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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 25th July 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode " Shaurya's Hard Work Mehek-Shaurya's Good Times "

Zee World Mehek 25th July 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode " Shaurya's Hard Work Mehek-Shaurya's Good Times ".

Zee World Mehek 25th July 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode " Shaurya's Hard Work Mehek-Shaurya's Good Times ".

Episode starts with showing Ajay and Rohit treated by Pammi for wounds, she scolds Nikitha for calling her sons idiots, Ajay gets happy thinking that he has destroyed their dhabha.

 Nikitha tells that Mahek and Shaurya won’t be able to deliver their dhabha everywhere and hopes that they will come to road within two days. Mahek starts to prepare new dhabhas coming to Ratan’s dhabha, her family members reach there for helping her, food gets prepared, Shaurya worries about transportation as their cycles were destroyed.

 Rattan gets an idea, Shaurya takes dhabha to the company, Vicky is waiting there, Shaurya is cycling fast, Mahek and family members follows him,they gets into a temple to pray. Shuarya gets stopped by police, he begs them that it is an important order, they leave him. Nikitha, Ajay and Rohit is impatiently waiting to hear about the news of Shaurya’s destroy, family waiting at Sharma house for Shaurya, Mahek thinks that delivery didn’t reach on time, she gets a call and picks thinking that it is Shaurya, but it was Ajay and he mocks at them for losing contract.

 Shaurya comes there and takes phone from Mahek, Ajay gets shocked hearing Shaurya’s sound, Shaurya tells him that he will meet him within 1 hour, Ajay throws phone in anger. Shaurya gives money to Mahek, she hugs him, everyone gets happy. Mahek distributes halwa to everyone, Mansi tells that halwa’s taste would have been better if they could see Ajay’s face now, Vicky tells that they can see now. Vicky does video call to butler and they see Pammi, Nikitha, Ajay and Rohit getting into fight.

Mahek accidently takes Mohit’s name seeing Vicky’s doings, everyone gets sad, Shaurya tries to make their mood good, he tells that today he will go and give them advance for this house, he tells them to continue their dancing and singing. Mahek thanks Shaurya, she tells him that she is also coming with him.

Shaurya goes with Mahek in her scooter but gets into trouble as he has no practice, Kanta and Mansi with Nehal comes to market for buying vegetables, Nehal wants to buy rakhi for Mohit but Kanta scolds her. Mahek sees a girl selling rakhi, she tells Shaurya that she will tie rakhi to Lord Ganesh and tell him to bring Mohit back soon.

 Mahek buying rakhi for Mohit, she hopes that he will be back soon. Kanta tells Nehal that when there is no love it is not rakhi it is just a thread, she takes her from there, Mansi tells that rakhi should be followed, Kanta asks Nehal to consider her brother dead. Nehal cries, Vicky hears their talk and get sad, Shaurya is tired of travelling in a scooter, he gets furious when a car passed made his dress muddy, Mahek helps him to clean.

Shaurya and Mahek gets shocked seeing an accident in front of them, they try to help the person, Shaurya tries to stop vehicles. Mahek shouts at people updating on social media about accident, Shaurya gets into fight with a person who talks bad to Mahek, everyone leaves from there. One car stops near Shaurya and Mahek, they take the accident victim to hospital, Nikitha and Ajay waiting for Shaurya’s arrival. Shuarya shouts at hospital staffs for not attending the patient, doctor says that they won’t start treatment before paying deposit amount, Mahek requests them.

 Doctor refuses to help, Shaurya throws the things over there, he gets furious to doctor, Shaurya pays them the money taking from house’s advance and Mahek supports him. Doctor starts treatment, Mahek and Shaurya is sad, Pammi comes to Sharma house with Nikitha, Ajay and Rohit, she asks Sharma family to leave the house, Kanta tells them that Shaurya and Mahek went to give money, Ravi says that they will move out only after they comes.

Shaurya and Mhaek comes there, Shaurya tells Ajay that he couldn’t pay money so they will vacate the house within night, everyone in family gets shocked, Ajay says that when they come by night, he needs the house to be vacated. In the night, family packs their bags and gets ready to leave, Shaurya tells PD that he failed in giving back this house, PD says that he succeeded in test of humanity. Pammi, Nikki, Ajay and Rohit come there.

Pammi starts mocking whether they have money to pay for autorickshaw, a man comes there. He asks for Mahek, he tells that he is PA of Khurrana whose life they saved today, he tells that his boss wants to personally thank them. Pammi tells him to let them do their job first, but he gives 70,000 rupees to Mahek which they paid at hospital, everyone gets happy, Pammi faints.

PD gives money to Pammi, PD tells her that she wanted to give her a gift personally and slaps her, PD asks them to get out, Ajay tells them that he will see how they are going to pay the rest of the money and goes. Mahek and Shaurya goes to meet Khurrana, family gets happy.

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