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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Yeh hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2016 Episode 922 Written Update and Video

Written update

Mani introduced as new Partner and  Adi and Aliya gave him earful but Mihir handle the situation Singhal threatened them to take back project but mihir somehow handle him
Scene shifted to school where ishita said to Raman when ruhi will come she will gone
Pihu come and hugs Raman she said she missed him and he gave her chocolate but Shagun snatched and throw them

Ruhi and Mihir try to crack some detail Mihir said Singhal’s daughter name is kajal singhal
Ruhi said I heard this name and yes She is her Fan Means ruhan;s Fan And ruhi said they will convience them

Shagun Shout on them you cant meet pihu without my permission That lady show helped said if I ddnt behaved starngly shagun wont allow to meet them to pihu

Next scene
Raman and ishita collide with each other and they fight with each other and blame each other then stooped and remember their old days that how they fought but also those are good days Raman promised her that All will be well
Raman asked her where is she going She said She have contacted some custom shop and she will select some but she wont any trouble then Mrs iyer heard and said what trouble ishra make excuses and left
Mrsm iyer sense something fishy and she talked with toshiji they made plan to meet pihu and toshiji started preparing Tomato chicken
Adi and ruhi scene Adi asked her any problem She said no but thought she will help adi bhaiya
Next Scene Ram asked maid for some chicken but she said this made sply for papaji raman asked her to take some
Next scene Ishra met in parking and Ishita said She bought some gift for pihu but she dosnt know her liking and will she like her gifts raman assured  her that she is her mother and Pihu will deffo like her gifts 

Next Scene toshiji came to kitchen and Saw tomato chicken  but there is less what she made she shouts Neelu where is the rest but she is not there she asked Bhallaji and he said I dnt know then Mrs iyer came and said she had selected some dresses in which no one reconized them and they will wear that dresses and attend the party

Party scene
Raman and ishta came to party as clown and Chile chaplin and they asked that lady and she said No one will recognize them and they asked where is pihu and Pihu came from behind ishra saw her and Smiled

Precap : Adi remembers Who attacked Aliya and that person attire simiar to ruhan/ruhi he promised himself that he will never say anything  







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