Zee World Kindred Hearts 30th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update " Jhanvi Saves Aditya and Dressed Up as Bride " - Zee World And Star Life Written Updates

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Zee World Kindred Hearts 30th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update " Jhanvi Saves Aditya and Dressed Up as Bride "

Zee World Kindred Hearts 30th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update " Jhanvi Saves Aditya and Dressed Up as Bride ".

Zee World Kindred Hearts 30th July 2019 Tuesday Written Update " Jhanvi Saves Aditya and Dressed Up as Bride ".

The episode starts from Jhanvi, She is seen getting out of from the washroom after taking a bath and Aditya says that the glow from the haldi is from his love.

She smiles and then he asks how she’s doing as she’s going to be his wife soon. She tells him that its like a dream as she never thought it would happen, He then promises her that he will keep her happy, He then proceeds to tell her how he thought that there was no hope in his life before she came, when she came Aditya life became alive again.

 He thinks that Jhanvi is his best friend and he can share anything with her but he thinks that her life has become though after they met so he promises to change that too. Jhanvi then is lost in her thoughts and Aditya asks her what’s wrong? She tells him that something doesn’t feel right and that he should go and check on Nisha in the hospital, She insists that he does and he agrees and leaves. Kakasa then calls Raj and asks where Aditya is and he tells him that he’s gone to the hospital to check on Nisha and at that moment Kakasa gets some evil thought in his mind.
Now we see Aditya entering the room where Nisha is and he ask the nurse if Nisha is doing fine. The nurse tells him that she’s fine and everything is the same.

A hospital staff comes in and tells Aditya that a doctor is calling him. He is led into a dark room and suddenly someone grabs him and injects him with something and Aditya loses conscious. It is then revealed it was Kakasa. Kakasa wraps Adityas face with bandage, proceeds to dress up as a doctor, puts Aditya on a stretcher, and leaves him in the lobby. Suddenly Babasa is seen coming and sitting near Aditya. Kakasa sees him and changes his cloths and goes to meet Babasa and ask him what He’s doing here. Babasa tells him that he’s come to see Nisha, Kakasa then takes him to Nisha meanwhile a nurse comes and takes Aditya somewhere.

Now we see Jhanvi sleeping and suddenly she wakes screaming Aditya’s name. Her mother comes in and asks whats wrong and she tells her that she thinks Aditya is not fine. She proceeds to get up and go to Aditya’s house. Her mom tries to stop her but she cant. Jhanvi reaches his house and makes a fuss about where Aditya is. Everyone come out and tell her that he must be in his room. She goes to his room anda he isn’t there and tells everyone that he hasn’t come back from the hospital. Raj then calls the hospital and Jhanvi goes to the hospital to investigate.

Now we see Jhanvi reaching the hospital and asking everyone if they’ve seen Aditya and everyone keep saying no until one nurse tells her that she saw him come in today but she didn’t talk to him. Jhanvi then goes to the security guard and asks him to let her see the CCTV footage he keeps refusing until he agrees and they go to see the footage. In the footage Jhanvi recognizes Aditya watch on a body that is going away on a stretcher. Jhanvi asks about the body and the guard tells her that it was a badly burned body from a Christian family and they’ve taken the body back. Jhanvi is shocked and says that’s not possible and asks for the contact number of the family. The guard goes and searches for it and then gives it to her meanwhile the scene cuts to the body where the last ritual are taking place.

Now we see Jhanvi informing Kaki about it and tells her that she will go and get Aditya back. Kakasa is listening to songs when Kaki comes in and tells him that he should go and search for Aditya and also tells him about what Jhanvi told her about Aditya. Kaki then asks if Kaka where he was and if he didn’t see anything suspicious, Kakasa asks her what she thinks, is he the hospital guard that he should check everybody, how was he supposed to know if Aditya came or left the hospital. Kaki catches this and asks him that he was at the hospital though right? Kakasa gets mad and tells her to stop asking question how is he going to take care of the family if his wife doubts him, but Kaki doesn’t stop and Kakasa tells her to leave she doesn’t so he gets up and leaves himself.

 Now the scene changes to Jhanvi meeting a women who asks her about a body that was brought from the hospital, the women tells her that the body was her son and God has taken him away from him and that he is probably buried by now at marine ground graveyard. Jhanvi races down to the graveyard, sees a fresh grave, Jhanvi starts panicking with tears rolling down her cheeks, and tries to dig up a grave that looks fresh with her bare hands. Jhanvi keeps shouting Aditya name while digging and finally gets to the coffin.

