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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Zee World Kindred Hearts 18th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Jhanvi Exposed Nisha Aditya Slaps her Aditya-Jahnvi's Romance "

Zee World Kindred Hearts 18th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Jhanvi Exposed Nisha Aditya Slaps her Aditya-Jahnvi's Romance "

Zee World Kindred Hearts 18th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Jhanvi Exposed Nisha Aditya Slaps her Aditya-Jahnvi's Romance "

Adi says to Jhanvi that I am heartbroken, I need to leave Mumbai, I need to go to our production line and will be back late, Jhanvi says alright, he leaves. Nisha hears it. Jhanvi goes to God that oneside is Nisha's wrongdoings and otherside is our family's assurance, if you don't mind make Adi and my arrangement effective.

Nisha feels that poor Jhanvi, everybody detests her now and soon Adi will toss her out as well, its time for her show to end, she leaves. Adi meessages Jhanvi that Nisha heard them that I will be out of city, its opportunity to execute our arrangement.

Jhanvi comes to Nisha and asks how is she? Nisha says I am worn out and sick so cant do much. Jhanvi says disease takeover on the off chance that we lose trust however I wont give you a chance to lose this fight against malignant growth, I am attempting that this family doesn’t lose more, I mean doesn’t lose you..

 Nisha says what are you saying? Jhanvi says family have lost child and future, we wont almost certainly shroud your disease for much time, they will see indications, so we should attempt to battle this sickness that is the reason I have taken arrangement in city malignancy medical clinic. Nisha says I realize all are pitiful however you don’t need to do this, all are reprimanding you for yesterday's occasion yet you don’t need to act this way. Jhanvi says I am not doing this in view of blame but rather for this family, I am a pariah however they adore me so much and I need to reimburse them by bailing you out, we will go to specialist.

 Nisha says no I need to live with my family, I need to live my last days in joy, I don’t need to stress everybody. Jhanvi says you are sick and stressed over stressing me? share this worriness so it will be diminish, we should advise to family then we wont be troubled so much, when family will realize then they will deal with you particularly Adi, he will be with all of you the time and soon your time will end in this house, you take rest and I will educate family regarding your illess in the event that you don’t need to get treated.

Nisha gets strained and stops her, she says I will go with you for checkup, I don’t need to disturb family, Jhanvi looks on.
Jhanvi and Nisha sits in vehicle to leave for emergency clinic. Adi is stowing away in nursery and sees them leaving, he believes that now she wont probably shroud her transgressions, she wont almost certainly live in this house, her wrongdoings are a lot to tolerate now.
Nisha and Jhanvi in emergency clinic. Jhanvi says he is well known specialist, Pansari is disease master, he will recommend great treatment. Nisha imagines that I need to accomplish something, I cannot give specialist a chance to check me. She sees crisis room and supposes it will help. Nisha says I cant breath, gracious God.. she tumbles down and acts like she blacked out. Jhanvi asks what was the deal? Medical caretaker says she is cold, we need to take her to crisis.

Nisha is taken to crisis and thinks Jhanvi made decent arrangement however what I need will occur. Jhanvi supposes what to do now? Jhanvi calls Adi and says before I could take her to disease pro, she did measures of swooning and medical caretaker took her to crisis room, Adi says untruths cannot live always, don’t stress, he closures call. Jhanvi is hanging tight outside crisis for Nisha. She comes inside and sees Nisha lying on bed. Specialist says she swooned as a result of low BP. Nisha says I didn’t need to come yet she brought me here.

Specialist says to Nisha that you can leave now. Jhanvi thinks Nisha was so strained and now she appears to be loose. Nisha says lets meet malignant growth master now, Jhanvi says no you are drained, we will meet some other specialist, Nisha says no he is exceptionally decent specialist and you looked into such a great amount to discover him so lets meet him, Jhanvi is confounded. Adi is taking cover behind column and gestures to Jhanvi. Jhanvi takes Nisha to expert Pansari.
Samar is gathering blessing sacks. Binni comes there and sees his friendship wrist trinket, she inquires as to whether its his? he says not its to give another person, I don’t know whether Jhanvi will like it or not. He inquires as to whether her mummy will like this arm ornament? she says possibly. Samar solicits what kind from daddy do you like? I mean do you figure I can be great dad, she says what? Samar says would i be able to turn into your dad? Binni says I as of now have a dad, Samar looks on. Chinni comes there and says gives up for schoolwork, they leave. Samar says I trust Jhanvi acknowledges this blessing and me in her life.
Jhanvi and Nisha meets specialist Pansari, specialist says Nisha is on last phase of malignant growth, we don’t have much treatment for it, she ought to invest energy with her family as she has less time. Nisha says that is reality, I need to invest my little energy with my family and spouse, I don’t need to invest time in emergency clinic. Specialist says I have given you prescription, Nisha gestures.

