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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 19th July 2019 Friday Written Update Episode

Zee World Mehek 19th July 2019 Friday Written Update Episode

Episode starts with showing Mohit drinking alcohol, one masked man comes there, Mohit gives money to that man.

Mohit gets fully drunk, he is watching cricket, others are planning against him. Mahek is worried seeing restaurant’s condition, Shaurya says that today is India’s match and murmurs something to Vicky, everyone goes from there. Shaurya hugs Mahek from behind, she asks where others went, he says that he did a magic and others disappeared. She says him to keep his magic himself, she has many works to do, Shaurya says that he also has many works to do, he flirts with her. Both share a romantic moment, they dance with each other, Shaurya says that they will complete the work they left yesterday, Mahek tries to stop him.

Phone rings, Shaurya is reminded about the meeting at 4, Mahek mocks at him. Shaurya says her to every job she has to complete should be done before tonight, he says that he will make her love him more before tomorrow morning. Mohit is eagerly waiting for India’s win, finally India wins, he goes to get money from the people he did match fixing, they tell that he failed and gets into an argument. Mohit rans away, it is shown that Nikitha did this job, the dealer gets money from Nikitha and unknown person.

Mahek comes to Sharma house, everyone gets happy, they hear someone knocking at the door, Mahek goes to open the door and goons get into the house. They destroy everything, they ask for Mohit, tells that he had lost keeping bet on match and he have to pay them 3 crores. Goons threatens family members and takes Jeevan from there, Kanta faints, everyone rushes to her. Sharma family is worried about the situation, they collect the money and ornaments they had, Sheetal comes there. Kanta asks her where Mohit was, Mahek tells Sheetal what happened, she tells that even she don’t know anything about this, Sonal asks her for money. Sheetal tells that she won’t give them any money, Sonal blames her for everything happened, Mahek consoles her. Shaurya goes inside for the meeting, lawyer takes Shaurya’s phone and tells that he will keep it switch off as it is not allowed inside meeting.

 Shaurya gives his phone, Mahek tries to call but didn’t get connected. Nikitha force Dolly and Karona to go to spa, he sends Vicky also there for getting advice from the physio, she tells everyone to give their phone to her since it is not allowed there. Sharma family is trying their best to get 3 crores. Mahek try calling everyone at Khanna house but she fails, Ravi also comes there without getting any money, Mahek tells Kanta that she will go to house and see whether she can get money.

Episode starts with Mahek cming to Khanna house and calling out for everyone, staff come and says that only Nikitha is at home, others have gone to spa, Mahek prays to God. Nikitha comes there and shows concerned, Mahek tells her everything. Shaurya is trying his best to issue his restaurant’s license, lawyer asks him will this be okay.

Nikitha tells Mahek to mortgage white chilies because it is in her name, lawyer tells Shaurya that he should give the money they ask and protect his business. Mahek is not ready to mortgage her belongings since it belongs to Shaurya, Nikitha brainwashes her, Mahek tries to call Shaurya but didn’t get connected. Mahek is confused without knowing what to do, Nikitha tells that if he doesn’t stand today for Jeevan she will regret in future, lawyer convince Shaurya to give money for license. Mahek gets call from Ravi, she hears Kanta crying, Ravi asks her whether she could do any arrangements. Mahek breaks down, Nikitha messages that work will be done, Shaurya agrees to give money.

Nikitha gets paper ready for Mahek to sign, she tells er that this paper means that Mahek is mortgaging this property for 3 months. Mahek gets call from Nehal telling that they have only half and hour left, Mahek signs the paper without even reading the paper trusting Nikitha. Pen doesn’t work so she goes inside to take another, Shaurya calls Mahek, Nikitha cuts pjone and sends message to him, then deletes it. Mahek signs the paper, Nikitha tells her to relax and she will get money within 10minutes, Mahek hugs her. Mahek brings money to sharma family and gives money to Ravi. Shaurya comes to white chilies, Mahek and Ravi goes to give money, they take money and leaves Jeevan on the road.

Shaurya comes inside the restaurant and sees that his staff is pushed away by some others. He questions this, they say that this is a private property, Shaurya gets into fight with them. Shaurya is shocked seeing papers signed by Mahek in their hand, they say that Mahek sell this to them. Shaurya tries to call Mahek but phone doesn’t connect, Vicky is coming back with Karona and Dolly, Shaurya shouts at Vicky calking her. Shaurya threatens Vicky, Karona and Dolly get worried. Mahek also comes there and sees that restaurant is sold to them, they show the paper where she signed to sell white chilies. Mahek gets confused with the situation and she decides to talk with Nikitha.

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