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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Ishra Ff : Dorm Number 143 'Hum Tum Ek Kamre me band Ho' Part 13

Hello All i know i know you all are angry for not updating this but i was hell busy in making Ishra Mobile App

 here is summary before the update bcoz some of ghajni's deffo forget whats going on the story

Summary : raman Ishita met in bookshop their parents tried to tied them but they denied and wish that never see each other again but destiny played her games and they ended on the hostel in same room they agreed to stay with each other just for 4-5  months..and Subbu was thier 3rd roommate Slowly   both raman and Ishita realize their for each other and they kissed each other in open air theater then story moves to 3 months when raman went london and they shared Mail and whatsapp messages with each other and story run with flashback how they moved further with A deal "Roommate with benefits" their relationship :

NEXT PART Flashback Continues  

Knock Knock Knock Knock

O hell Ishita who is this time i want some more time With you in bed Why dont Your Stupid friend

"SUBBU" leave us Alone This is The 3rd Time in 4 days He is banging on Door Go tell him To Go to hell or otherwise From Next Day I Mean Night You ll be in My bed and You Know Every mouse is Lion in his House He says and winks.....

She pushes him Takes Her clothes and start wear them She done with her Pajama When She about to close her Tshirt's back zip she feels A hot touch caught her hand  and She Feels Some wet kisses on Her Back she shivers But he continues In his Work and He hold her hand with his hands get up and sit behind her and start kissing her Naked back She wants to stop him  but she cant it was Not New From him But still Ishita is in dilemma Stop It right Now Ishita Dont get attached Stop your body to get Goosebumps from his touch Stop it right Now Ishita A voice come from inside but she was too late  ...he Catches the slider of the zip in his mouth and travelled his mouth  with the slider from back of her naked body to back of her neck bite on juncture of Neck and shoulder   and Whispers in her ear " Get Hold of Your Emotions Ishita remember Friends With benefit"  says this he is out from her sight and enters in Bathroom....

She runs to the Door and half opens it peeps outside and says"What is It Subbu You almost break My door "

"You said Last Night Please woke me up if i dnt open the Gate Break it " he replies her

She is feeling embarrassed How can she forget this she herself Told him to wake her up  because She thought Raman ll be tired  after  A basketball match but About 1am he barged in her room and Made love all night "Without feeling and emotions" She Reminds him this all the Night and they slept about 4 am in the Morning What an achievement She thinks

"Still in dreamland " he says her breaks her chain of thoughts

Ohh No No Will be in Hall in half Hours Thanks a ton "DEAR" She says and Before he ll say Welcome she shuts theDoor and A pair of hands pull her No wonder whos Pair of hands

"RAMAN" Enough she says try to protest

There Is NO Claus of The Limitation he says and give a hard Kiss on her  mouth After gathered so much strength She losses herself again in his Arms, Charms and kisses  

he pushes himself back from kiss and turns his Side "So what the crap was Your "FRIEND SUBBU"

Saying You tell him to woke up He stretch the Word "FRIEND"....

Hmmmm she replies only....

you if u forget let me  telll i  m the One who suppose Woke up in earlier days He says in irritated tone

Her old Grumpy Raman Is back she thinks and Let a sigh "Ole le Mele baccha Feeling jealous sometime ago you were saying something ahhhhh she act like thinking And says Yes  "GET HOLD YOUR EMOTIONS " She says and Laugh of loud...

he turns his side Ishita sees anger flickering in his eyes but she ignores it and turns around and started walking towards bathroom her arm is caught up in firm grip and she is swirls around. She gasps loudly

He pinned  her between the Door and his lower body, the only thing which was maintaining some distance between them is upper bodies and her hands which she has placed in front of her instinctively. She opens her mouth to protest but she is silenced by his angry hard kiss. She try to keep her mouth close but as he bite her lower lip she felt her resistance weakened. Her knees goes weak and she clungs to him to make herself steady. She is giving in with a little sigh. He is now kissing her passionately. His one hand is now cupping her neck and another is stroking her bare waist.

"Why u told him to woke you Up " He asks her

I thought you were tired after match and u wont come but "

"But I came bcoz i was missing you and i needed you "

She feels the butterflies fluttering everywhere his hands touches her body. He pulls her hard against him as he breaks the kiss and stared kissing her side of the mouth and neck. He pulls out her clip from hair and pulls her hairs to expose more of her neck. She goes mad with the desire as she struggle with the buttons of his shirt. She hears him groan as she touches his bare chest. She feels as if she was on fire when he kisses her at the base of her neck. He again captures her mouth in a hungry kiss and this time she kisses him back. He breaks the the kiss And Ask Can we Do this Time With Emotions Included From My side and about Yours Well I can feel very emotions and then They Made Love again and again

until A large Bang again on Door "Ishita Ishita How much time yaar we are getting late....

