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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ishra SS: Falling in luv with Wise "Epilogue"


"No, Raman!" I laughed, running away from Raman who was chasing after me. I run to the pool area and jumped into the water. When I came to surface, Raman was smiling and swimming towards me, "You are so dead Jaan,"

I burst out laughing. It was four weeks later. We just came back from a two week holiday from Australia. We went to Australia for change. Raman actually just invested hotel chain so he went there to check it out and also make good use of it. When I said good use, I mean mind-blowing romance yes i saw all shades like Fifty shades of Raman Bhalla but in Australia he was awestruck Romantic.
Raman brought me around Australia to experience new things I would never imagine I would do.

Let me start from the beginning, Raman brought me to Sydney Harbour Bridge and Port Jackson on the first day. We end our day making love in our private suite. The rest of the days are blurred because I had so much fun with Raman, I can't even explained in details. We went Great Barrier Reef to dive and experience under-water beauty. Then we went to live Wild life Sydney. I took a lot of photos using the camera I bought in Paris.

Those two weeks I spend with Raman without worrying anything back in Mumbai. Of course, during our trip we would call back to Bhalla Industries  to check of  work. Duke  was granted a month of holiday for vacation with his family too. I also accepted the promotion and Raman crossed his heart that he has nothing to do with my promotion. Even Duke  said so. I continued to write for Roy Publishing  and also through Roy, my article will be submitted to Lisa. Paris magazine company  was happy to receive positive feedbacks on my article; they decided to sign with ROY for my article to be published in their paper too

We didn't rush into marriage. Raman wasn't happy because he wants me to be Ishita Bhalla and not soon-to-be Mrs. Bhalla. He almost dragged me to temple and gets married. But of course, I stood my place and make sure he knows we still have a long way to go. I am going to take my time to plan my own wedding with rinki's help. I swear Rinki brought a bag full of wedding information for me. Raman was more than pleased to know I'm actually planning to marry him.

"Maybe because I can," I teased. So this was what happened in My life...

 And today in evening Raman was sleeping and I sneaked up to him and screamed into his ears. Raman wasn't impressed, he chased me around the house and I came to pool and jumped into the water Raman too came

"Ishu, what have you done to me?" Raman asked with mischief in his eyes. I pretend I'm thinking, Raman who carried me out of the water and dry me with a towel, "Why did you do that, Jaan ?" what Raman : nothing In Your My Jaan...he said and

smiled, both of us standing at our window, looking out to the beach. We don't have to say anything to each other. 
two we could listen to one another heartbeat all day
and appreciate what we can do to each other. And most importantly, enjoy our every minute we have with each other until we grow old in each other arms............

"Well this Is Wrap here
i really want to thanx all the member for their lovely comments over this Story and i hope u will like Other stories too I am Planning to write Story A mature One But Confused in name Like " Fifty Shades Of Ishra or Fifty shades Of Raman Please Suggest Me
Waiting For Your Reply " 

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