Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Monday 29th July 2019 Written Update " Kulfi Goes with Her Father Who is Fake Father " - Zee World And Star Life Written Updates

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Monday 29th July 2019 Written Update " Kulfi Goes with Her Father Who is Fake Father "

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Monday 29th July 2019 Written Update " Kulfi Goes with Her Father Who is Fake Father ".

Starlife Kulfi The Singing Superstar Monday 29th July 2019 Written Update " Kulfi Goes with Her Father Who is Fake Father ".

Kulfi hears someone coming and hides behind the door. Sikander walks in and Kulfi sees her father in hum and asks herself what is happening? Sikander cant find Kulfi and leaves the room. Kulfi leaves the room too. Amayra sees Kulfi dressed as a boy and dancing in her room, Sleeping in her room, tying him a rakhi and shouts Oh no and calls her friends and tells them that Kufli has to leave forever. Kulfi at that moment walks in and asks if they found her dad. Rohan says that now they have to Amayra takes a picture of Kulfi and makes a poster with a tag if anyone wants a child.

 She shows Kulfi the poster and tells her that look we got a nuber written too, your father will see this and call us. Kulfi reminds them that her father hasn’t seen her. Rohan says one minute, places a mirror beside Kulfi Picture, and says that your father will see himself in the mirror and match your face with his and he will find you. Kulfi is amazed with this idea. Amayra tells everyone that they won’t tell this to anyone until they find your father because this way they’ll surprise everyone. Amayra tells Kulfi to go play now. Kulfi says thank you and leaves.

Tevar is seen sick due to consuming too much alcohol. Minti asks him why he drinks this much if he can’t handle it and why he went to Lovely’s party. Tevar replies that I did this to make you happy. Minti replies that he should do things for me and not focus on her. Tevar says that hes gonna put a camera on Minti and focus only her. Minti says good but then Tevar replies that heres a surprise of Lovely. Minti angrily asks why Tevar is doing all this. Tevar says that he went to her birthday but he didn’t give her a gift and he doesn’t want Minti to be judged because of this and tells Minti to give her something.

The scene changes to Kulfi who’s very excited, She sees Sikander, Lovely and Amayra’s picture together and tries to figure out why Amayra doesn’t look like Sikander. Amayra and her friends are waiting for a call from someone who wants to claim Kulfi as their child. Sikander comes looking for Kulfi again and Kulfi again hides behind the door. The scene changes to Amayra and she says that if the adoption gets confirmed her life will be over. Rohand replies that she doesn’t have to worry, everything will be fine. Sikander sees Kulfi Slate that she gave to Lovely on her birthday.

 Sikander starts to tear up and starts thinking that he should be happy that Mohinder wants to adopt Kulfi but he’s just feels bad that the day Kulfi calls Mohinder dad, Kulfi will go away from him. The scene changes to Kulfi who thinks that Amayra and her friends are helping and I should be happy but im sad because I don’t want to go from Sikander sir when I meet my dad.

Now Amayra is seen saying that Rohans idea is not working and she gets a call. The voice on the phone says that they saw a poster and that if they can talk to an elder. Rohan says yes uncle talk to me we are helping our friend Kulfi. Amayra says that kulfis mother is dead so will you be her father and take her away and the voice on the phone says yes.

Kulfi thinks how long she will hide here and when she’ll find her father. Amayra starts looking for Kulfi. The scene changes to Minti who gives Lovely her gift from Tevar and asks her to open It. Lovely agrees and opens it only to find a diamond nose ring, Minti exclaims what an expensive gift. In the past Lovely lost her nose ring and started crying because it was her favourite and Tevar at that time told her to stop crying as he promises to buy her a same one. Minti says that she will get 15 such diamonds and leaves in anger. Amayra informs Kulfi that she found her dad. Kulfi begans to tear up, Amayra tells her that he called and he is coming to pick you up. Kulfi starts dancing and also crying. Amayra tells her to dance later right now come with me. Kulfi hugs Amayra.

