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Friday, 19 August 2016

"OMG OMG Ruhi-Shagun Aamne Saamne "Saas bahu aur Saazish 19th August 2016



All Segment are almost same 

Raman is running here to there in Kitchen he take incharge of Kitchen and With help of The reciepe He will make Cookies Seeing him Ishita Offers him Her help but he said He can handle huge business then he can make Best cookies and All people will lick their fingers But After He saw Cookies burnt and he Mixup two Recipes now ishita and ruhi help him to make Cookies
And next scene ishita and Raman in room  
Raman said adi will help her in office also he said Take care of food and all 
ANITA's Interview
Shagun become So BadAnd She Needs Another Enemy who can gave her support She is Just lost and She wants Pihu Badly Thats Why we Three made Plan and Villian In Everyshow is must necesarry if only Hero and Herion In the Show then where will Story Go


They Showed lil Difference After The Kitchen Scene Shagun come to meet Pihu and IShita Not Allowed Her but Ruhi Stopped Ishita and Said That She is Pihu's mother You cant Stop her Everone Shocked Listen this From Ruhi but More Shocked When Ruhi Said To Shagun That She Kidnapped Ishita and She Did All the Drama How can you be So low Shagun's real Face come infront of Everyone 

Next Scene
Shagun Ashok and Nidhi Together Against Bhalla Family and Ishita

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