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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Ishra FF : Hum Tum Ek Kamre Me Dorm No 143 PART 7


 Ishita : Yes Its Dorm no 143

Ohh that means The two other Roommates You or Raman right.....

Ishita surprise hear this and Raman shocked and says to himself 
"So THIS SUBBU KHURANA IS OUR 3rd roommate "


Subbu : hey man whats ur name..A  aa Raman right so you are also in this Room i mean u Ishita and me We are roommate???

Raman : Yes Subbu U Me and Ishita we are roommates 

Subbu extend his hand and Raman give fake smile and shakes hand with him...

Ishita : we here'd some voice In morning but that that we were already late for college so we decided to meet u in eveng and What a coincidence Subbu

Subbu : i too thought to meet u both but when i came out u both had c u guys i ll back after some time then we wud hang out...

Ishita : yaa sure what say Raman...

Raman just nods

Subbu goes to his room and Raman abt to move

Ishita held his hand and says 1st tell me what was u talking abt class...

Raman just stares her and stammers Wo wo I ..main...nothing Ishita i was in bad mood sorry for my behaviour .....

Ishita sighs ,,,,, ek shart par (Only one condition)

Raman : kya matlab???(means)

Ishita : areyyy u r saying sorry naa so only one condition i ll forgive u...

Raman laughs loud Ishita just looking him without blinking eyelids

Raman stop laughing and said Ishita Ishita kaha kho gayi.... 

Ishita : kahi nahi (Nothing )

Raman : to batao kya hai tumhari Shart (tell me What is Ur "condition"

Ishita : Just keep ur laughter like this always...

Raman blushes and says bus Only this That i ll keep always anything else ma'am

Ishita : No.....

and then Subbu comes....Hey guys whats going Onnnn

Hey Subbu Come Sit Ishita says...

Haa Aao have a seat Raman says with irritated tone and murmured aa gaya haddii (Bone Came)

Subbu : tumne Kuch kaha kya kaam (Did u said Anything)

Raman : nahi to tumne Kuch sunaa kya...(No did Hear Something )

Subbu takes a seat on right side of Ishita ....

Ishita : so Subbu apne baare me kuch batao(Tell us about urself )

Subbu : Bascily i m from punjab but graduation completed from Delhi Then Via GRE EXAM

i got 100% scholarship from Indian government and thats It.....and yes i went for interview after college lets see for Part Time Job too so it ll lil help to my family untill i complete my PG..

Ishita : i m impressed Subbu u study hard get 100% scholarship and also want to support  your family..hats off to u man

Raman listing all this and murmures Haa haa humne to kuch kiya hi nahi naa ese hi aa gaye Harvard me padne...(yes we ddnt did anything just came here to read in Harvard )

Ishita : Raman tumne kuch kaha ??(Did u said Anything )

Raman : nahi to tumne kuch suna kya ?? lagta hai tum dono ke Kaan (ears) baj rahe hai (No Did u heard something i thought Both of your ears Ringing )

Ishita : hmmm may be

and both Raman and Ishita tells Subbu themself

Finally Ishita says ok guys me going out with Mihika see u tomorrow i ll be back late...

Ishita bid byee to both and Raman and Subbu also leave for Their rooms

Ishita start ready for night...

Subbu Start unpacking his things in his room...

Raman calls Mihir : hey buddy where r u Not even came to clg ???

Mihir  : Yaar i was out with Mihika  remember Mihika my

Raman cutoff him Yes Your GF Who told me FAT how can i forget Her tell me Ddnt u tell her i have Six packs Abs huh????...

Mihir : yaar sorry from her side but She dont have any  intention wo to mujhe Pata nahi kya kya Budhha Mota Or pata nahi kya bolti hai 

Raman : its ok yar

Mihir : SO What happen why did u call me any problem

Raman : No just want to know ( he said to himself yaar mujhe kya matlab Ishita kahi bhi jaaye main kyu isse Mihika ke baare me puchu yaar but yar ese akele jaana its not good main uska Friend hoo...Hoo ki nahi kya pata par roommate to hu kya karu)
(What is upto me If she is going anywhere Why will i ask Mihir about Mihika But Alone girl is not good I m her friend...Am i ??? Dont know but i m her roommate What to do Yaar)

Raman Raman r u there Mihir asked ??

Raman : yaa I was Just asking Do you have any plan for tonight with Mihika ??

