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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd January 2020 Written Update " Naira Gets conscious Kartik gets Happy "

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd January 2020 Written Update " Naira Gets conscious Kartik gets Happy ".

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd January 2020 Written Update " Naira Gets conscious Kartik gets Happy ".

The episode starts with Kartik talking to Naira. He says that he is saving everyone's life by saving her life. Sitting there Kartik lots into his imagination with Naira.

The doctor arrives there and asks Kartik that they want to take Naira to the operation theatre. Kartik says to Naira that he is always hers and no one can take her place in his life. He asks her to come fast as he is eagerly waiting for her then the nurse takes Naira from there. There Vedika tells Pallavi that Kartik accepted her condition because he can pay any cost for saving Naira's life.

She says to Pallavi that she is so happy that she can save Naira's life and be a little useful for Kartik and Naira. Later she asks Pallavi were to sign on the papers then Pallavi asks her to stop for a while as she wants to tell something to her before that. Pallavi tells her something then she becomes shocked listening to her. On the other hand, Kairav continuously cries for his mother. Gayatri and Samarth try to make him understand that she'll be fine soon.

They say that everyone is there for his mother and here they'll pray for his mother. Vansh wakes up Kairav and wipes out his tears and asks him to stop crying as if he continues to cry then God will not understand his words. Later Vansh takes him to the temple, there they pray for Naira's good health. Naksh asks Kartik to keep patience as everything will be fine soon. Everyone sees the nurses taking Vedika and Naira to the operation theatre they start crying.

Naira and Vedika's stature stops near Kartik then he holds Naira's hand and looks towards her for a while. There Vedika too holds Kartik's hand and looks towards him. But Kartik gets his hand free from Vedika. Later the nurses take both Naira and Vedika to the operation theatre. The senior doctor arrives there with Pallavi then Manish asks them to take care of both the daughters. The doctor asks them not to worry.

 Kartik bends on his knees there and says he can't understand what's happening. He prays for Naira's good health and for Vedika's health also as she is doing a big thing for them. Kartik asks Krishna ji to take care of both. The doctor asks them to get sign these papers from the recipient and donor's families as a kidney transplant is a complicated case. He asks them to get a sign from Naira's family member and from Vedika's husband.

Kartik says that he'll sign both the papers then the doctor says that he is Vedika's husband and asks his relationship with Naira. He replies that he belongs to her family. 

The doctor goes into the operation theatre and the surgery starts. Suhasini says it's the same time that Panditji told well for the wedding then Suwarna replies once Naira and Vedika become healthy then they'll do Kartik and Naira's wedding with great joy.

Kartik says to himself that he and Naira can never become Kaira now. Pallavi says this situation she is facing fits the first time in her practice life. There every moment of surgery spends hardly for everyone sitting outside. The surgery ends and Pallavi comes out of the operation theatre. She tells them that the surgery is completed and Vedika is out of danger now and will come into her senses soon. Everyone asks about Naira then Pallavi replies that she is still unconscious. Kairav asks Gayatri to makes a call to Kartik then he asks Kartik about his mother.

Kartik replies that she is fine now and he'll tell him when he goes to meet her. Kairav asks him to tell his mother that he is missing her and not to worry about him because Gayatri, Surekha and Vansh are with him. Kartik asks him to pray to God for Naira and hangs up the call.

The nurse comes to Kartik and says that his wife and the other lady who met with an accident, come to their senses and he can meet them then he sleeps in their room. In the early morning, Naira and Vedika wake up then Naira asks Vedika what happened to her. Naira asks Kartik is he fine and raises her hand towards him. But he thinks about Vedika's condition.

Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd January 2020 Written Update :

 Naira overhears two nurse's conversation about Vedika that Pallavi gives a minor injection to her.

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