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Friday, 23 September 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 23rd September 2016 Video and Written Updates

Written Update 

Show Start with Toshiji and Mrs iyer laughing and Raman Complained that why are you laughing there at party like santa Claus then mrs iyer and toshiji fouht again then Raman intruppted them that you both fight and look like normal then ishita said Raman thanx because of you I got this little time with pihu otherwise she ddnt even come near me Then raman got call from Police station they rushed to police station and Abhishek said Adi want to confess something and Ishita asked him He confessed that I did that acid attack All family member shocked Adi continued that He did attack and he is real culprit Ruhan and Singhal’s daughter meeting Singhal’s mother and said that we all are waiting for you Then one paralyzied girl come to the scene and Ruhi’s face became dull Ishita gone hyper after heard Adi’s confession Mani came and Slapped Adi 2-3 times ishita try to calm him and Abhishek held Mani Aliya too try to control him and Abhishek commands to put him jail again Ishita said Raman to stop them but he shouted back that Your Son is Criminal he confessed Your son is criminal but ishita said She knows he is not culprit Mr Bhalla got phone call Ruhi said sorry to girl and asked her which song she wants to listen getting No reply from her Her mother told the truth that her daughter’s ddnt called her She called and ruhi asked reason then her mother said She reponse only when her daughter listen your song and rui said She will try her best Aliya came to jail and asked Adi for explanation Mani came and Said He is animal Aliya replied back that You dnt have right to said that

Aliya replied back that You dnt have right to said that  

Shagun came and try to put venom and said that I never expected this from his and this all this because of Raman When father is like this then son will do only this
Raman also came and scold him that your punishment is this only and live here alone
But ishita supported him and said please say the truth
Adi cried but ddnt tell anything
Raman came and drag her with him outside
Ishita –aliya talks about the doctor’s thing and Aliya said that he attend session and he saw someone but he ddnt saw the face but I dnt know why he confessed

Ishita said why he confessed and why he is hiding that person name

Aliya left with mani
Ruhan sang for that girl then singhal came and said No need to do anything for she wont react
Ruhi came to her real face then singhal said why are u doing this and ruhi said she failed to bring her smile on face and she said She really want to bring smile but she failed she cried
Here adi cried

Precap : Ishita behind the bars raman and ruhi came to police station

Abhishek said they arrested Ishita

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