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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 26th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna Team Up To Save Veena "

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 26th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna Team Up To Save Veena ".

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 26th August 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna Team Up To Save Veena ".

The episode begins in the Basu house. Prerna makes Cookie to sleep. She goes near the window to see the moon and recalls her memories with Anurag.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 26th August 2019

She feels low as she can’t understand what she should do. She worries if Bajaj puts Veena in jail for lifetime after coming back to his sense. She still doesn’t believe Bajaj to be a bad person as he respects women. She thinks of Mausi’s words about Bajaj’s anger. Anurag comes back to Kolkata. Anupam receives him from the airport. Anurag wants to go the police station to meet Veena. He thinks that he should with the Sharmas as they are in trouble.

 Veena recalls the sweet memories she had with Prerna. She knows that Prerna has hidden the secret behind her marriage with Bajaj. She cries thinking of Prerna. Anurag comes to meet Veena in jail. Veena breaks down seeing Anurag. Anurag tries to console her. Veena apologizes to him for what Prerna has done to him. Anurag tells her that he will take her out of jail. He tells Veena that he still can’t get over Prerna. Veena tells him that Prerna doesn’t deserve a man like him. Anurag thinks that Prerna is the best for him. Before leaving, he tells Veena that Prerna isn’t a bad person. Sharda and Tanvi go to the hospital to meet Bajaj.

Sharda pretends to cry seeing Bajaj’s condition. Coming out the chamber, she tells Tanvi that she loves Rishabh for his money and power. Sharda leaves for the court and Tanvi stays in the hospital. Anurag asks the inspector to investigate the matter properly before taking Veena to the court. Anupam asks him to calm down. Anurag’s lawyer comes and informs him that Veena’s case has already gone to the court and so they have to approach there for her bail papers.

Prerna talks to another lawyer for Veena’s bail. The lawyer assures her that Veena will be out of jail soon. Anurag comes home. Prerna and Anurag face each other. Anurag blames Bajaj and his family for putting Veena in jail. He taunts Prerna for leaving him for a man like Bajaj. He asks Prerna to leave Bajaj for the sake of her family. He tells Prerna that he would feel good to help Veena. Prerna tells him that she can handle her family. Anurag gets angry at her for showing him attitude. He asks her to show her attitude to Bajaj’s family so that they take back Veena’s case. He tells Prerna that she still has a special place for him.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

 Tapur complains to Nivi for not listening to her. She tells Nivi that she wants to shift in the hostel as everyone is busy in their own lives. Nivi asks her not to think about all these as they are trying to handle the circumstances of the house. She comes to know from Anupam that Anurag has come back home. She goes to meet Anurag as she is excited about his return.

 Tanvi goes to Rishabh’s chamber and sits beside him. She talks to a senseless Rishabh and confesses her fantasy about him. The doctor informs her that Rishabh will come back to his senses anytime. Prerna tells Anurag that Mohini too put Veena in jail in fake charges when she was going to marry him. She tells Anurag that Mausi likes her and whatever she did was just for her love towards Bajaj. She tells Anurag that she doesn’t need his help.

 Anurag tells her that he will be with Veena like the earlier time. He tells her that he has met Veena before coming home and has also canceled his meeting in London to save Veena. Nivi overhears their conversation and is shocked. Anurag wants Prerna to support him as he has the solution to this problem.

Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th August 2019 Episode Written Update :

Prerna gets angry at Anurag for trying to win her. She tells him that she has married Bajaj in her own will. Anurag tells Nivi that he wants Prerna. In the court hearing, the opposition lawyer blames Veena for hating and trying to kill Bajaj.

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