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Friday, 26 August 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August 2016 Written Update "Raman-Shagun at School"


So today's eisode strts with Pihu telling Raman dat she will participate in competition with Shagun and wen Raman was saying how is it possible Pihu because this time papa is there with u not mumma and Shagun comes there Pihu says dat I told teacher to call mumma to Scul to participate in d competition and she runs to Shagun and den Pihu goes to bring d form Raman warns Shagun to be in her limits and stop her nautanki he asked her way will u get by getting insulted everytime LOL he warns her dat he will make Scul ban shagun's presence of he sees her again Shagun says fine I am gng but u can't keep Pihu away from me for long am not gng to give up on Pihu ever

Raman says to Pihu dat he will participate with her in competition Pihu says but aapko Khana banana nahi aata den Raman says papa ne ache achon ko pakaya hein Khana badi baath nahi hein ROFL ROFL den he tries to convince d teacher abt him participating she doesn't accept Pihu listenes dis and Getz sad and den with d hep of new mommy frnds he goes to meet d head supervisor Dey try to convince him den d person says PTA members ne arrange kiya hein competition I will arrange a meeting with them u try to convince them 

So after ishgun Shagun and Nidhi it is wow Nidhi calling Shagun meri jaan ROFL ROFL and kameenepan Mein partners poori tarah SE ban Gaye hein dono Nidhi is soo proud of her doings 

Raman and Pihu dono trying to learn cooking and den ishita comes frst Raman teases her dat Ek din Mein kya haal hogayi and den seeing her serious he becomes concerned ki kya hua I loved Raman soo much for him nothing is more den Pihu ishita and all tried to convince Raman to attend ofc he agrees but wen Pihu becomes sad he says for him Pihu is more den anything else and he will not come to ofc and he knows dat she can handle this and he has full faith in her Pihu is becoming a brat yaar kitni ziddi she is blackmailing dat if not this I will go to Shagun she needs to be disciplined hope they concentrate on it 

Raman is really soo supportive he told dat for bringing Pihu close to ishita he needs to gain pihu's confidence frst and den he also asks appa and papaji's help dat ishita can do this and we all need to boost her confidence and tells dat we jst need to guide her and she can do this 

So mani ko pata Chala dat there is a prb in raman's ofc through Shagun and he goes to meet ishita he tries to convince ishita dat Raman needs to visit d ofc ishita says dat I knw business is imp but Pihu is more important den anything else and he told he will make Singhal agree to meet Raman and ishita and home 

So Singhal comes home and his bakwas dat women can't do anything and ishita ki jkr avatar and den comes Raman to support ishita I am totally loving this supportive hubby he is soo proud of his wife and he is there to support her in every step she takes 

Precap Raman challenges dat ishita will complete d project and he even told dat he will pay more den wat d investor asked if she fails to complete d project dat was jst awesome in all this all I can see is raman's trust and confidence in ishita dat is jst awesome

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