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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ishra FF : Hum Tum Ek Kamre me Band Ho "Dorm No 143" Part 10

Raman's Pov

Howz this Ishita

Our New Car Our !!

 She gasps

I mean.I mean My

Our Room's New car I finally managed to say

Ishita is looking so excited finally That Crazy Ishita 's smile is on her face coz i got the information that she likes Sports car.

So Ishita how about One Long drive what say..

i extended my hand to her And she accepted it without any second thoughts.. thanx to my birth stars. We sat In Car And i looked at her once before starting the engine.

Kya dekh raho ho (what r u looking ) She asked Can i ask u something i replied

Hmm she saaid looking here and there. Can u come with me For rest of the Day.i blurted..

She stares at me and then Smiles ..That means yes .

Okay Here We go i said and starts the engine.

The speedometer Shows Speed From 100-120-140.

i took a glance at Ishita she is not sacred actually she was enjoying.and to my surprise She takes out her scarf and her hair flew in air ..I was just mesmerized by her beauty.But her hair comes as a speed breaker in my view.. I slipped my one hand in her hair she looks at me ..I gently tugs her hair behind her ears.and i look again at road.. her cheeks turns to beetroot red. i stopped the Car in front of restaurant ..its almost 6 in evening ..We had some snacks ..chatted for little then again sat in the carshe asked What's next.. I said "Have little patience".. I start the Car again ..Her hair again flew from here to there. Ohh God that breathtaking beauty i never noticed before how beautiful she looks indeed a divine beauty.

1 hour later.

After  Breath choking Traffic We reach Next destination i was Not sure that what will she think about this place " A open Air theatre "

as if wondering about the place i think she dont have idea about this place.She looks at me confused.

i searched for a centre Parking Area and parked the Car there parked.Comes out quickly and Open the Door for Herstill confused i ask her.she nods in positive.i take her hand in mine and let her to sit on bonnet of Car and i too climbed  to bonnet Give her signal to half  lean on her back on Front Glass of the Car Now we both half lean on our back on front Glass of car.And then A sound Start on the Big screen in front of usshe looks at me and i give signal to look Front as the Music start she again looks at me..She sat back on bonnet and me too i ask  what happen Ishita

she puts her both hand on her mouth.i ask  again this time so much concern  in my voice

"its Kuch Kuch hota hai Raman my fav movie "

i laughed over her replyso u guessed  even movie is not started.i ask

"The famous Dharma Production Logo " But How Hindi movie she ask with her eyebrows Up

I scratch my temple and  reply Wo  Actully i requested the owner and he accepted.

Still her eyebrows Up That means she caught my lie.

She crossed her arms and i said i ll tell u later Promise.

She somehow agreed bcoz movie is started by now.She leans back on front glass but bcoz of slipness of glass she is feeling uncomfortable so i stretched my right hand and tell her to put her head on my arm so she did it in one second i adjusted my self lil towards her and filled the gap between usshe snuggled  more and put her head on my shoulder

there is something between us i know its too early for Us to accept any kind of relationship coz we had rejected each other when our parents wanted to marry us ..i looked at her direction she was continually blabbering about the movie . A complete Encyclopaedia of Kuch Kuch Hota hai I m not sure how much i listen about the movie because my full focus was on her eyes , cheeks n her ravish lips she was so comfortable in my arms and so was Ishould i move to next ???? No No i said to myselfwhat If she ll think that i m taking advantage of her .I decided not to think about this anymore and concentrate on the Movie.. coz

The Famous Scene of the "KKHH" movie is next When SRK and Kajol danced without Music SRk looking Younger than his age in Black And Kajol Hot as ever In red Saaree

But Then We both look upwards in the Skyfew Drops of water came over our facen it started raining..The Screen Goes off but Music was still playing On the Speaker.

Raman it's raining come down to the Carshe said and jump i too jump but rather than going inside the car i came over to Ishita's Side she opened the Door and was about to sit in the Car i held her hand and pulled her towards MeShe gave me a confuse lookAll other ppl were inside their Cars  Headlights of their Cars was On i came to Middle of the space just in front of the screen and opposite to My car.

i brush my hair back and Ishita looks at me ..she Did the same with her hair.

the  audio of the same scene of the KKLH is started Playing on the speakers.