She breaks into the coffin, sees a person with bandages on their faces, takes them off, and sees Aditya. She starts crying and pleads Aditya to be alive, she gives mouth to mouth and pumps his chest to revive him. Aditya doesn’t respond and Jhanvi starts crying more when suddenly Aditya gasps and starts breathing again and Jhanvi is happy now. She then calls Kaki and tells her of the situation and tells her that she is taking Aditya to the hospital.  Kaki goes and tell Baba of the situation and says that someone tried to kill Aditya but Jhanvi saved him from a death trap. Kaki proceeds to say that God will punish whoever is tried to hurt Aditya. Baba starts thinking who will try to hurt our children.  Kaka overhears all this and begins to wonder how his plan failed.

Now Jhanvi and Aditya can be seen at the hospital where the doctor tells Jhanvi is fine now, She gave him CPR at the right time. Jhanvi scolds the doctor on how they can give an alive person out to a family who thinks the person is dead, she asks about the wardboy and the doctor tells her that he ran away. Jhanvi tells him that she will sue them if they don’t take any action and the doctor tells her that they are cooperating with the police. Jhanvi thinks about who will try to kill Aditya and wonders that it cant be Nisha as she’s in critical condition then Aditya tells her that he wants to go home now and they proceed to go home.

Upon reaching home Kaki and everyone are delighted to see Aditya alright and Baba tells him that how this could’ve happen as someone as cast an evil eye on us. Kaki says that as long as Jhanvi is with Aditya no harm will come to him. Raj asks Jhanvi if she knows who did this to Aditya. Jhanvi tells her that she has no idea but they have to careful now. Kaka tells Jhanvi that everything happened because of you, if you weren’t here Aditya would’ve been a goner. Baba tells Jhanvi to go home and take some rest as tomorrow is the wedding day, Raj agrees to drop Jhanvi home and as Jhanvi is leaving she looks at Aditya who’s looking at her and she nods to him exclaiming that everything will be fine. Aditya goes to his room then to take some rest.

We see kaka entering his own room now and thinking how his plan was destroyed by that girl, he then gets a call from the wardboy who’s asking for more money as he’s running away. Kaka tells him that he got his money and he wont give him anymore, The wardboy asks him if he threw away the syringe. Kaka replied that he had it in his coat, he checks his coat and it isn’t there and suddenly Kaki comes in the room. Kaki asks what kaka was doing with the door closed and he tells her that he was taking some rest after the whole ordeal. Baba comes in too and says that from the moment Aditya has come he has been worried, let’s make his mood right.

Now we see Jhanvi at the hospital in Nishas room. Jhanvi is talking to Nisha that shes Adityas first wife and im his second wife in the worlds eye, She tells her that she loves Aditya a lot and has since forever. She proceeds to tell how Nisha hurt so many people that now she has lost the most precious thing which is family, Jhanvi continuous to say that how if Nisha cared for them and loved Aditya she would’ve been happy seeing that but now she is getting married to Aditya and she will take care of them and give the love Aditya deserves. She turns to leave but suddenly her shirt gets stuck on the bed and she looks back to see Nisha lying motionless so she leaves.

The scene changes to Aditya waking up in the morning and Baba and Kaka coming in the room and saying that he hasn’t been ready till now? Kaka says that he thinks that the wedding should be postponed as he still thinks the evil eye is roaming about in this house in the shadows and raises the question what if the person tries to hurt Jhanvi we cant drag her into this. Baba then says that no Jhanvi has done so much for them and they can’t call of the wedding and break her hope from this marriage. Aditya agrees with Baba and Kaka tries to persuade them again but Baba says Enough Jhanvi is ready as a bride come on Aditya lets go and they leave.

Jhanvi is seen getting ready as a bride now, Her Maa comes and says that she cant believe Jhanvi is getting married, She always wanted  to choose her husband but she’s still happy that Jhanvi is getting married to Aditya. She continuous to tell Jhanvi how she always felt Jhanvi was their mother as Jhanvi took care of her and Survi. Jhanvi hugs Maa and starts crying.  Survi comes in and starts dancing and Jhanvi and Maa laugh. Survi says that finally Raj is going to marry Simran and they all hug each other.

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