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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Sanjivani 2 Written Update 21st August 2019 " Ishani's Brave Decision Sanjvijani's Team on Rescue"

Sanjivani 2 Written Update 21st August 2019 " Ishani's Brave Decision Sanjvijani's Team on Rescue".

Sanjivani 2 Written Update 21st August 2019 " Ishani's Brave Decision Sanjvijani's Team on Rescue".

The episode begins outside the hospital where there is an emergency case where the whole staff has come to save the life of patients.

On the other hand Sid goes to his house after 2 days and his mother on seeing him after 2 days shouts on him to come after days from Sanjivani. Sid tells his mother about the brain tumor that Dr. Shashank was suffering, and he was dealing with that deli ma. He further tells about the success operation done by Dr. Juhi but his mother says that there is something else because he looks sad. Sid's mother found a Sid bandaged hand and gets hyper to know what had happened to him, he calms his mother and says that he could feel the pain in stomach as he is very hungry.

Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Written Update 20th August 2019

Sid hugs his mother as they met after 2 days. On the other hand, Dr. Juhi waits desperately for Dr. Shashank to come into his senses as he was unconscious. Dr. Shashank Thanks Dr. Juhi to make his operation successful and says that he wants to see Dr. Juhi at high post in Sanjivani where Anjali hears but does not say anything. Anjali comes close to her father to know how he feels now after the operation. On the other hand a nurse comes and ask for doctors requirement as there were a lot of people who got injured in bomb blast has come.

 Anjali while going to treat patients found all the nurses watching news of bomb blast she scolds them that they should do their work. Anjali founds Dr. Vardhaan sitting and drinking Coffee, he offers her coffee and says that he equally hates Dr. Juhi like her because he knows that Dr. Juhi is not a good surgeon. Anjali agrees with him and tells him to make her father understand this. Vardhan provokes Dr. Anjali to throw Dr. Juhi out of hospital Neils on the other hands become unconscious and falls after looking at the critical conditions of patients.

 Ishani runs to save the life of people and gets slips but Dr. Sid saves her Sid says that he knows he is suspended, but he has saved Ishani from falling Ishani shows her attitude and says that this is not the right time to fight. She leaves to help patients. Ishani founds a girl struck in the car and pleasing to save her life Dr. Ishani enters into the car to help girl. Dr Rishab aggressively comes to Dr. Sid and shouts that he was suspended but still he came. He asks him to leave but Sid hits him hard. Ishani came to know that the girl who was struck in the car was the daughter of bomb blast terrorist, but she says that she will not be treated badly because of her parents mistake.

 Sanjivani Written Update 20th August 2019

Aman brings Neil into his senses. Number of people found that the girl was some girl who came with bomb blast terrorist. Dr. Ishani shouts to bring stretcher fir girl to take her to the hospital but the people were not allowing. Sid comes and helps Ishani to take the girl to hospital, slowly gradually the whole staff comes together to save the girl and take her to the hospital. Ishani recalls the same incidence happened to her when she was small, and she had to suffer because of her parents mistakes.

Meanwhile, all the patients were brought to the hospital for further treatment but media gathers to raise question that will Sanjivani treat a terrorist daughter. Ishani tries to explain people that she should not be blamed for her parents mistakes. Dr. Vardhaan gets call, and he came to know that Dr Ishani is fighting for that girl from media. He says in front of media that Sanjivani will operate every person who is unwell as it is the duty does not matter even if it is a terrorist Daughter.

 He leaves and Ishani brings the girl inside hospital and treats her but Dr. Vardhaan gets change and says to Ishani that he will not raise any bed for terrorist daughter and ask to give that bed to Singhania but Dr. Ishani explains that the girl is in critical condition, but he refuses to allow the treatment of girl in hospital.

Precap For Sanjivani 2 Written Update 22nd August 2019 :

 Vardhan comes and asks to throw the girl from the hospital but Ishani insist on doing her treatment. Ishani tries to explain Vardhaan, but he forces her to throw girl.

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