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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 17th July 2019 Wednesday Written Update Episode

Zee World Mehek 16th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update Episode

Episode starts with Shaurya watching Mahek preparations for him, seeing Nikitha coming there he decides to provoke Mahek.

Nikitha asks Mahek for whom did she prepare breakfast, Shaurya calls hotel staffs and tells them that their boss have prepared pancakes for them instead of saying thank you. Staffs tastes pancakes and comments that it is delicious, Mahek looks at Shaurya, he smiles timidly. Shaurya goes from there telling Nikitha that he has to do discuss something, she asks him what was going on. Mahek comes there and asks him to tell what is happening, Nikitha leaves from there telling to talk with each other.

Mahek tells him that she made those pancakes to thank him, but he is not listening. Shaurya mocks at her telling that he didn’t know that she was trying to thank him, asks her why she is crying for this. Mahek throws flowers and card at him telling that she was trying to thank him, but he is always with Nikitha ignoring her, she warns him that if she starts getting close to some other person he won’t be able to handle it. Shaurya holds her hand, she tries to get out of his hand, he tells her that if she want she can get close with some other but he knows that she won’t be able to do that.

He again goes to Nikitha, Mahek is sitting sad, Vicky comes there and tells Mahek to do something like Shaurya. Nikitha ask Shaurya why he was making Mahek jealous, he says that Mahek will express her love only if she is made jealous. Jeevan and Ravi is working, Sheetal tells manager to tell them to do work active, manager tells them not to work like oldies, Ravi gets into an argument with him. Sheetal tells manager to make them do hard jobs, they are made to loading jobs. But the tempo driver goes without loading all the items, manager goes and tell to Mohit that new stock is missing due to staff’s fault.

Mohit gets angry, Sheetal provokes him, they call police. Mohit goes out, Jeevan and Ravi are discussing about the stock gone, Sheetal asks manager to send them for cleaning inside, both see Sheetal they and gets into argument. Mahek is restless seeing Shaurya with Nikitha, Vicky comes there with his friend to Mahek.

He hugs Mahek, Shaurya sees this. Vicky’s friend tells Mahek that he came to flirt with Mahek for making Shaurya jealous. Mahek is feeling uncomfortable but gets elated knowing that Shaurya is becoming jealous, Mahek also acts along. Shaurya gets angry, he interferes, Mahek also starts flirting. Shaurya takes her from there, he shows his anger to her.

Nikitha goes out when she gets a call, she decides to screw Shaurya’s life. Shaurya tells Mahek that if someone come close to her, he will break their hands and legs, Mahek gets happy knowing that he is jealous. Mahek gets a call and she ran out, Shaurya wonders what happened to her. Mahek comes to Sharma house and sees police arresting Jeevan and Ravi, Sheetal blames that they have stolen goods from Mohit’s shop. Mohit says that they have done this to destroy him, Mahek pleads him not to do this because it will be an insult for them, Mohit is stubborn, Kanta slaps him. Police start to leave with Jeevan and Ravi, Shaurya comes there.

Episode starts Mahek and Sharma family begging Mohit not to send Jeevan and Ravi to jail, police starts to leave with them, Shaurya comes there for their rescue. Shaurya ask the police that if he was a thief will he leave stolen items in front of his own house for getting arrested, he also says that he have transferred 1cr 25 lakh rupees to Mohit’s account for buying this stock and he want to give this as a gift to his in-laws. Police ask Mohit whether Shaurya gave money to him, Mohit starts answering but get interfered by Sheetal, she where was the bill.

Shaurya says he came here to ask bill but they are not giving, Shaurya blames that they are doing to get rid of taxes, police take Mohit and Sheetal to police station. Shaurya takes blessings from Jeevan and Ravi, both of them hug him, Kanta also hugs him. He looks at Mahek and then smiles, Balwant ask Kanta not to cry for Mohit, Mahek asks Sonal to take rest. Shaurya asks them not to cry for Mohit, he is a part of this family, he will realise his mistakes one day and force them to eat. Shaurya tells Mahek to take care of her family, asks her to call if she need anything and tells that Mohit may not change even after a long time, he asks her to stay strong, he leaves.

Mohit is left shocked realising that he will have to pay a big amount as tax, he says that his dreams may not come true now. At night Karona and Dolly is looking photos, Mahek comes there seeing that they didn’t sleep till now, they show photos to Mahek also. Karona ask Mahek whether she is ok, Mahek shares her feelings with her, Dolly tells her that we need to find opportunity to be happy. Karona tells that Shaurya loves her so much, but Mahek says that she don’t feel like that, he is always seen close with Nikitha. Both of them laughs, Mahek asks them to help her, Dolly and Karona advises her. Mahek disagrees with their ideas and goes from there saying that she can’t do these things. In the morning, Shaurya warns Mohit not to lose his family for money, Shaurya says that he gave him money for doing good for himself not lose his loved ones.

Mohit is not ready to listen to him, he is seen drinking alcohol in a wine shop, he hears someone saying about doubling money. Mohit goes to them and asks to help him, they try to ignore him but he doesn’t back out, the person tells him that he will help, Mohit goes from there, the dealer calls someone saying that work is done. Cleaning work is going on at white chilies, Mahek talks to Kanta at phone, Shaurya is also comes there talking on phone, Nikitha comes there and slips on soap water. Shaurya holds her, water falls on Mahek, seeing Shaurya wiping Nikitha’s face without caring her Mahek goes angrily from there.

 Shaurya tells Nikitha his day became good seeing Mahek disturbed, Mahek tells Nikitha to lock the door today as she has to go fast to home today, Nikitha calls someone and tells that Mahek had just left. Shaurya asks Nikitha where Mahek was, she shows Mahek leaving, Shaurya tells Nikitha to tell her to be careful and not to drive like mad people, both laughs. At night Shaurya tells that he will drop Nikitha home, she says that she will lock restaurant as she has to care of interior designer.

 Shaurya starts to leave and he gets a call telling that Mahek has got into an accident, Shaurya get panicked and goes from there, Dolly gives money to the person who called. Shaurya comes there and calls Mahek’s name, he is frightened that something have happened to her, he suddenly hears the sound of anklets and sees Mahek .

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