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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 18th July 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode

Zee World Mehek 17th July 2019 Thursday Written Update Episode

Episode starts with Nikitha locking white chilies, she gives keys to some people and tells them to do their job. Sonal is worried that Mohit haven’t come home yet, PD tells her to worry about her and her child. Shaurya comes to the place and starts searching for Mahek.

 He sees the arrangements done for him and Mahek standing there getting ready prettily. He smiles and approaches her romantically. Mohit is drunk and Sheetal brings him home, Jeevan scolds him, Sonal is shocked seeing him drunk. Mohit starts blaming his parents, Sonal says that she and her child will be with his family always. Sheetal takes him inside, Sonal is worried seeing Mohit, Kanta tells her to pray.

Nikitha is doing something wrong in white chilies with the help of other people. Shaurya asks Mahek whether she went early and made others to do fake calls for bringing him closer. Gas cylinder knob is made loose in white chilies so that Shaurya should think that it is due to Mahek’s carelessness. Shaurya and Mahek gets intimate, both gets romantic and enjoys their moment. He gets a call but he ignores it, again call comes and Mahek attends the call, she gets shocked, Shaurya looks at her. Sonal comes to Jeevan’s and Kanta’s room, she informs them that blast has happened in white chilies, they get worried.

Reporters are reporting about the blast happened in white chilies, Mahek and Shaurya reach there, he gets shocked seeing this. He asks for Vicky and Nikitha, police tell him to give statement because this happened due to carelessness of some staff member. He comes to know that Nikitha is in hospital, he gets angry with reporters, he goes to the hospital Nikitha is admitted. Shaurya is tensed about Nikitha’s condition, Mahek comes there, she tries to console him. Shaurya blames himself for Nikitha’s condition, Mahek tells him that she is responsible for Nikitha’s accident. She left Nikitha alone to work, Kanta and Jeevan comes there, Mahek blames herself for Nikitha’s condition.

Jeevan consoles Shaurya, Nikitha actually has no problem and she is acting, doctor is also acting with her.

Episode starts with showing Nikitha unwell, Shaurya is devastated, he apologises to Nikitha, Mahek cries. Mahek also apologises, she acts good in front of others. Nikitha tells that Mahek is restaurant’s owner this was Shaurya’s and her mistake.

 Shaurya and Mahek takes care of Niktha whole night, Shaurya is disturbed with phone calls, Mahek gives him water. Mahek recalls Nikitha’s words telling that she didn’t double check since Mahek took responsibility, she calls someone and tells that she wants to meet that person. Shaurya brings Nikitha home, Karona asks her to stay there with them, Nikitha says that she have troubled everybody, Shaurya ask her to take rest.

Mahek comes there with lawyer and Vicky, Shaurya asks her what happened, she says that she had decided to convert business to Nikitha’s name. Nikitha tells her to not make small problem into big, Karona tells that mahek should have at least consulted Shaurya before taking this decision. Karona ask Shaurya to tell something, he tries to speak to her, Mahek stops him and says that Nikitha can transfer everything in his name after one month. Mahek gives ownership papers to Nikitha, she calls someone and starts speaking to Mahek that how will she tolerate Shaurya for one more month, Karona is not sure about Mahek’s decision.

 She tells that she can’t forget that because of her Nikitha’s life was in danger, she says that she is not perfect, she blames herself for all these problems, Shaurya looks at Mahek. Nikitha start to sign the paper, Shaurya takes that paper and tears that into pieces, he says that he won’t allow Mahek to be great as always, he tells that if fault was with wiring it has nothing to do with Mahek. Shaurya tells that fault is with everyone, even he checked whole on his own, everywhere wiring had problems. He tells her not to show her greatness now, Nikitha also says that she also thought that Mahek is taking a wrong step, Mahek hugs Shaurya, says him sorry and thank you for supporting her. Everyone gets happy, Vicky tells that Mahek is everyone’s boss, Nikitha is furious that her plan didn’t work.

Shaurya ask his lawyer when they will get license of white chilies, he says that after a meeting he will let him know. Mahek gets worried, Shaurya tells her that he has seen many meetings like that, he asks her to rest and smile always so that the problems will disappear on its own. She smiles, Nikitha looks angrily, Jeevan says that Mahek and Shaurya will stand for each other in all difficulties even though they fight with each other, Jeevan and Kanta praises Shaurya. Sonal sees Mohit and goes to him, she gives him lemon juice to get rid of his hangover, she tells him that she wants to talk with him, Sonal tells him that she needs him. Mohit tells she doesn’t value him, so now onwards he also cares only for his baby, he goes, Sonal is sad. 

Dolly tells Mahek to spend sometime with Shaurya because today they will be alone at restaurant, Sonal comes to meet Mahek. Sonal tells her about Mohit’s actions, she fears that he will do something wrong, Mahek asks whether Jeevan and Kanta said anything hearing this, Sonal says that they all are fed up of Mohit. 

Shaurya comes there hearing this, he tells Sonal to stop worrying about Mohit, Mahek asks him if they don’t bring him to right path then who will do this, Nikitha overhears this. Shaurya says that when he gave him money for contest, he thought that Mohit will do something for himself, Shaurya says that if they start correcting Mohit’s every wrong choice he won’t be able to stand in his on feet, Mahek says that Mohit is not supporting her family but giving stress to others. Shaurya tells that they should support Sonal, he tells that they will drop her on the way to restaurant. Mahek hugs Sonal, Nikitha calls someone and tells that situation is coming to their favour.

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