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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Zee World Kindred Hearts 8th September 2019 Sunday Written Update " Jiya to Stay at Arjun's House Nisha is Angry "

Zee World Kindred Hearts 8th September 2019 Sunday Written Update " Jiya to Stay at Arjun's House Nisha is Angry ".

Nisha says what has arjun done. My protection would be gone. The specialist Priya says we ought not let him go there. Nisha says he has gone to bring Kaki mama and Chini here. Arjun says to Chini don't draw into her cash. She is tricking you. She is certainly not a decent lady. 

Chini says Jia was my mother in her last life. She spared us this time Nisha also. Nisha just conceived an offspring however she is a fallen angel in our life. Kaki says Nisha executed you in last life.

Arjun says no this Jia slaughtered me. She is tricking you now. Jia says OK in the event that you think I slaughtered you render retribution and murder me. Adi would never hurt Jhanvi. Arjun puts blade on Jia's neck. Flashes of Jhanvi and Adi come before his eyes. His head harms. Kaki says what's happening with you. He reviews their marriage. Arjun blacks out. Nisha's men hold him. kaki says how could you come here. Nisha says for what reason did she come in my home? In the event that you attempt to be cunning I will get you captured. Try not to incite Arjun. She takes him from that point.

Kaki says for what reason did he black out? Jia expresses just great words will happen now. Chini says what do we do now? She says I know.
Priya checks Arjun. She says you expedited him ideal time. He doesn't recall that anything up 'til now. Nisha says I need to do what was left. I need to converse with babasa.

Kaki mama comes to house. Arjun says welcome. This is your home. Kaki mama says we will possibly live here if Jia lives here as well. Arjun says she executed me. She is a villain. She needs to take this house. She can't live here. Try not to hear her out. Accompany me. Kaki says we will possibly live here if jia does. Nisha says as you wish. On the off chance that you need her to remain here she will. In the event that you figure she should live here you should. You and Chini ought to be here. At any expense. I don't need whatever else. Nisha says I trust you are cheerful that your kaki mama is here. Jia says won't you welcome us with an arti? Nisha brings an arti. Arjun says you won't have any issue now. I wont leave any individual who damages my family. 

Kaki mama says at last observing my family together. Nisha says let me show you visitor room. Jia says we are not visitors. Chini says we likewise needs a sanctuary in this house. Nisha says sure. Jia says lets meet babasa.

Arjun says on the off chance that I knew before she was coming too I would have not asked them. Nisha says don't stress over her. you ought to be glad that they are here. Get signature from babasa. He may soften now and sign the papers.

Jia chini and Kaki come to babasa. He embraces them. Jia says I revealed to you I would bring them back. Nisha says enough let babasa rest. Jia says don't bother their family minute. Present to them some juice in any event. Be a decent individual.

Babasa asks Kaki how are you? She says express gratitude toward God we discovered you. We made a decent attempt to get you out of her. Jia says we need to discover why Arjun is Nisha's ally. We need to discover what is she upto.

Jia searches for confirmations. She sees a mystery room and comes there. She says these infusions. I knew nisha was upto something. Priya comes and says who are you? How could you come here? Jia says who are you? Nisha says she is our house cleaner. Jia says that is the reason she doesn't have habits. For what reason would she say she is functioning as a bai here? She would find a decent line of work. Nisha says couple of years back I was astounded to see that Kaki mama in jindal house is uneducated as well. jia says what are these infusions? Nisha says I care for arjun and need to take care for him in the house. I get an attendant here consistently. Jia says I trust you get treatment for your falsehoods as well. Nisha says what might you take in lunch? She says however she is the house cleaner right or will you cook? She arranges what to make. she says proceed to cook this for us. She leaves.

Priya says how could you consider me a house keeper. Nisha says I pay you enough to keep you very. This jia is here too. I need to get her out of my life once more. Do you think about any toxic substance that executes yet nobody knows? Priya grins.

Nisha says most loved sustenance for everybody. where is kaki mama? Chini says she isn't well so she is asleeps.

Nisha got some information about the toxic substance. Jia says you made such great sustenance you ought to eat it before anybody. Chini revealed to me garlic bread is your top pick. Nisha says this garlic bread is made for you. Jia says don't state no to your fav dish. Arjun says eat for what reason are you not eating. give me a chance to cause you to eat. He offers her bread.

Babasa says I need it, Arjun offers it to him. Nisha says no he shouldn't eat. She says arjun are you frantic. Babasa can't eat garlic bread. He ought to eat lighter stuff. Arjun says doesn't make a difference once in a blue moon. Jia says babasa won't eat it. have you blended toxin in it? Arjun says would you say you are frantic? Why you generally denounce. Jia says for what reason would she say she is not eating it at that point?

Jia says eat it if there is nothing. On the off chance that there is something, at that point admit your wrongdoing. She eats it and says I make such great bread.

Arjun says would you say you are happy now? I realize you are just here to accuse individuals. Nisha says now you may make the most of your nourishment. she leaves.

Arjun says you are such a demon individual. He says to chini you just accuse individuals. You just ruin individuals' temperament, Chini quit confiding in her. Chini says I don't have the foggiest idea when will you comprehend reality.

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