Nisha and Jhanvi gets back home. Nisha says thank you Jhanvi for now. Adi comes there and asks Nisha where did she go? Nisha says we went for shopping, Adi hollers lie, you went to emergency clinic, I know since I was behind you, for what reason would you say you are lying? this lady is a liar. Nisha says I am not lying, Adi says you lied, this lady is a liar, she doesn’t even have blood malignant growth, she is tricking you Jhanvi.

Jhanvi says no I can demonstrate that she isn't lying, Adi says then do it. Jhanvi says I will demonstrate it infront of entire family, Nisha is befuddled and looks on. Jhanvi shouts to everybody. Nisha says I don’t need everybody to know. Jhanvi says please let me handle. All relatives come there. Neha frowns at Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I know you don’t need to see my face yet its about somebody's life today so listen to me. Kaki inquires as to for what reason did you call us? Jhanvi says I have called to tell that Nisha has transformed, she isn't egotistical yet cherishes you, she thinks about everybody and needed to kick the bucket to make sure you individuals wont be in torment, and Nisha concealed thing however I will explain why she did that.

Nisha is strained. Jhanvi says to family that fact is Nisha has blood malignant growth and its on last stage, I didn’t trust it yet I saw her tests then I took her to two specialists and the two of them said that she has last phase of disease, all are paralyzed.

Jhanvi says to Nisha that reveal to them you adore your family and doesn’t need them hurt in view of your malignant growth right? Nisha says yes. Jhanvi says then demonstrate it, she brings out toxin bottle, all are stunned. Samar says to Jhanvi that she is as of now sick and you are doing this? Jhanvi keeps toxic substance container close to Nisha's mouth and says simply drink it and let everybody realize the amount you adore them and can pass on for them, she continues pushing it to her mouth, Nisha says what's going on with you, she attempts to push it away.

Jhanvi says to Nisha that reveal to them you adore your family and doesn’t need them hurt in view of your disease right? Nisha says yes. Jhanvi says then demonstrate it, she brings out toxic substance bottle, all are stunned. Samar says to Jhanvi that she is as of now sick and you are doing this? Jhanvi keeps toxin container close to Nisha's mouth and says simply drink it and let everybody realize the amount you adore them and can kick the bucket for them, she continues pushing it to her mouth, Nisha says what's happening with you, she attempts to push it away. Jug tumbles down and breaks. Nisha says this is phenyl, I adore family however I don’t need to demonstrate this way, have you gone frantic? Jhanvi says unwind, it was simply water. Nisha says Adi what's going on with you? Adi says she is correct, I know your genuine face, you have constantly harmed us as it were. He says I need everybody to see something.

Jhanvi plays video of Nisha with specialist Pansari, in video Nisha says to specialist that I am giving you limitless ticket to ride so take it and in the event that you don’t do what I need, at that point I will report that you attempted to attack me and your permit will be dropped. Specialist says you cannot do that, Nisha says feel free to attempt, I even seized my girl for my advantage, I can do anything. All relatives see Nisha paying off specialist for her phony malignancy. Video closes. Adi says you have crossed all points of confinement, you are correct the lady who can hurt her very own little girls can do anything, you are so tarnished, I cannot take a gander at you. Kaki says you remembered everything and continued tricking us to exploit our compassion.

Baba says you are a witch that have quite recently harmed our family, you don’t merit any of this. Jhanvi says you continued tricking me and exploited our trust, we confided in you and continued harming us and you don’t even love Adi, you simply need to get him. Nisha says no Adi, don’t hear her out, I cherish you a ton, I swear on children. Jhanvi slaps her and says don’t you dare talk about children, disgrace on you, you even lied about your malignancy, what sort of mother would you say you are? you even utilized your children.

Samar says which children would we say we are discussing? Kaki says Chinni and binni are Nisha and Adi's little girls, she stranded them and hurt us so much however Jhanvi came in our lives and helped us, we became more acquainted with genuine face of Nisha and was going to toss her out yet she professed to lose her memory and Jhanvi being honest confided in her and let her stay in house notwithstanding when she wedded Adi, Jhanvi is Adi's better half yet at the same time let Nisha remain here, she is so pleasant and kept Adi and we all rational. Samar is paralyzed and supposes Jhanvi is Adi's significant other? he conceals his present for Jhanvi and reviews his minutes with Jhanvi.

 Jhanvi says what sort of lady would you say you are Nisha? what did Neha's blameless child do that you executed it as well? Kaki says I am certain Nisha blended something in Neha's laddos. Nisha says no I didn’t do anything, I am guiltless, she takes blade quietly and says Jhanvi I let you know everything except for you did with me? She puts blade on Jhanvi's throat and says Adi is mine, children are mine, I wont save you.

