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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 9th January 2020 Written Update " Naira- Dadi's Mission to Expose Vedika "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 9th January 2020 Written Update " Naira- Dadi's Mission to Expose Vedika ".

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 9th January 2020 Written Update " Naira- Dadi's Mission to Expose Vedika ".

The episode starts with Vedika who informs Naira that she and Kartik are for the honeymoon tomorrow. Vedika asks Kartik to let's go as they have to do their shopping as well.

Naira taunts Vedika that she also donated the kidney and the doctor denied for the exertion and asks her will she be able to sit in a car for a long span of time. Vedika replies that Kartik will take care of her and she is going with the suggestion of Pallavi. Naira says Pallavi too is involved with her. Kairav arrives there then Vedika asks Kartik to leave. As they are leaving Vedika looks back towards Naira and Naira thinks that she has only the time till tomorrow morning.

Naksh is about to do an attack on Suhasini as she is standing outside the house secretly to meet Naira. Naksh says to her that Naira's this condition is because she was saving Kartik but no one pays their attention towards it and in fact, Vedika snatched his husband from her. Naksh asks her why they didn't stop Vedika from doing such a bad thing. Suhasini replies it was too late when they came to know about and she'll explain to him later as now she has some work with Naira only. Suhasini tells everything to Naksh about the trapping of Vedika.

 Listening to all this Naksh too is ready to help them in their plan. Naira arrives there and shocks to see Naksh with Suhasini but she takes a breath of relief when Suhasini says he too is helping them. Naira tells them everything that Umesh donated his kidney, not Vedika. 

They both become shocked after learning the truth and ask that they'll now tell the truth to everyone. But Naira stops them as they don't have any proof yet. Naira says being a doctor how Pallavi can do such bad things. Naksh says truth always comes out.

 Naira asks Suhasini to take Vedika to another hospital tomorrow and have to do her sonography otherwise will be too late as she is taking Kartik to the honeymoon. Because of her condition, she can do anything with Kartik and he can't refuse her. 

Suhasini says that why Vedika will trust her and get ready for the sonography then Naira replies she has to do. Suhasini says she'll try her best for her Naira. Later they ask Naira Kairav and she tells them that Kairav is eager for their wedding as he wants to stay with Kartik then she asked her to go with his father now.

 Kairav stopped Kartik and say that tomorrow he is going somewhere that's he'll sleep with him today. Vedika tried to stop Kairav coming with them but her plan didn't work and he went to Goenka house with Kartik. Naira asks them to pray that tomorrow Vedika's truth comes out.

Kartik is playing with Kairav then Vedika arrives there and asks him about his packing. Later Kartik sends Kairav to play with Daadi and asks Vedika that it looks that she isn't happy from the arrival of his child then Vedika asks him to solve this issue.

Kairav tells Naira that Kartik left the game in the mid then she replies that he'll come and continue the game comes and Suhasini says to Naira that she'll take care of everything here. Suhasini says to Kairav that she'll do something soon so that his father will never leave his game again. Vedika is discussing the holidays with Kartik then Kairav asks Kartik for a hug but Vedika stops him. Naira asks Kairav to go and hug him by himself. Later Kairav and Vansh both go and play with Kartik. Vedika doesn't like this. They spend a happy time with each other and Suhasini sends a picture of their happy moment to Naira.

There Naira says to Naksh that she'll make this temporary moment the permanent one. Kartik prays when he wakes up tomorrow morning sends then may everything become normal and all this becomes just a bad dream. Vedika says to herself that she can't get closer to Kartik here that's why she is taking him honeymoon, where no one is present. There Naira too is eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

The next morning, Naksh informs Naira that Kartik and Vedika will leave soon then she replies that everything will happen according to their plan only. While going for the honeymoon, Suhasini too sits them in their car and then they leave. Naira and Naksh reach the hospital and there Suhasini starts her drama. She asks Vedika to take a checkup before going and she forcefully takes Vedika to another hospital. Naira hides there.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 10th January 2020 Written Update :

 During the checkup Suhasini and Naira shock to listen that she has only one kidney.

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