Mihir : No she already have some plan with her friends

Raman : ohh Kaha ka plan hai  Raman asks very slowly (Where She have plans)

Mihir : Hoga yar unka  kahi jaane kaa mujhe nahi pata(I dont Know Where they ll go )

Raman : Areee Ese kaise nahi pata teri Gf hai tujhe Pata hona chahiye uske plans....(Arey what is this She is your girfriend you must have know About her plans)

Mihir : Aree wo Mujhe Apna BF samze tab naa pata ho yar ( If she Understands me her Bf then i have to know )

Raman  : aree tu itna gussa kyu kar raha hai yar....(Why u getting So angry )

Mihir : aree long story hai..wo Koi new Ice Blue pub jaa rahi hai esa karte hum bhi kahi chalte hai...(Long story She is going Some Ice Blue Pub lets we plan something Out too)

Raman  (to himself hmmm Ice blue pub ) ahh nahi yar Mihir  wo kya hai naa Hamara New roommate aaya to uski help karni hai Kal chalte hai byee and hang up phone..(Ahh No Yar Actually our New roommate just arrived So he needs help we ll go tom Byee and hang up ) 

Mihir : Aree sun to rakh diya kuch gadbad hai pata lagana padega...(hey Liste...Hanged up hmm something fishy here )

Raman goes to washroom take quick shower and Dressed in white shirt blue jeans and check himself  in mirror..And goes to hall....

He looks at Ishita talking on phone in balcony Dressed in short single stripped purple dress tugged above just her knees her hair is open and because of wind it comes on her face Ishita try to tugs them behind her ears by one hand  she is looking utterly Hot Raman just cant get his eyes from her....he goes towrds her and

Here same with Ishita turns and looks at Raman( she stop talking on phone)  in white shirt and blue jeans With black googols she cant take her eyes from him....

Raman comes near her and tugs her hair behind her ears and says Perfect A 1000 volt current runs in her body she lil shiver she come back to reality when she hears voice from phone : Ishita R u there???

Ishita : yaa ya i ll be there is half hours byee love u baby mumhhhhh and hang up

Raman in confusion says to himself she said baby and mumhhhh what mumhhh May be Boyfriend hoga nahi nahi ye to apne pillow ko bhi baby bolti hai par hoga bhi to mujhe kya (May be bf but she also addressed her pillow baby and If she has Bf what is upto me ??? Raman Bhalla u need a drink man

Ishita snapping fingers front of him : Kaha kho gaye (Where u have lost )
Raman : tujhme (In You )he  murmurs

Ishita : Kya...(What )

Raman : Kya (What)

Ishita : Tumne kuch kaha naa abhi (You said Something Right )

Raman : Ishita tumahre Kaan baj rahe hai yar (Your Ears are ringing )

Ishita : nahi is baar mujhe clear sunayi nahi diya lekin tumne kuch kaha (No this time You said something i ddnt hear clearly but you said )

Raman : aree nahi kaha (No i ddnt tell )

Ishita : common Yar Raman bolo Kya kaha (common Tell Raman what u have said )

Raman : "Hot" and he bites his tongue

Ishita blushes and looks in different direction

Raman : i mean i said wow... ( he says to himself wat a stupid Raman what are you blabbering  )

Ishita turns to beetroot Red  now she finally says : Raman kya kahna chahte ho sidhe sidhe kaho( What Are you trying to say, Say Clearly )

Raman : u looking Beautiful Ishita and Raman scratches his temple...

Ishita blushes and says Thanks and she tugs her hair behind her ears again....

And says Ok byee....she turns and start walking towards the door and says to herself ye kya ho gaya Ishita tujhe kahi tu no no esa nahi ho sakta...(What happen to you No No this not will happen )

Here Raman says to himself Raman kya bole jaa raha tha tu Pahli baar thodi na dekha usko tune kahi tu....nahi nahi esa nahi ho sakta ( Raman what were you blabbering its not 1st time you have seen her...What are you this cant be happen )

just then Subbu open his room door he comes out and says Hey Ishita so all set for party...u looking gorgeous Ishita ...

Ishita blushes and says thanx Subbu...So where r u going

Raman gritting teeth and murmurs to himself ab Ye kya  kahi iske saath to nahi jaane ka bol de( Now what is this Is he planning to go with her )

Ishita looks Raman ones and says Ice Blue Pub old street....ok byee i m already late..

Subbu : ohh Ohh me to going towards Old Street if u dont let go together

Raman cant take this he goes to his room and slams the door of room Ishita notices this and nods to Subbu..

Subbu says just 2 min i ll be back...and goes to his room

Ishita : ok hurry up and thinking Ye Raman ko ek dum se kya ho gaya abhi to ek dum khush tha ab gusse me room me gaya...ohh god y this bother me...(What happen to raman Suddenly very happy and then Went to Room in angerOhh god but why this bother me)

Subbu back and says lets goo...

both take a cab and leave...

Here Raman thinks
mujhe itna gussa kyu aa raha hai uski marji kisi ke saath bhi jaye party kare mujhe kya .....mujhe bhi nahi jaana kahi jaye jo karna hai kare mujhse ekbaar bola bhi nahi aur Subbu ke saath jane ko ready ho gayi(Why i m so angry its her choice to party with anyone Now i m not interested to go even she ddnt ask me once and went with subbu )

he comes to hall and saw Ishita's phone on couch....

Raman aree ye pagal ladki apna phone yahi bhul gayi kya karu kuch emergency aayi to (Arey this girl is mad forget her phone here If any emergency came he thinks)

he thinks for a while and leave for Ice Blue Pub...

here Subbu says ok byee Ishita i have work on next Street
Ishita says bye to Subbu and enters in Pub...