I gave Ishita a hand movement To Danceshe put her hand on her Jaw looking amazed.

i moved my Two Three my fingers in air (Same AS SRK did in movie )

Gave her My one hand She come quickly took my hand i pulled her towards me and she rests on My chest.May i i askshe nods .i slip my hands slowly to her slim waist She shivers lil No idea from My touch or bcoz of rain.

we started Dancing same like Srk and Kajol

But Then the Same moment Came She bent down lil on my Arms her head on my palms and i too bent down her level and instead of Her Junction of neck and torso i kissed on her Lips.The kiss was so gentle and also unplanned or unexpected.And the more unexpected Thing was She kissed me Back.

We were so lost in the kiss that we dint realized that We are Kissing in public.. everyone out there mostly couples came out of their car and started whistling and hooting some of them started kissing each other ..,,,wo broke Kiss For Air

(I Know I Know You all Will kill me for this but have lil patience I have so much in store For You all )

3 Months Later


Gamil Notification On Ishita's laptop  Time  8pm

From :

To :

Hi S**y girl from Dorm No 143How Are you And Howz you our love nest

Our Brush Our mirror Our Closet and and Last not the Least OUR  B-E-D rofl i know You Are blushing

Just don't bite Ur lips its my job (Hahaha :D).I missed You so much  and i miss you eyes your hair your Nose and Your Lips.(muhhhhhh :-*A passionate Kiss ) Oh god Ishita i m behaving like a teenager  You know what  Sometime ago i saw Your mole in My dream..

tell me about Your Day i got mail from University thanx for All you have did For me I never ever repay your dept darlingi am so lucky to have You in My life love you so much darling Reply soon.

PS : what don't you allow me to call you i m dying to hear voice Darling at least send some Voice mail of yours so i can sleep peacefully.

Forever In your Arms

Ishita ka Raman..

Gmail Notification On Raman's laptop

From :

To :

Hey  S**y Hunk  aka  Ex-Roomie from 143 hahaha :D :D :DHow can i fine without you  Raman huh

I m super fine at least Now i can sleep full night without disturbance :D :D :D :D teasing baby .i missed You so so  so so much okay i m not crying i promised you naa but How can i stop my heartokay okay No more crying (:(() I m okay Not Good

 Ohh that brush i ddnt brush today (plase Never ever mention My brush i never did brush with your i hate to share my brush )

Our Love awwwwwww so romantic name  that Mirror Shows my reflection good only when u stand behind me Our closet Ohh Don't even remind me I find so many my things (personal things :)] )

in between your clothes How shameless You are Raman just come once i ll rip you head and drink you blood:-w ( i m not vampire But i ll became Just come back once )

Blush Blush blush Crap my foot Blush It was You Who blushed or scared  like a girl when u slept or awake beside me that on Our Bed like i literally "R-A-P-E-D  YOU " (I M Not Blushing :-h  :-h :-h)

So stop dreaming Like this (Now I m blushing  :-h :-h :-h :-h hide face in pillow) Ohh God You admitted that You Are A teenager .

My day was just cool Subbu try to made me cheer up  and please if you starting telling me thank you so from where should i start so keep you thank you with you and  you will repay once you back i wont let you go easily (Hint Hint Hint :-bd  :-bd :-bd) I more Lucky Raman that u let me in your life  and   i love you 2,3,4,5,6,7 infinity but .leave It dont start thinking okay 

PS : You Know naa IF anyone got to know about us what will happen And what this No voice mail I have to go Byee miss you.

