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Friday, 13 November 2015

ISHRA SS : Girl Who sleeps next to me prologue


Ishita Sharma suffers from insomnia. The only thing that will help or can say get her to to sleep is someone in bed with her or beside her, who will talk with her until she falls asleep

Raman bhalla suffers from I dont know what is study and what to study lol Pure duffer he has no relation with books he dont even know how many subjects in his current class. The only thing that will keep him from failing in exams is is someone teach him personally thats the only way the study puts in his mind.

Which is thing how they meet.

Ishita is truly desperate to let some friend  talks with her into bed so she could get some sleep. But ever since she broke up with Subbu, she's had no one to talk her to sleep. So when Ramanan bhalla approaches her and asks her to tutor him, in exchange for anything, Ishita proposes her idea.

Raman would never turn down a night in some girl's bed. Well, he probably would, depending on the girl. But with Ishita Sharma, it's different. Ishita needs him in her bed to talk. So that she can fall asleep. Under normal circumstances, Raman would definitely turn her down. But seeing that he needs to graduate college... Well, it's an entirely different story.

So it'd be easier  to say that neither expect to fall in love.

But a lot can happen when your head collide with someone's head on a pillow.

A lot.


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