"Ah 10 minutes More" She gathers her clothes and runs to washroom....

Ohh god What you have done to me Ishita He says and Come out of bed wears his clothes and let out a sigh " how to get back to my Room again in front of Subbu " He asks himself  peeps out  from behind the Door No sign of Subbu in hall.....

He goes to his Room

here Ishita leans on close door of The bathroom....See herself on mirror Body full of Red bites of Raman is this Love Mark ?????....No Ishita No LOVE word in your life Get Hold of your Emotions Ishita Dont loose yourself ..... A tear escapes from her eyes..she wipes and takes Hot shower may be this will help her.... 

Raman comes back to hall after half an hour ....Same time Ishita and Subbu too comes....

Raman blinks one eyes which is unnoticed by Subbu.....

Lets go we are late Subbu says and Walks in hurry towards the exit door

Ishita too walks but Raman comes to her track and puts his arms around her shoulder

She shrugged off but he again doing same Subbu is some steps ahead them

As Subbu looks back Raman takes back his hands Subbu suspects something but let it be...

 They are Now the Parking Area Raman looks at Ishita How can we Three ll go in two seat Audi

Car he rises his eyebrow....

Ohh Subbu let out a squeak

Raman You can go with Your Car as i promised to Subbu and he is already late bcoz of Me So i ll accompany him and we will return by Your car is it Ok???? Ishita asks Raman knowing well that he ll be Mad but this is the way she is trying to get her back in her shell A shell She given name " friends with benefit"

Instead of Showing anger he says Oh Ishita No need explanation i can understand and i also forget I have to pick 'HER' Up says he sit in car attach his phone to music system Start Playing His track list A friend comes to Raman asking something....

Ishita is standing infront of his car waiting for Subbu to catch A cab....But her mind occupied with Raman's word "Pick Her Up " "HER" Who ????

As Raman roar the engine she comes out of her thoughts Raman turns volume of the song On Full volume passes infront of her ,her ears caught the voice of Some lyrics of her favourite Song

Palko ke leke saaye
Paas koi jo aaye
Lakh sambhalo paagal dil ko
Dil dhadke hi jaaye

Par sochlo is pal hai jo
Woh dastan kal ho na ho

Kal Ho Na ......

Ishita sit in the Cab with Subbu She plugs her earphone and Plays her favourite song....after 5 min she realize she ddnt even ask Subbu for earphone may be he wont listen her type of song but thats rude she plugs out her one earphone and says Sorry i thought u wont listen my type of song.....will you she give him one earphone he plugs in she plays again that song....and leans back to her seat close her eyes

all that happened with Raman in room flashes in front of her that intimate moments she shivers still she can feels his touch why cant she resist this feeling she is clear from herside No Emotions No love No jealousy The word " Jealousy"

Am i jealous with "HER" No No why whould i jealous Even i dont Know Her Name then Why i m thinking all this Get a grip Ishita

Subbu : Errrr.....Ishita take this he gives her earphone back....

she opens her eyes "what !!! i told u no one listen my type of song Ishita says to him

No its not TYPE problem problem is You played same song 4th time he says with smiles on his face...

opps She says and stops song looking embarrassed

Wo wo She searches words.....we reached i have work with my friends bye says this she comes out of cab without turns back she walks towards the canteen....Subbu too comes out and paid tariff....

Raman who was just arrived with "Her" watches all that happen

Ishita comes out of Cab and ddnt give tariff then Subbu comes out and gave tariff

his blood boil with angers " mujhe to hamesha lecture deti hai tum mere Bf ye husband nahi ho jo mera tariff do lekin ye Subbu kyo kyu dene diya ye kya lagta hai iska " (She always gave me lecture about tariff that i am not her husabnd or boyfriend now why Subbu is giving her tarrif who is he to her )says this he pisses his teeth

Lets go Raman her voice come loud he nods comes out and walks with her towards same direction where Ishita went....

All boys watching her with open mouth she take a glance and put her hand on Raman's shoulder and who gives her slight smile and they reach canteen....

Ishita who is sitting and lost in her thoughts dont even realize all people watching on the entrance of the canteen....

When Raman walks with her and stops in front of Ishita she looks up and watch her 5.6" height girl who's top is too above her waist and showing her cleavage clearly No doubt doubt even for a blind person..and her shorts is so short with her open hair a dark red lipstick plastered on her lips her high heels make her height upto Raman's level .....but the frowning scene for Ishita is Raman's hand around her waist  and her hand on Raman's shoulder....

and He finally introduce her "Hey Ishita meet My friend and Cheer leader Captain of college team "Shagun"

Note : For All who downloaded App i am adding video tab in App there u can watch Daily episodes in App So stay tuned for Update of App Suggestions are most welcome 


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