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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 5th February 2019 Written Update "Naira-Kartik's Argument Over Luv-Kush "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 5th February 2019 Written Update "Naira-Kartik's Argument Over Luv-Kush."

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 5th February 2019 Written Update "Naira-Kartik's Argument Over Luv-Kush."

The episode starts with Kairav, who apologizes to Kairauploads then they too forgive him and then Kairav promises that he'll not do any wrong things and will tell everything to them.

 Naira sends Kairav to play with Vansh then Naira says to Kartik that she is responsible for Kairav's changing behavior as nowadays she only cares for Trisha. Kartik replies that he too is responsible and says that now they have to take care of Kairav as for Trisha, the nursing staff is there. Naira asks Kartik that why Surekha is not told everyone that Luv asked Kairav to bring Gayatri's jewelry. Kartik says to her that he doesn't want to listen to anything about this and they shouldn't think about this. They both argue with each other.

Naira feels bad seeing Kartik's this behavior. There Luv tells Surekha that Abhishek is blackmailing them. When Surekha asks the reason then Luv lies to her that after the show Trisha slapped him and Abhishek shot the video of that moment and now he is saying that he'll upload it on social media. Luv says if Abhishek uploads that video then everyone will make fun of him saying he was slapped by an orphanage girl. Naira decides to talk to Surekha about the jewelry.

 Surekha asks Luv to call Abhishek here and she'll talk to him but Luv replies that he'll not come and he just wants the money. Kush tells Surekha he wants ten lakh rupees and Luv asks Surekha to understand their problem. 

Surekha gives them a cheque saying that she is giving this now and as Trisha will come back then she'll punish them for this. At the same time, Naira enters Surekha's room. Surekha lies to Naira that Luv-Kush wants to start their photography workshop that's why she is giving them the cheque and asks Luv-Kush to leave now.

She too leaves by saying that Akhilesh is waiting for her. Later Naira goes to Kartik to set his mood then Kairav arrives there. Naira asks Kairav that why he didn't put his plate after taking his meal. Kairav replies that he will not do this. Later Kartik says to Kairav that he'll make tea for him as it'll look better with kachoris. Kairav replies to Kartik that these works are for girls not for boys and then he leaves. Kaira becomes disappointed with Kairav's behavior. Kartik receives a call from Kairav's teacher, who complains about Kairav's changing wants and says he start doing differentiation between girls and boys.

Later Naira says to Kartik that it's important to tell Kairav that girls and boys are equal. Later they both start acting in front of Kairav to teach him a lesson.

They him that girls and boys are equal and he should respect and always help girls. Vansh calls Kairav and he leaves. Kartik says it's easy to make him understand then Naira replies that they have to recall Kairav this every time. Naira further says that it's important to take care of Luv-Kush too as Kairav and Vansh are learning from them.


Kartik says to her that she is overthinking then she replies that they should talk to Luv-Kush about this. Later Luv is getting bored, so he starts doing mischief and involves Kairav too in it. They throw balls at the servant behavior and Kush asks them to stop but they don't then Kaira comes there. 

Everyone gather and Akhilesh says that Luv-Kush now crossed their limits. Suhasini says that they were in hostel and nobody was there to teach them the right things but now they'll tell him what's right for them. Surekha takes the responsibility to make them good boys.

 Surekha taunts Naira saying that she should stop Kairav as he always goes to their room. Naira agrees and says that it's good for Kairav and Vansh to stay away from Luv-Kush until Luv-Kush becomes aware of good and bad. Surekha says to Naira that she is blaming his sons for Kairav's behavior. Naira says being a mother becomes her responsibility to think good about his son and she leaves.

Nobody understands Naira's point and Kartik goes to make her understand. They both talk about Kairav and Naira says it's important to punish so that he'll learn a lesson. Kartik replies it's alright to punish him but it's not alright to keep him away from Luv-Kush. 

Kartik says he is understanding her concern for Kairav, Vansh and Luv-Kush buy her way of dealing is wrong. Kartik asks her to forgive them and says from the next time he'll punish them.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 6th February 2019 Written Update :

 Luv-Kush receives a call from the hospital on Naira's phone. Luv attempts to kill her and Kaira reaches there.

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