Adi pushes blade and says get lost from my home. Nisha says I wont go out, you are mine, this is my home, you are legitimately still hitched to me, I wont ever separation and Jhanvi is the other lady in our marriage, she is other lady not me. Adi says Jhanvi is that lady who spare me and family from your underhanded demonstrations, she gave my children love of a mother and I have love association with her, I have given you even avocation so go out. Nisha plunks down and says I wont leave, Adi you cannot toss me out. Jhanvi says I brought you here and I will toss you, you were never a decent spouse or mother.

 Nisha says Adi is my better half. Jhanvi says court will choose that, when they will realize what you did then they will you to give separate, presently get lost, she tosses Nisha out of house, Nisha tumbles down and is stunned. Kaki says I will get Adi and Jhanvi wedded once more, they will take pheras once more, she scowls at her and closes entryway. Nisha yells no, on the off chance that Adi isn't mine, at that point he cannot be of any other individual, you have completed a grave misstep by tossing me out of house, you will get rebuffed for your error. She takes a gander at shut entryway. In house, Jhanvi says to Kaki that I am grieved, due to my remissness, all of you needed to tolerate this, all of you requested that I not trust Nisha but rather I wound up visually impaired and overlooked what she can do, if you don't mind pardon me.

Kaki says don’t scold yourself, your heart is huge to such an extent that you couldn’t see Nisha's falsehoods. Jhanvi comes to Neha and holds her hands, she says whatever occurred with you, I am in charge of that, I brought Nisha in house.. I am telling truth, I didn’t blend anything in laddos, if it's not too much trouble trust me, I cannot reduce your agony, I shouldn’t have let Nisha do your ceremonies, I don’t know whether you will leave this torment yet please pardon me, Neha cries and embraces her. Kaka imagines that Nisha's stunt terminated back, she is tossed out of house and now Jhanvi will lead this house, I must be cautious else I will be tossed out of house like Nisha. Samar looks on observing all that.

Around evening time, Jhanvi is in gazebo, Adi comes there and puts hand on her shoulder, she grins. Adi says you didn’t respond, consider the possibility that it was another person. Jhanvi says there is your pith I can feel, winds blow and air revives when you draw close to me. Adi says you are getting sentimental today? Jhanvi says today I feel like this is my home, such as everything is to mind of by me. Adi says this house is yours, I am yours, I needed to begin this minute in our existence with something unadulterated and devout, he shows her sindoor(vermilion) box. Adi says I guarantee with this sindoor that I am just yours and will consistently be yours and nobody will at any point come inbetween us.

He opens sindoor box yet reptile falls over sindoor box and it tumbles down, Jhanvi says this is awful sign. Adi says there is no terrible sign, your better half is fine infront of you, don’t talk like Kaki mama, he says I can do onething. He plunges Jhanvi's dupatta in sindoor that fell on floor, he puts sindoor plunged dupatta on Jhanvi's head, she grins. Adi says I didn’t just fill your brow yet made your entire head secured with it so now no terrible sign can contact us. Adi embraces her from behind and murmurs dil keh raha melody. Jhanvi says I didn’t realize you sing that seriously. Adi says terrible or great, I am only yours, your misfortune. Jhanvi grins and embraces him. Adi affectionately takes a gander at her and kisses her brow.

Nisha breaks everything in her room and shouts. Nisha says they can toss me out of house however I have directly on that house, that house is mine, I will rebound and I will make you pay.

In morning, Jhanvi awakens and all of a sudden blossom petals are showered on her, she grins and takes off card from table. She peruses Adi's note that you have made my life delightful by coming in it, someway I need to make each morning of yours lovely – your Adi. Adi comes there, she attempts to get up yet Adi says stay in bed, I have brought breakfast. He carries breakfast to her, she says you made this? he says I woke Kaki and Chinni and they helped me, she embraces him and says I adore you. Adi says I cherish you as well and today is our lives' new begin and I need everything to be immaculate, Jhanvi says when you are with me then everything is impeccable. Adi bolsters her morning meal, she commends it and causes him to eat as well, hawain plays as they offer breakfast. Adi brings present for her.

She opens it and finds a pleasant pink shawl inside. Jhanvi says thank you, its beautiful. Chinni comes there and asks how was breakfast mother? she says it was world's ideal, you helped daddy so do you need noodle now? she says yes and goes to wake up Binni. Adi grins at Jhanvi and says I have conversed with legal advisor, separate from continuing have proceeded onward and I have given evidences against Nisha and soon this will end, there is no reason to worry, you simply grin. Jhanvi grins, he inclines in to kiss her yet she says I need to make noodles and flees, Adi snickers.

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