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Thursday, 2 January 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd January 2020 Written Update " Kartik comes Home with Vedika Dadi Gets Angry "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd January 2020 Written Update " Kartik comes Home with Vedika Dadi Gets Angry ".

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd January 2020 Written Update " Kartik comes Home with Vedika Dadi Gets Angry ".

The episode starts with Naira, who asks Kartik to come close to her but Kartik says that the doctor asked him not to go near you. But Naira still asks him to come closer then Kartik goes closer and hugs her. Vedika feels bad seeing this.

Naira asks about Vedika then Kartik tells her the whole matter. Naira thanks Vedika for saving her life and says it's because of her that his son gets his mother back. Naira asks Kartik about Kairav then he replies that he is fine and is at home with Samarth and Gayatri. Naira cries and again thanks Vedika for giving her a new life.

Naira says to her that their new life is possible just because of her. Naira says to Vedika that she knows better that after her recovery everything will go away from her and instead of this she donated her a kidney. Naira prays for her happiness then Kartik says to her that he wants to tell her something before she says something else. He is about to tell about Vedika's condition for donating a kidney but Pallavi arrives and asks Kartik to leave the room as an only nursing staff is allowed her for somedays because of infection fear.

 Pallavi suggests that only one family member can come once a day and only for five minutes to meet both Naira and Vedika. Pallavi again asks Kartik to leave then she asks Naira to take rest and leaves. Kartik comes out and says he has to tell Naira everything but how. Later after somedays Kairav and Vansh beat their drums saying that Naira and Vedika are coming back to the house. 

Suhasini says that she is too eager for seeing Naira and she has already taken court's date for divorce and after that, they'll do Kartik and Naira's wedding with joy.

Suhasini says it will be better if Naira takes her place as soon as possible because the wedding is just a formality. There Naksh is preparing cupcakes for Vedika as she'll come to Singhania house. Bhabhimaa says that they'll take care of her more than her own relatives.

 Devyani says that she means daughter to them but after donating her kidney she means more than a daughter to them. Suwarna says to Suhasini that it'll be so difficult for Kartik to take care of Naira and take responsibility for Vedika at the same time and he didn't get much time to talk to Naira.

 Surekha says now she is coming home and now they'll talk a lot. There Kartik asks the god to take him out of this difficulty as he only loves Naira. Naira is so happy that she'll meet everyone for many days. The nurse brings Vedika's file to Pallavi but she shouts at her for this.
Pallavi asks Vedika to get ready as they have to go back now. There Naira hears the nurse's conversation that Pallavi does everything related to Vedika by herself and they didn't give her glucose and give a minor injection after the surgery. There everyone is excitedly waiting for Naira and when they see their car they all start dancing.

 They welcome them with Dhol and Aarti. Kartik comes out of the car and then Vedika. Everyone shock to see Vedika as they thought that she'll go to Singhania's house. Manish says that they'll do both are welcome now. Kairav and Vansh go near the car to see Naira but she isn't present in the car. Kairav asks Kartik about his mother then everyone becomes worried. Suhasini too asks Kartik about Naira. There Bhabhimaa welcomes Naira to Singhania's house.

They ask Naira that why she came here not Vedika but she remains silent then Naksh says he did what Kartik asked him to do. There Kartik remains silent. Suhasini asks Kartik to bring Naira back as she is their daughter in law but Kartik replies that now Vedika is their daughter in law. Everyone shock to hear this. Kartik is taking Vedika into the house then Suhasini asks Kartik that he did a deal with her and later she starts blaming Vedika. Suhasini says to Vedika that it must be her thinking that she'll Naira's life and in return, she'll become Kartik's wife.

Vedika remains silent then Kartik asks Suhasini to stop and takes Vedika into the house. Suhasini cries and asks the god that hey he did this with their child. There Vedika thanks Kartik for supporting her and says that she'll never become a barrier between him and Kairav and asks him not to meet Naira.

Precap for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 4th January 2020 Written Update :

 Naira says to Suhasini that something is hiding from themselves and she'll bring his Kartik back to her.

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