someone called Amayra saying that they are going to take Kulfi away as he is her father. We now see Kulfi all excited and asking Amayra about the person who called asking how he looks like, Where he stays to which Amayra replies that when she sees her she should ask him face to face. Kulfi agrees and says that they should go and tell everyone now and Amayra stops her by saying no not now we will wait till he comes here. Kulfi agrees and tells Amayra that she is going to get her things ready and pack them. The scene now changes to Lovely who gets a phone call from Tevar, She asks what he wants and Tevar replies that she mustve forgotten all the promises they made, He tells her that they are going to meet today like the old days and cuts the phone.

The scene now changes to Kulfi who can be seen chasing a butterfly and catches it. Sikander comes and stands besides her and both look at the butterfly. Sikander tells Kulif that when a butterfly comes to you it is said that it will bring happiness so your bad time is at an end, he then asks Kulfi where she was hiding as he needed to talk about something important with her. Kulfi says that she too has something important to talk about and tells him that they’ll count till 3 and both will tell. 

They both count to 3 and both talk about Kulfis father. Kulfi asks if he knows about it too and Sikander replies yes and if shes happy. Kulfi nods but says that shes nervous and has butterflies in her stomach, Sikander tells her that he has the same feeling and Kulfi asks him if he’s happy, He replies that if she’s happy than he is too. Kulfi starts dancing and singing in happiness asking
Now Amayra comes to Kulfi and tells her that she should come and play with her.

 Kulfi agrees and Sikander thinks ot himself that it’s a great decision and informs Mohinder and Gunjan that Kulfi is happy about this. Amayra points Kulfi to a man and she goes running to him and hugs him. Meanwhile Sikander tells everyone that he is going to go get Kulfi. The man who’s still being hugged by Kulfi tells Kulfi that he loved Nimrat very much and that he knows your mama Setu too. Rohan asks how this guys knows all this stuff and Amayra replies that she told him, She heard it from he robot who recorded what Kulfi was saying.

Kulfi then tells the person that they should go meet Sikander sir and others and points at Lovely saying Look Lovely ma’am is here. Amayra quickly takes action turns to the direction and sees Sikander too. Rohan quickly walks to Sikander and says that they are playing hide and seek, Sikander follows lovely and calls her. Lovely turns around is shocked. The person tells Kulfi that they should leave quickly right now and will come back later. A laundry boy sees Kulfi taking to him.

Sikander calls Lovely anad asks her what shes doing here. Lovely says that shes her to see Minti, Sikander tells her to do that later and takes her along with him. Meanwhile The person and Kulfi leave too and get to a car. Kulfi asks if this is their car and he says yes and tells her to sit in it and then proceeds to take her away. A pen seller sees him. Sikander and Lovely ask Amayra where Kulfi is and Amayra tells them that her dad found her and they have left. Sikander shouts Who? Amayra says I don’t know. Sikander is now tensed and says Oh god.

The scene now changes to Kulfi and the person in the car. The person scolds Kulfi that she shouldn’t bend over the window and just sit in front. Kulfi tells the person to scold her again, The person confused says what. Kulfi tells him that her mom used to scold her all the time and that he scolded her for the first time so shes happy. Kulfi then asks the person to sing with her to which he agrees and begins to sings. Kulfi thinks that her mom told her that her father sang well but this guy is so bad.

The scene changes to Sikander asking het watchmen about Kulfi and he tells him that he did see her with a person but she seemed so happy so he didn’t stop them. Amayra tells them that that person was Kulfis father that’s why she was happy. Lovely asks why they were not informed and Dadi hears about the whole ordeal and faints. Meanwhile Kulfi tells the person that she was told by her mother that her father sang well but youre just bad. The person tells her that he has a cold. Kulfi then asks the person what song he sang to Ma and the person replies that he has forgotten and kulfi says that she remembers all of her song. 

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