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Monday, 12 August 2019

Zee World Mehek 12th August 2019 Monday Written Update " Mehek-Shuarya's Honeymoon and Romance "

Zee World Mehek 12th August 2019 Monday Written Update " Mehek-Shuarya's Honeymoon and Romance "

Zee World Mehek 12th August 2019 Monday Written Update " Mehek-Shuarya's Honeymoon and Romance "

Episode starts with Sheetal trying to talk to Sonal, family members are dancing and enjoying, Mahek listens to Sheetal’s talk, Kanta comes there. Sonal tries to avoid talking, Sheetal asks Kanta to call Mohit back, Kanta consoles her. 

Sonal sees Mahek, she calls her, Kanta asks whether she need any help. Khanna family mocks at Shaurya when he was planning a trip with Mahek, they tell him that they will also come for a trip, Shaurya goes from there smiling at their joke. Shaurya calls Mahek, she shares her worries with Shaurya, she hopes that Mohit will come back, he asks her not to worry. 

Next morning, Khanna family arranging everything for welcoming Mahek, Sharma family also prepares everything. Khanna family comes to the street where Mahek lives, Karona says that Shaurya will get beatings from her as he disappeared early morning. Sonal praises Mahek’s beauty, Mahek asks Sonal to share her worries with her, Sonal tells that this day Mahek should enjoy and not to worry about others. Sharma family asks for Shaurya, Mahek looks from upstairs, Shaurya comes there smiling. 

PD does aarti, Sharma family invites Shaurya inside, he refuses to tell that he will come inside only when this house’s son asks me, sorry holding my leg, everyone gets shocked. Shaurya brings Mohit there, Pammi thanks God, Shaurya asks them to forgive Mohit, Jeevan comes and hugs Mohit. Everyone gets happy, Ravi also embraces him, Mohit seeks blessings from PD. Kanta gets happy and hugs him, asks him not to do such stupid things again, he asks forgiveness holding his ear, she tells Sonal to take Mohit inside. Sonal hugs Mohit and cries, Mahek gets happy, Shaurya sees Mahek, she gives a flying kiss to him, everyone enters the house.

 Ravi mocks at Shaurya looking at Mahek, Shaurya asks everyone whether he will get permission to talk to his wife, Nehal tells that he won’t get permission easily, Shaurya asks permission from PD to take Mahek with him, she agrees. Everyone gets happy and dances to the tune of dhol, Shaurya and Mahek also dance with them. Shaurya brings Mahek home, Vicky takes them to their decorated bedroom, Shaurya pushes Vicky out, but he brings Karona and Dolly to the room. Karona warns Vicky that Shaurya will kill him, Mahek tells that everyone will sit here and talk. Vicky tells that he will sleep with Shaurya and Mahek, Karona takes Dolly and Vicky out, Shaurya closes the door. Mahek gets tensed, Shaurya gets romantic with her.

Mahek to wear a dress he gave, he pushes her to the washroom, Mahek tells that she doesn’t wear such dresses, Shaurya tells that if she wants to come out she should wear that. Jeevan sees Kanta outside Mohit’s room, she tells him to look, they see Mohit taking care of Sonal. She asks what is he planning to do, Mohit tells that he will work hard and take care of his family and baby, Jeevan and Kanta get happy knowing that Mohit has become responsible. Mahek wears the dress and comes, she sees Shaurya sleeping, she kisses him. 

At the morning, Shaurya wakes up realizing that he slept early, he comes to the dining table and sees Mahek. Vicky provokes Shaurya, Mahek mocks at him, he tells her about their honeymoon. Mahek tells that everyone will go together, but they say that she should spend some time with Shaurya. Sharma family talk to Mahek, Shaurya comes there and tells Kanta that its time for flight, they disconnect videocall. Shaurya tells Mahek to replace her clothes in the bag with others, she tells that she feels her honeymoon like an exam.

 They start their journey, Mahek asks where they are going, Shaurya keeps it suspense, he ties her eyes and takes her to a place, he takes her to a beautiful place. She gets happy and hugs him, he tells that this resort is his gift to Mahek, he tells that he did this for her to get happy. Mahek walks around, she sees two people fighting, Mahek looks on. 

The girl fighting throws a stone at Mahek, she runs, Shaurya asks what happened, she says nothing, he tells that he had planned a surprise for her. Shaurya takes her for dinner, he asks Mahek where she is lost, their anchor welcomes Shaurya who have gifted this resort to his wife Mahek. she looks for Shaurya but didn’t see him, he plays music for Mahek, she thinks that she is very lucky to get Shaurya as her husband.

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