Raman sit in cab and thinks tomorrow i ll order one Car this daily problem of finding Cab ohh god

in 15 mins he reaches  Pub...

He enters in Pub and thinks yaha janta to kisi ko nahi hoon pahle Ishita ko dhundh ke uska phone de deta hu...(Dont know Anyone 1st i ll search her and give her Phone)

Raman looks at Mihika dragging Ishita to dance floor...Ishita seems not in mood to dance but Mihika drags her now both on dance floor....moving with beats of song...

Raman goes to Bar and sit on round chair and thinks Thoda dance dekha jaaye Ishita ma'am ka fir jab wapas aayegi tab phone de dunga
(lets watch some Dance of ishita maam then when she ll back i ll give her phone)

he orders drink and see towards Dance floor

Ishita and Mihika moving on dance floor....some people also join them...

Mihika goes to take drinks watching Mihika comes toward Bar Raman turns his face Mihika comes and order Two hard tequila neat  Raman hear this and thinks ye dono itna hard drink karti mujhe nahi pata tha (this two takes So hard drinks hmm i dnt know this )

Mihika leave and on dance floor she gives one glass to Ishita 1st Ishita hesitate but Mihika is Mihika so she gulps in one Ishita and Mihika  fully talli Raman senses something is wrong and he sees one men come around Ishita and try to dance with her...

Ishita in half sense deny to dance and about to leave dance floor but man hold her hand and pull her towards him..

Now this is limit for Raman he puts his glass on bar counter and goes to dance floor tap on  shoulder of that man when he turns back Raman give a hard punch on his face man fall down on floor...Bouncers comes to dance  floor Raman told him this man misbehaving with this girl Ishita not in sense Raman hold her hand and says lets leave looking towards Mihika  Tumhe invitation doo aane ke liye...(shall i send u invitation ????)

Mihika like a obedient student follows both...
Ishita blabbering something all the way to parking area..

Mihika : i have My Car 

Raman : Give me key

Mihika : No i ll drive ( she is also drunk but she is in her sense)

Raman turns  still holding Ishita's hand by one hand and says to Mihika : U r drunk Mihika and i dnt want any further discussion give me keys he yells at her...

Mihika : Ok Ok angry Young man...

Raman gives a look and takes key help Ishita to sit in the car....

they drove off Raman ask her where is ur apartment i ll drop you and Take ur car with me Tomorrow ll return in college...

Mihika : how can i trust you..???

Raman : wow Mihika  tum stupid  to thi hi ab mindless bhi ho ye bhi pata chal gaya...(Wow You are stupid this i know now u bcom brainless too )

Mihika : just shut up tum meri car leke kahi bhaag gaye to...(Just up what if urun away with my Car )

Raman : what main esi 10 care kahdi kar sakta hu tum janti nahi ho kaun hoo main...(What!!! I can buy 10 cars  like this You Dont Know who am i ??)

Mihika : Are You  Prince Charles 

Raman : ok Mihika u r not in ur sense I m Raman ur bf's best friend and Ishita's Roommate this is enough or shall i send u postal address...

Mihika : yaa whatever...

Raman : thank u see we reached your Apartment....

Mihika : sorry and thanx she is abt to come out of car But Ishita hold her hand and start blabbering Kaha jaa rahi ho Mihika mujhe iske saath akele chod ke agar isne kuch kiya to mere saath...(Where are you going leave me alone with him if what if he ll do something with me )

Mihika laugh and says Ishita Ishita shooks her listen this is Raman your Roommate remember baby...he ll take you to your hostel  dont worry

Raman turns back to passenger sit  Ishita still in not in her sense she says to Mihika help her to sit in Front seat and buckle  her seat belt..Mihika did the same Raman said byee to her and leavefrom there....

Ishita still blabbering but her eyes is close she puts head on Ramans shoulder.... her side of window is open and bcoz of wind her hair fall on her face...

Raman was lost in her beauty he gently tugs her hair besides her ears....

in some times they reach their hostel

Raman dont want that people talk about both but he has no option he takes Ishita in his arms and for his luck Room no 143 already open he quickly enters in Ishita's room and place her on bed and about to move Ishita hold his hand and murmurs Dont Go stay here plz...she takes his palm and rest her head in Raman's Palm..Raman smiles on this and knee down and try to put her head on pillow but Ishita tightly hold his palm and rest her head on his palm....Helplessly Raman seat on floor put his head on bed's edge both's faces just inches apart..

Raman admiring Ishita's beauty and thinks sote huye kitne innocent lagti hai (how innocent she looks when she slept).....and her smile Raman slowly pulls her cheeks  Ishita smile more..Raman take his hand back and scratches his temple and he smiles too...Raman  too sleep there....


Ishita open her eyes and shocks ..............


A big thank you to all silent readers too, I know you take time to come and read I appreciate that. Keep reading... 


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