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Sunday, 4 December 2016

"OMG OMG Raman Ishita ki Saree wali Romantic Ladayi " Saas bahu aur Betiya 4th December 2016

Written By Queserasera

A house party is going to happen soon in the show and Vidyut is a part of it in some capacity, don't know if he's a guest or the host, but he's going to be around.

Ishita is taking out various sarees from her wardrobe and showing them to Raman who's at first sitting on the bed doing some work on his laptop when she asks him to help her pick what to wear for the party.

Raman keeps rejecting the sarees one after another for some reason or the other, at one point he calls a net saree, Machhardaani LOLLOL

Ishita then takes out a gown annoyed that Raman is criticizing all her sarees, when he snatches it from her and asks her to wear a simple saree, I think it was orange in color cannot be sure since it was blink and miss and tells her to wear it.

And in the midst of their tug and pull over the gown as Ishita insists she would wear it Raman blurts out why does she want to dress up for a party where people would see her,and one which Vidyut is attending,she's only supposed to dress up for him and he doesn't want men ogling his wifeLOL

Ishita is happy because Raman is jealous

In another scene she is arguing with him wearing the same red saree and blouse she wore in Australia and it's shown Raman has kept his phone password protected and isnt willing to share it with her, she gets miffed and packs her bags to go to Amma's

Another scene involving Ruhi Suhail was shown where he compliments her and Ruhi blushes as she is happy that her crush finds her pretty. She was dressed as Ruhaan and when she bends down to pick up something from the floor her wig falls down and Suhail asks her to be herself and removes the wig and runs his hand through her hair.

Aditi said this is a normal phase for a teenager and she is right now just being a teen, Also Ruhi has started lying to IshRa to meet Suhail. 

Two scenes involving Ishita and Ruhi were also shown, Ishita is pretty concerned about Ruhi but dialogues were not heard.


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