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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Sunday 28th July 2019 Written Update " Mohinder to Adopt Kulfi Sikander Gets Panicked "

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Sunday 28th July 2019 Written Update " Mohinder to Adopt Kulfi Sikander Gets Panicked ".

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Sunday 28th July 2019 Written Update " Mohinder to Adopt Kulfi Sikander Gets Panicked ".

Lovely is seen thinking of Tevar saying that Amayra is his too. Sikander and Kulfi walk to Lovely and tell her to come with them as it’s a surprise and take her to a piano. Sikander and Kulfi sing for Lovely. While listening to the song Lovely starts thinking of Tevar and asks Sikander to stop singing because shes tired and wants to relax, she’s worried about Amayra and everything.

 Sikander stops and tells her to calm down, go check on Amayra and then sleep. Lovely asks if Sikander feels bad because of this and Sikander replies no I’m alright. Lovely is seen leaving and Sikanders asks Kulfi whats wrong? Kulfi answers that their gift of the song is all gone. Sikander says that she will hear it tomorrow but right now we will sing for ourselves and they start singing.
Lovely is now seen near Amayra and Amayra’s asleep. Lovely now gets flashbacks of her old days. 

Lovely is seen remembering how she met Tevar and how they bonded. The scene now changes to Kulfi and Sikander and they have finished the song, Kulfi kisses Sikanders forehead and hugs him. Lovely is still in her flashbacks and now she remembers taking the pregnancy test and it being positive. Tevar is seen in his workshop when he gets a call from Lovely and she’s all freaked out about it being positive and tells Tevar to pack all his necessary things and just meet her at a spot. Tevar tells her that he has a scholarship interview in 2 hours and asks if everything is okay.

 Lovely says that they need to marry right now. Tevar tells her that they spoke once and that he’ll talk to her dad. Lovely tells him that if he loves her he will just see her. Tevar is then seen at a tea stall with his baggage waiting for her but she doesn’t show up and he tries calling her. 

The scene now goes to the present situation where Tevar shouts I left my love, my life, My dreams and everything behind for you but you didn’t come. Now the camera pans to Lovely who says I had left everything but I couldn’t reach you Guddu. Flashback appears again as Lovely gets in her car to go see Tevar but Tony sits in the car and says its good to see this in the movies but heres a blank cheque like in movies but this is not a movie lovely, So I wont ask you to leave him, its your right to love someone so be happy heres the money.

 Lovely says that she doesn’t need money yo be happy and Tony says that I have done what is best for my daughter so I will want you to have it for the baby. Lovely tells Tony that Guddu is very selfless and wont accept this and he will do everything for her. Tony tells her that he wont stop her when she has finished writing on the cheque just call me, I will provide another and leaves the car. Lovey leaves and reaches to Tevar. He is seen struggling to pay for his tea, Lovely just passes without meeting Tevar and the flashback ends. 

Sikander is now seen walking to Kulfi, Kulfi is sitting alone and crying, Sikander asks whats wrong to which she replies she doesn’t know she was good a moment ago but just started crying. Sikander asks her if she misses her mom, Kulfi says I know Ma is there as a star but I cant feel her presence why is that? Kulfi starts crying. Sikander puts Kulfi on his lap and helps her fall asleep.

Kulfi falls asleep and Sikander picks her up and takes her to her room. Mohinder sees them and says 7 years back they didn’t even know about each other existence and now are together but are unaware of being father and daughter.

Flashback start again in which Tony is seen asking Lovely if she wants to keep the baby or go for an abortion. Lovely says abortion. Tony asks her how she can think of that, He tells her that he’s launching a guy named Sikander Gill who is very innocent and down to heart, she should marry him and give the baby a father. Tevar is seen drunk and reaches Lovely’s house and asks what is happening, A man says that there is a wedding tomorrow. Tevar hearing this shouts Lovely’s name and keeps drinking waiting for her to call.

 Now back to the present Lovely is seen looking at Amayra and telling her that she choose her, that she is the sign of our love, She took a step away from Guddu but did it only for her future. Kulfi is seen dreaming of Sikander as her father and wakes up and says that she cant be greedy, he is just Amayras father and remember how he always was there for her too. Mohonder goes to dadi and asks what they’re doing for Lovely and Amayra, he continuous to tell Dadi that they are doing bad and its injustice with Kulfi.

The flashback starts again and Lovely is seen marrying Sikander. Tevar sees her get into the car along with Sikander, He tries following the car but he cant reach them. Back to the present Tevar is drinking and says that from the time Lovely left him he’s picked up a bad habit of consuming alcohol. The scene changes to Lovely who’s looking at Amayra and says that shes Guddus daughter but no one knows and no one will ever know about it. Now Dadi is seen answering Mahinder that they cant do anything. Mohinder tells Dadi that they need to give everything to Kulfi, she deserves a happy life Amayra. Dadi says that she wants too but they don’t have a way to which Mohinder replies that he’s got a way.

Mohinder is now seen gathering everybody and says the past few days he’s been thinking but he dooesnt know if its correct or not but he thinks it is. Gunjan tells him to get to point and Mohinder says that Gunjan you always wanted to have a family and so do I and so I made a decision to adopt Kulfi. Lovely is shocked and says what? Mohinder tells her that she heard it right, He wants to give her a good life, Lovely tells Mohinder that Kulfi is Jagiras granddaughter. Mohinder says that it doenst matter, if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have found Ma. Gunjan asks if Mohinder asked her before making this decision? She wants their own child not someone elses to which Dadi replies that Kulfi is our own.

Lovely is now seen saying that bhabi is right, Kulfi is cute but that doesn’t mean that they’ll adopt her. Dadi says that she will get parents and they will have a baby. Lovely says we know Kulfi mother has died but her Father is alive. Mohinder says that he would never come. Gunjan asks how he can be so sure. Dadi replies for Mohinder that if her father wanted her he wouldn’t have left Kulfi and her mother, She thinks that this is Kulfi’s fate and how its strange that she didn’t go to anyone ese in this big city but came to them so she supports Mohinder decision.

Lovely says that she understands but that they are looking after her why adopt her. Amayra hears all of this and asks herself what is wrong with them? Mohinder asks Sikander what he thinks, Sikander replies that he was thinking that you could talk to Kulfi first, Mohinder says I know but I need to know what you feel about this. Sikander smiles and says that it’s a good decision, who wouldn’t love to have a father like Mohinder and a mother like Bhabhi. He tells them that he’s going to talk to Kulfi. 

Sikander is now seen looking for Kulif. Kulif is playing in her room. Sikander is suddenly confronted by Amayra who asks whats wrong and what everyone was discussing. Sikander tells her the truth that they were thinking of adopting of Kulfi, Mohinder uncle is thinking of adopting her. Amayra says that this means that she’ll be her cousin now? Sikander says yes and leaves. Amayra says Never, she will never be a part of this family. Lovely is seen thinking that if they adopt Kulfi she will have no control over her and how she’ll make her sing for Amayra.

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