Hahahahhaha  :D :D :D :D  What a cheesy line Ishita ka Raman I m laughing like a mad

Forever in Your Arms (How deeply you stool this line from My favourite Novel Raman Rofl :D :D :D :D )


From : Double. battery

To : HipHop.girl TIME : 8.10pm

Where The hell you were I sent u mail around 5pm and replied me on 8 where were You :-w

 :-w  :-w  :-w 

cheering up with S-U-B-B-U Bhaiya (Brother) of urs wait He ll get a punch from me when i ll back And you..You silly Brat you ddnt even find anyone with cheering you.Where you both went give me every detail otherwise i ll come from next flight there.Okay Mom calling me For dinner But you better give me answer i ll come quickly reply me soon

PS : that Your fav novel  i gifted You the original signature copy

PPS :  i  m angry will forgive you only once when i get what i want You Know what i mean

PPPS : "Cheesy lines "  really Baby Doll inhi cheesy lines pe tum Marti thi (On this chessy once you were died on this lines) B-) B-) B-)

Forever in  Your Arms

Only Raman (Angry :-w :-w :-w )

From " HipHop.girl

To : Double. battery

Ole le le Mela  bacchha  Jealous Ho raha hai :) :) (translate as : Oh my baby getting jealous )

And You Bl**dy Swine how dare you call me brat You crazy insane Jealous Jack-ass 7:P 7:P 7:P

Who else here with me Only S-U-B-B-U  and What Bhaiya  thing Raman If you ll behave like this possessive i will rather Call you Bhaiya  what say ?? ROFL :D :D :D.ohhk Jokes apart but remember  Next time you call Me Brat i ll Dumb You surly Run away with SUBBU and if he ll not agree i ll Run away with Our Hostel Warden he seems look Hot Now a days Lol :D.

Okay so the day detail is we went to college then canteen then Central park Couples where kissing each other And i cried remember our K-I-S-S :-*then i buried my head in Subbu shoulder and He kissed me Raman (You want detail of kiss i ll send you in voice mail ) Now later After shared this sensual kiss ( :-* :-* :-* ) we went hands in hands to Movie "FIFTY SHADES OF GREY " And  Now you can imagine what happen Next  :) :) :).And just  i open you mail and replied You

Ohh God i m laughing like a mad (:D :D :D )and Can imagine Your RED face My grumpy Golu.

PS : How many times you ll remind me about That G-I-F-T

PPS : I will never give you what you want YOU Know what i mean

PPPS : Eat slowly i m going to prepare Dinner For ME and For Subbu.hahahahah  :D :D :D he went on Night Duty


Forever in  CHESSY Arms


From : Double. battery

To : Hiphop.girl

 " NO EFFECT ON ME  " B-) B-) B-)



From : Hiphop.girl

To : Double. battery


WHO 's child is this Yours or SUBBU  ?????

From : Double. battery

To : Hiphop.girl

WHAT THE F**K Ishita ..OUR WARDEN Is Going to be father and you are saying who's child :!! :!! :!!

hahahahah :D :D :D  great attempt to make me jealous but see No effect..

PS : IF any of You "WORD" About Your Day out with Subbu is true then You dont know what will i do with Subbu once i back..Dont Call me Bachha (KID ) I m NOt Your Baccha Now My age is To make Bacchhas  (Kids).You remembered Our Kiss (:-* :-* :-* ) in park Ohh hell i forget who was the girl with me there Thank you You remind me IT Was YOUAnd How can i forget the Strawberry flower  of  Your Lipstick :-* :-* :-* when i take Your upper lips in Mine the taste like i never tasted before The smoothness of Your Lips i just melt down and when  i marched towards Your Lower lips Ohh God the grip of your Hands around my Neck i still have the Mark of your Perfect manicure Nails And then When Our tongue plays with Each other It was the time to broke the Kiss for the Air (really after this you really want to send me KISS detail in Voice mail )

"FIFTY SHADES OF GREY " really { @-) @-) @-) } U once said You hate the way hero treat heroin in Movie i ll prefer to die rather See Movie "


PPS : You have No IDEA HOW BADLY I WANT "WHAT I WANT " :) :) :)




From : Hiphop.girl

To : Double. battery

Er.. I Ah i want to tell You something #:-S

How can I say .














PS : Please Dont get angry


From : Double. battery

To : Hiphop.girl


Super Angry

(Okay people i Know So many confused in this Part but All your confusion ll clear in coming updates Hope you like this part i try to write lil different )

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