you mind you brainless jerk" ishita shouts on Raman and throws his notebook on his face stands up and takes water and gulps in one go puts back the glass with huge thud sound and comes again on the bed where both Raman and ishita practising their Maths Sums tomorrow their Maths Exam and Raman forget formula of (a+b)2= a2+b2+ab

Raman who hides his face behind the book pops his head like a scared kitten when he sees ishita's Red Angry face and hides again

From last 12 year Ishita and he is best buddy They went to same school and same class Raman protected her from bullies and Ishita did all his homework and school stuff to save him from his parents and teacher

Time passed like this but Both are inseparable Raman is far away from study but he is creative he wants to became an architect like this father but his biggest problem is Study upto class 9th Only ishita saved him otherwise he ddnt even pass his 5th class exams Ishita taught him one night before exams and he passed on boundaries but Apart from her best buddy Ishita is so intelligent and Caring She wants to become Astronaut Raman teased her always that She ddnt even carry herself how she ll carry A Spaceship .....

Back to present

Ishita comes seat in front of him catches his book and puts on bed  Raman looks at her...

"Give me your mobile " Ishita extends her hand...

Raman knows what comes next  he puts his mobile in her hand without asking anything

She sees 4 message from sanjana and looks at him again "So here were your mind "

Ohh Raman how many times i told you she is 2 years older and dumbo failed 2 times in class 10 and still with us"

"She is Hot" Raman blurts out and bites his tongue....

Ishita throws his phone on bed and says "then please go to her and she ll surly help you to pass this board exam " and winks

No No i swear  to our friendship i will concentrate on study now lets start again Raman tells her

How many times i told you not to take fake Swear of our friendship what If its break Ishita yells him

Ohh that ll never happens thats why i always he stops and looks at ishita who is all red in anger

" Raman you are Pig" says this she hits him with pillow he yells in pain

2 hour later

Almost done Raman now you can sleep i have to read more She says to Raman...Raman who is waiting for this words falls in her lap.....and murmurs Lori gaa do bus ab ishita mujhe acchi neend aa jaaegi to main Kal exam acche se De paaunga (Now sing lullaby so that i can sleep peacefully and my exam ll be rocking )

Ishita who did same thing before the exam from past 12 years knows that however Raman shows his coolness in school and in front of  girls he is so scared before exam and the only way to put him sleep is sign Lullaby

She starts Singing

Pal bhar thahar jaao
                                Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
                                Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
                                 Bin bole baatein tumse karun
'gar tum saath ho..
                           Agar tum saath ho

She  caress his forehead his eyes looks now sleepy she signs more

Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
'gar tum saath ho


(Song lyrics  : Tum Saath ho from Tamasha )

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