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Sunday, 14 July 2019

Zee World Mehek 16th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update Episode

 Zee World Mehek 16th July 2019  Tuesday Written Update Episode.

Episode starts with everyone shocked seeing mouse in food, Shaurya shouts at staff to throw it out, but they find more mice there.

Mahek is about to fall Shaurya holds her, investors insults Shaurya for this type of condition in the restaurant. Everybody leaves telling that they will complaint about their food, Shaurya and Mahek is shocked. Reporters arrives there, they question Mahek about having mice in the kitchen, Shaurya gets angry and pushes them. Officers from food department comes there telling that there is arrest warrant, Mahek and Shaurya is shocked, both of them goes with the officers since they are the owners. Shaurya argues with the officers, he tells that he will wait for his lawyer.

Shaurya shouts at Mahek for being irresponsible about kitchen, blames her for the situation, he tells that he made a mistake by bringing Mahek to his life and restaurant again. Both argues, they blame each other, Nikitha comes there with lawyer. Shaurya is shocked knowing that his restaurant will remain closed till enquiry ends, Nikitha comes up with a plan of announcing change in the management. Lawyer tells them to convert their ownership to a person whom they trust more, Shaurya says Nikitha. Mahek is not sure about this, Nikitha also opposes.

Mahek opposes Shaurya’s decision, she explains that Nikitha will suffer media’s harassment if she becomes owner. Mahek tells Shaurya that they should solve this situation without troubling others. Nikitha also supports Mahek, lawyer says that he will think about some other solution. Nikitha is talking to someone at phone, it is shown that it was Nikitha who was responsible for mice at the restaurant. Nikitha tells that why she is angry with Shaurya, he had rejected her marriage proposal, now she is determined to take revenge on Shaurya. Someone comes there, Nikitha promises him that their revenge will become successful.

 In the morning, Jeevan and Ravi tells their family members that they got job, but remains silent when Kanta asks what job. Shaurya is seen talking with lawyer, Mahek agrees for paying fine and pest control. Mahek makes him understand the need for them to solve this problem instead of dragging others into this, she explains her plan to Shaurya. Both are at white chilies, Shaurya argues with Mahek. Media comes there to attend press conference called by Mahek, Shaurya fights with her. Mahek is determined to solve the problem, Shaurya is still furious.

Episode starts with Mohit telling family members to watch Mahek’s press conference, Mahek apologises to everyone for their activities. She tells them that they are ready to accept punishment for their mistake and asks them to give a second chance. Reporters starts asking questions, one ask that what are their future plans, she replies that they are going to do pest control by closing the restaurant. Sharma family is happy seeing Mahek’s confidence, Mohit gets furious hearing them praising Mahek. Nikitha signals one reporter, he starts asking provoking questions and he gets into their private life related questions.

Nikitha tells Shaurya to go and support Mahek, he stops Vicky from going to beat up the reporter. Mahek tries to avoid the questions politely but he insults her about her position and tells her that she should think about resigning. Lawyer tells Shaurya to transfer property at least now, Sharma family is unhappy seeing reporter insulting Mahek. Reporter blames that Mahek is addicted to power, Shaurya comes to stage, Sheetal hopes that now he will insult Mahek.

Shaurya moves Mahek from there, he looks at reporter angrily and tells that his duty was to ask question, so now that it is over, he should sit. Mahek thinks that Shaurya will tell against her but Shaurya supports her leaving everyone amused. Shaurya tells them that if Mahek was behind money and power she would have sold all the property before itself, she would have not tried to solve the problems. Shaurya says that Mahek did everything for him, Mahek looks at him, Nikitha is angry. Sharma family is relieved seeing Shaurya’s support for Mahek.

Shuarya tells that it was Mahek who supported him to face this problem, he admits that he defeated Mahek in that competition using his money and power. Shaurya praises Mahek and becomes her support in front of the media, he says that he is lucky that Mahek loves him, he says that Mahek will bring back his business to track. Both share a romantic moment, Nikitha is angry that her plan back fired, media claps for them, Sharma family is happy.

 Shaurya is instructing Vicky to keep restaurant closed for pest control and sanitation process, Mahek looks at him, she tries to speak to him. But he goes without talking to her, he gets busy instructing staff to clean up the place. Mahek wants to thank Shaurya but he gets busy with calls. Mahek thinks that he is giving attitude, Shaurya smiles and tells that he won’t give up easily. Nikitha talking with someone over the phone about their plan failing, she sees Mahek and Shaurya getting into the car. Nikitha tells that they can romance now but she will destroy their lives by catching at Shaurya’s weakness.

Mahek waits for Shaurya, he comes there but goes inside the room closing the door, Shaurya tells in my mind that it is not easy to convince him so work hard. Ravi is sad about getting peon job, Jeevan consoles him. In the morning Mahek is preparing a dish at white chilies kitchen, decorates table and waits for Shaurya, he comes thereand sees these arrangements and thank you card, he gets happy. Shaurya decides to play pranks on Mahek some more, Mahek is determined to convince Shaurya.

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