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Saturday, 3 October 2015

ishra FF : Hum Tum Ek kamre me band ho "Dorm No 143" Part 11

So guys here is next chapter i know so many confused over 3 month leap but please bear with me only 2 more updates and i ll explain you in Long romantic updates what happens between them as i want to make move to the story SO here is Next part with some present and Flashback Scenes 

"When you feel my heat ....looking to my eye Its where my demons hide Its where my demons hide"
a loud ringtone plays on Raman's Iphone6+ he swipes the green button

"Dhinta ta chita chita dhinta ta chita "

A female voice come from other side

Raman pisses his teeth And shout s
"You brat you always did this to me" and "i hate this Song specially when it comes from your mouth "
Hahahahah Ishita laughing loud on 
Phone try to irritate him more and says You were jealous naa Raman ???
He cuts her in middle and says tell me you were Joking this is not true Subbu didnt proposed If he did i swear to god he wont see next sun rays.....
Ishita sense the temper and anger of Raman she try to maintain calm in her voice and says " Ohh Mela baccha Itna gussa Phoot mat jaana Angry bird "(ohh my baby dont explode my angry bird)
Cut this Crap Ishita Tell me you were joking only and this is last time u joked on this matter related to Subbu Raman said firmly to her......
Ohh Raman you are hopeless i told you 
I was joking okay and why you getting jealous he is only friend Raman now just keep calm and I am hanging phone its not good if u caught i ll too caught with you just calm yourself 1st then talk to me bye....she says firmly and cut the phone.
Raman try to says Hello listen but she cut.. God damn this women get my nerves....says this he throws his phone and himself on bed and try to call her but she cut again.....At last he whatsapp her that if she ll not pick his call he ll not sleep....
She replies "Good for you as a punishment "
Okay as you wish my lady Raman replies

Raman what are you doing here and how the hell u landed in short hour
"Just shut up " He pulles her in Long passionate Kiss Depend on kiss His hands Roaming over back on her
she try to stop his hands and in this process she fall from Bed and Jerked Open her eyes...
See around Ohh God that was dream She takes a deep breath Raman Your are Not leaving me in dreamToo a smile appears on her face...she checks time Its 5.20 am in morning She thinks to sleep more But suddenly her eyes fall on phone  She opens her phone 10 Mails from Raman....before she sat on bed she looks upward and fold her hand and said "God save me from Raman "

She Opens the Mail One By One......

All mails came in between 15 min interval that means Raman awake All night Ohh God Now what will happen Only You can handle him.....She read all mail the same message in upto 9th mail 
a  smile appear on her face and she sigh after reading this 
she jumps to Last mail Subjected " Do hell with Sorry "
Smile washed out and sweat drops  appear on her forehead 

10th mail 

From : Double.battery
To :

"Do hell with Sorry "
What do you think You are Only girl left in this world Let me tell you Right Now i am talking with
you know Her right !!! The Cheer girl Leader Yeah thats Same girl (i can imagine how much you love her hahahaha )  and after some time she ll send me Some of her pics in short dress (ultra short ) the punishment of awake all night turned to be present isnt it ??? Anyways i am  going to sleep 

Shagun ka Raman

PS : You were So amazing i ll miss you sometime if i got time from Shagun 

After reading this she wanna cry scream and even wanna Kill Someone but she calms her down she knows Raman is try to make jealous over Shagun ( which he did before to realize her and she confessed to him (reader dnt worry u ll get that in coming updates )who is Cheer leader Caption and Also wears Ultra shorts 
she finally gets out from Bed and wash her mouth, prepare some coffee for her and thinking about Raman's mail Her plan to make him jealous seems back fire an idea strikes in her mind she puts her coffee mug and write a mail for Raman and press send button
Raman Who was lying on bed and  desperately waiting for Ishita's mail just sat on bed and start reading her mail his jaw dropped after reading Mail

From :
To :

Good Morning I m sorry Was busy with Subbu (i dont know Guys ever so Romantic He was not leaving Me)
Ahhh what was  "Ahem Ahem " (you know what i mean ) anyways I Am so happy after reading your mail Finally You got what you want " Shagun with her ultra short dress "Now you dont have to waste time on undressing lol Jokes apart Raman You got Shagun and i got Subbu what say in Hindi " hume apna apna Mukam mil gaya( u both got ours destination )"
Right ??? 
Okay Raman Time to wake up my sleeping baby Subbu  will shift all yours things in Your Room including your Innerwear hahahah that Mickey mouse boxers Even Subbu wears same funny boxers you boys naa Okay Bye 

PS : I wont miss you Raman bcoz i have Subbu with me all time he wont give me time to miss you And Yes You Were too shy  and amazing but not more than Subbu is just too good (you know what i mean )

From :
To :

