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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Starlife Game of Love 1st August 2019 Thursday Written Update " Anika-Shivaay's Rain Romance "

Starlife Game of Love 1st August 2019 Thursday Written Update " Anika-Shivaay's Rain Romance ".

Starlife Game of Love 1st August 2019 Thursday Written Update " Anika-Shivaay's Rain Romance ".

Pinky tells Shivaay that Anika is innocent, Roop blames Anika, Shivaay defends Anika and blames Roop. Shivaay tells Roop to give up on his revenge motive. Roop says she will claim her revenge, and if not Shivaay, she will kill Anika. Pinky slaps Roop and warns Roop to be away from Anika.

Roop says she made Anika and everyone dance to her tunes, she put fire in Kalyani Mills, killed Kapoor and Trivedi, blackmailed Shivaay to get married and showed the wedding to Anika, gave proofs to Anika to file a complaint, bet Anika changed her mind. Roop says finally she gave filed the complaint in Anika's name. Roop says everything belongs to her and no one can do anything as Shivaay has no proofs against her, Roop behaves crazy.

Shivaay reveals that he has recorded her confession on his phone, Roop gets shocked. Shivaay sends Roop to Mental Asylum and warns Roop. Shivaay and Pinky hug emotionally. Pinky tells Shivaay to bring Anika back home. All wonder where Anika would be, Shivaay says he knows. Shivaay reaches the Taxi Stand, he sees a cab leaving and runs after it, the cab leaves, Shivaay gets upset and breaks the phone, it starts raining heavily.

Suddenly, Shivaay hears Anika's words that his SSOgiri will never end. Shivaay runs towards Anika, they get emotional, Shivaay asks her why did she not wait for him to tell the truth, Anika gets annoyed as Shivaay tries to prove his point, she starts leaving, Shivaay pulls her back into his arm. Shivaay says he wanted to show her that he had chosen her over the family as he wanted to prove her father innocent.

Anika says her heart broke to see Shivaay getting married to another girl and then Roop was blackmailing her. Shivaay says she could have confronted him. Anika says why did he not search for her, Shivaay says he knew she was at Chanda's house through Sahil and just wanted to protect her. Anika asks him about Pinky, Shivaay asks Anika to come home to see Pinky. Shivaay warns Anika never to leave him again and hugs her, both cry.

Anika makes Shivaay promise her that he will not hide anything from her, Shivaay jokingly refuses, Anika tries to leave, he picks Anika in his arms and promises her that their trust will never break and he would never let her go away from him. Shivaay and Anika share a happy moment in the rain. Shivika return to Oberoi Mansion, Rikara and Ruvya welcome them, Shivika catch cold.

Pinky emotionally welcomes Anika and does aarti for Shivika. Rudra says they must celebrate. Gauri goes after Anika, Omkara stops her. Shivaay surprises Anika with the new decor of their room, Anika gets excited and happy. Shivaay says he was feeling her presence by changing the room into the decor of her choice. Anika hugs Shivaay and says her happiness is in his arms. Anika and Shivaay get intimate as Shivaay comes forward to kiss Anika.

Gauri disturbs Shivaay and Anika's moment. Anika happily shows the room to Gauri, Anika and Gauri share some sisterly moments. Both Anika and Gauri share their memories.

Shivaay and Omkara watch them happily. Anika and Gauri keep talking till late night, Omkara and Shivaay wait for them. Rudra joins them and teases Shiv Om. Rudra tells them to sleep by the pool as Anika and Gauri would talk through the night. Shivaay and Omkara feel confident that soon Anika and Gauri will wrap up their talks.

In the morning, Shivaay and Omkara wake up by the pool and see Anika and Gauri sleeping in Shivaay's bedroom. Rudra laughs at them. Shivaay boasts that he knows how to maintain balance in the relationship. Shakti instructs Pinky on how to look after herself. pinky gets happy to look at the date and tries to remind Shakti of her birthday.
Pinky gets annoyed, Shakti remembers and wishes Pinky. Pinky gets excited about Shivaay's special way of wishing Pinky and celebrating her birthday. Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya distribute the party duties amid them, Pinky hears them and gets happy. But Shivaay points out that the party would be for Anika, Pinky feels sad thinking Shivaay forgot her birthday. Anika asks Pinky to have breakfast and have medicines, Pinky sadly thinks Anika too forgot her birthday. Shivaay tells Pinky that he has planned a surprise for Anika.

Rudra gets Sahil with him, Anika hugs Sahil happily. Pinky feels sad but then thinks Shivika have met after a long time and it is obvious that he may have forgotten her birthday. Shivaay then welcomes Dadi in the house, all get happy. Shivaay says it is a special day as Anika is back. A jeweler comes with a diamond necklace, Pinky thinks it is Shivaay's gift for her. But Shivaay takes it from her saying it is for Anika. Pinky gets teary. Ruvya make the banner, Bhavya slips and falls in Rudra's arms, both share a moment.

Pinky asks them about the banner, Ruvya say it is for Anika. Pinky tries to remind them about her birthday but fails. Anika wears her earrings in the car, Shivaay eyes and praises her. Anika tells him to watch the road. Shivaay accuses Anika of trying to catch his attention. Anika suddenly scares Shivaay by screaming, Shivaay gets shocked. Anika laughs at him. Shivaay drives the car fast, Anika gets scared, finally accepts that Shivaay is not a lier.

Omkara and Gauri argue over the Rangoli. omkara puts color on Gauri, both share a moment and apply colors on each other. Pinky comes there and asks about the Rangoli, OmGauri say it is for Anika. Pinky gets sad that no one remembers her birthday and decides to remind Shivaay.

Pinky Bursts her anger on Shivaay that You Forget my Bday How can you change so much.Anika tries to Say Something But Pinky tells her Not to Talk Between us. She came from Pune so you did this But I came back from coma and You did nothing.


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