Okay My " Sunshine " Bahut Hua enough is enough I Know you are joking and so was i. You know naa i love you but you also know how possessive i am when the things comes to you and you intentionally saying Subbu name which made me more angry Now i Promise i ll try to not misbehave okay but Please promise me You ll not make me more angry by saying that idiot name in front of me okay "Sunshine"????
Miss You love you Waana Ahem Ahem with you (You know what i mean )

PS : You won i lost You made me jealous when i get back then Next 7 days i ll wash clothes, clean room and make breakfast   for both of us Just erase your condition Of being in Different bed I m dying to sleep (awake ) with you no matter its only one day "sunshine" and i am missing you Like its been ages Now i really need to sleep I am looking like a PIG with swollen EYES...Good Muhhhhhhhhh Hard Kiss Will reply You after 10am Dont miss me I m always there by Your side ( on our bed hahahahaah )

Without You Incomplete 

Ishita takes a long breath of relief She knows  How Raman reacted When He Saw her with Subbu 

One Month Ago

Flashback One month Ago from Now

Ishita : Hey Subbu how are you 
Subbu turn around and try to wipe his tears he put photo frame on bed and stands up goes near window and said   : i am Fine Ishita why u suddenly asking me .this he try to act that nothing is happen 
she came near him put her hands on the edge of his shoulder .....I know you were crying and you are missing your Mom.... 
Subbu cant control himself turns and hugged her tightly 1st Ishita shocks but see him so vulnerable she pats on his back try to console was a friendly hug which is indeed by the situation but hugs broke by a cold Deep familiar voice came from behind " ISHITA " 
Both look at The Door : Raman standing there Boiling with Anger his eyes was blood Red
 " come to the Room Right Now he says and leave
Ishita ddnt understand Whats make him so angry She let Subbu to bed and told him to sleep some time we will talk tomorrow....
She walks towards the Raman's room and open the Door and enters Before She took another steps She Door suddenly got closed and Raman pinned her to the Door Kept her Both Hand above her head and intertwined them with His hands He smashed his lips to her Its was happened so fast Before Ishita could understand something Raman broke the Kiss and Says
 " Now tell me What the hell you were Doing in Subbu's Room Was that Hug was hotter  then this what we just did " 
Before Raman said Another thing Ishita turned him and Give a Tight Slap on his cheeks The colour of his eyes now matched with his cheeks "BLOOD RED "
He looks at her in Rage with one hand on His cheeks Before he utter anyword Ishita gave him  Another Slap on another cheeks....
Raman could not understand what just happened Is Ishita gave him two tight slap on both cheeks ???? 
1st slap for talking me like that in front of Subbu and 2nd for What did you just said The Hug hotter Huh You know what happened to him he lost his "MOTHER " and You Know he ddnt tell us bcoz he dont want to worry us in between University Test I found  out later when i investigated about why he ddnt gave University test...and i was just consoling him giving him support But You  "MORON " thought i was.....shame on you She says and about to move Raman holds her wrist she didn't turn he comes in front of her and banned down on knees and caught his ears with his hands And said  "Sorry give me one chance to say something please "
she cross her hands over her chest 
Raman : Ishita really i ddnt know about Subbu's loss and i ll say sorry to him but i think Subbu loves you
 " What "word comes from her mouth...
I can see this in his eyes and when i saw u both were hugging i thought i just lost you....
"Raman" Ishita said in Cold voice 
" Let me finish Ishita " Raman replies 
And Continue " Ishita i know how much you love and i trust you but i dont trust Subbu okay My sympathy with him but Ishita" Raman comes near her and holds her by shoulder " You are Just mine only mine and i Love you and will love you upto eternity "
Ishita sees in Ramans eyes and Raman stares her He cups her face in his palms and again started Kissing her 
Raman pinned her against the Door his face near her neck her eyes widen bigger than saucer
"Dont You dare to Stop me today " he grons into her neck kissing  and sucking harder
Ishita moans "Raman" He wraps his arms around her waist and kissed her again,barely giving her chance to catch her breath 
His lips attacked again on her neck jaw making her moan again and again louder then before
Ishita's hand trail over to his shoulder the she cups her neck and bring his lips over her....
Raman amazed sudden Changes in Ishita's behaviour They were wild before but this was unexpected 
He takes her in his arms and moves to bed and in a minute their clothes ripped off from their body  And The Next both were exhausted  from the intense Wild Love making 
Both Lying Naked under the Bed sheets....Ishita making circles over Raman's chest the Least Job after love making He thinks and chuckles....
Ishita : So  You were Jealous that time
Raman lower his head and kiss on her forehead "NO" he manage to say 
Ishita : " lair " i can feel your jealousy 
"Shut up " he says with mocking anger 
What if i prove You Ishita demanded 
Then I ll wash Our Clothe,clean this And your Room and yes make breakfast for you Upto 7 days but this ll never happen he says 
 " This will " but you ll not accept like you dont accepting right Now "
Okay i ll swear To you If you will ever make me feel jealous i ll accept from Myself okay " he said Putting his hands on her head 

Flashback End 

Droplets of rain fell apart against the window in million of little particles. Ishita comes out of her thoughts She goes to balcony and drenched in rain every drop of water reminds her Raman She knows How much Raman hated rain And always shouted on her Whenever she drenched in Rain 
her mind goes back to his word 

"Ishita are You Mad Kya baccho Jaise Pani me Bhig rahi... Ishita Bimar Pad Gayi to...Ishita Pura bed gila kar rahi Ho...Ishita Ishita Ishita....(translated as : Ishita u ll get sick...ishita bed ll get wet Ishita this Ishita that )
Raman's word Roaming in her head While still she is enjoying rain....

An hour Later 

She Sent mail to Raman 

Raman who is Just showered  and set back with laptop a Mail Notification popped up on screen

From :
To :

Hey S**Y Hunk...good Morning 
You Know I was dying to here (read) this  "SUNSHINE" From You Its almost hmmmm
let me think only 3 days when u called Me " sunshine"  How can be you so jealous and So Romantic at the Same time...Anyways You Made Century ,Dont You dare To think About Anything Double meaning about Century bcoz we did more than 100 time what u are thinking (YOU S*X addict Insane Teenager) ....You Jack-ass Made Century over Jealousy It was 100th Time  when You were jealous 
and what Most stupidest Idea When YOu are jealous You call me Sunshine  How Romantic Huh Raman
Baby Why are you so jealous okay i have to go college 
I miss you  love you 2 3 4 5 6.....infinity but i dont wanna Ahem Ahem Will Starve you  for Ahem Ahem Upto death when will you return (Hhahahahahah) ....byeeeeeeeeee  
PS : I always won but i never made you jealous ITS YOU MORON INSANSE STUPID JACKASS Who jealous over Subbu Now keep Calm and Eat AAM (Mango ) hahahahah what a line Raman Hai Naa Keep Calm eat Aam now i m become Shayar in your Judai Raman Dont laugh You Idiot Okay its my promise We will Not Sleep in different Bed even We will sleep when ll come (blush blush ) Ohh Mela Baccha  Please Go and Sleep Muhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hard kiss Return For You  Gosh i missed You At our Bed Side 
PPS :  S-u-b-b-u  is Going To be My Lab partner as you are Not here Dont Mad at me 
Mela shona bachha Byee
Incomplete Without You 

RAMAN replies Her 

From :
To :

"Hey MY Sunshine My Joy of Life If you Are not there for Me.....Then

Someone else is Your's Place  (HAHahahahahah)
Really We Did More then 100 Time i ddnt notice that you are counting this Will you saving this to tell this to our grandchildren  hahahaha Mad girl i  love you so much for this stupidity and Yes i am S*X addict and i Know You too (Dont Blush plz) and How much i am romantic only you can Say at my place and imagine Your Self as My Crazy Insane  girlfriend who's single smile will make crazy so many people then ask me why i am always jealous 

"NEVER UNDERSTIMATE YOUSELF ISHITA " Any Boy will Die for You but I dont wanna became Anyone i wanna MAARY You ..I wanna Grow Old with Wanna share my life with you and hmmmm wanna make Cricket Team with you (hahahahha )okay i know you are now kill me for discussing this Topic again which you never wanna Discuss But please think About It once okay i m again making u uncomfortable lets leave it here cant wait for 9 days More to end and i ll back to you in Our Nest  Our Room No 143

PS : You such a Abusive Girl Go and wash you mouth with Soap how abusive you are  and that was the Worst PJ i ever heard And You are the Worst Shayar i ever know Really  and I m laughing over Your Shayri as you said we ll not even sleep i just cant wait to back to you and Make LOVE to you Day and Night (blush blush ) i m Not your baccha (kid) i am the One Who will make Baccha (Kid) with you My Crazy Girl 
PPS : Again S-U-B-B-U Okay I am Not jealous But Cant Promise i will Burst Soon Dont give me Detail about college Please i cant even read single Line and then you ll won Again 
Heartbroken Raman 

From :
To :

Why Raman Why ???? Why u always rise that Topic i told you 1000 time Dont talk me about this and You know what You intentionally Rise that topic which hurts me 1st Subbu and now this "MARRIGE "
PS :  Just Dont send any message or Try to contact me if u tried  I swear  ll Never talk to you in my entire Life  Go to hell 

Raman read the mail ....sigh hide his head in his Palms
"I did again Again same mistake Ohh God  Ishita God plz help her and me too "

SO guys howz it If you still have doubts plz comment i ll reply each comment 


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