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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

ISHRA SS : Falling In Love with wise Part 12 ( LAST PART )

SO here is The last Part of the Small and suspenseful Journey Of Ishra
NOTE : This Part may be effect some people But This is so realistic to life even worse happen in our real life   


Once i opened the door, 3 men standing in front of me with a creepy face. Something was defiantly  wrong because the next thing I knew. One of the Man dragged me out of house, his hand covering my mouth and the other two one of them open the door of a white van and other went to driving seat... I was struggling all the way and afraid of what will happen next. My baby, no. They throw me into the van tied me up with cable ties. then blindfolded me, taping my mouth.

"I am being kidnapped now."

 PART 12 (Last Part)

Ishita's POV

I am being kidnapped now.....

God . I am being kidnapped now.....

I need to protect my baby. No hyper Ishita u need to keep quiet and calm i said to myself.... who could do this to me. No, to Raman... I gasped to myself. The bloody terrorist. They got to me. Why am I so stupid? I should ask them for their identy. Dammit.

"That was easy," One of the man said and I could see from the little space on my blindfold. two men sitting in front of me. Another sitting near the door. I'm laying  on a ground and then my mind hit a idea. My phone. In the back pocket of my dress. They dont know about that neither they checked . My hands are tied behind my back;, I acted to struggle and got my hand on my pocket. I take out my phone slowly by one hand and from the other hand i hide it. Raman said they are invisible in open and he couldn't track them. Raman will come and get me once he knows I'm missing. Raman will know if I didn't pick up the my phone or intercom calls at home. Raman could track them using the GPS in my phone.

I slipped my phone under the vacant slot and sit tight for saving my baby from the bumpy journey. Raman will come and get me. I trust my Raman. He will not leave anyone

and then a van stopped and someone took my hand, "Let's go. It's weird to see a her so calm. Do you think it's a trap?????"

"Are you f@#@#g out of your mind Man ?" Someone replied, "this girl is basically that WISE's life line. He would kill anyone who even suggested using his Girl to bait for terrorist,"

"Hey you all stupid man stop chatting," Someone with a deeper and mature voice said. So the 3 guys in this van are still boys. The other two must be more mature. How can they get kids to do terrorism.

I was led into a warehouse and they threw me down to the ground. I used my elbow to stop myself from getting too much impact. my baby will be safe.

"Boss," One of Men called out,

"She's here,"

Someone clapped;so he is the boss. He commanded the men to remove the tape from my mouth. "Ishita, welcome, welcome,"

"Who are you?" I asked angrily ..

"I'm someone who your Raman was targeting for years. Raman is a really talented man but well, he got his back-up, we got ours," He said, "When Ur So called husband  started tailing us, we also got our eyes back at Your Raman and he laugh.... It's a win-win situation and must say Your husband's work is really amazing,"

"Cut the crap You AS####E,", "What do you want from me?" i asked

"To end his life and the entire Raw that are on us," He answered. The thought of Raman lying died on the ground, makes me scared. "he continued, it's not easy to build an empire. I build an empire using a way that some stupid people called its terrorism. you know how it feels to have so much power. Raman does and I believe you too Ishita,"

"My Raman is nothing like you," I spat, "He's better man than anyone of you here,"

Silence filled the warehouse. and then next i felt a tight slap on my cheeks.. I could taste the blood on my lips... I spit the blood out, feeling protective of my baby. "You are a animal. I hope Raman comes in time and take down this terrorism empire you created!"

He  removed the blindfold. I'm in front of man with a huge scar across his face. His face remained impassive, "Boss, she saw our face..." one boy said...

The Man with scar turned, take out gun and pulled the trigger on boy.. The boy dropped down to the ground, dead.. I screamed The other boys were just staring at the dead body.

"How can you do this ?!" My hands trembled against the ties. I felt my heart pumping Fast trying to scream danger.

"What did you do?" Man with scar gritted and ordered one of the Man to check me any devices. I squirmed, "Take your dirty hands away from me!"

The man took his time, touching all over my body. then. I threw up in front of him and Boss growled at me, kicked my gut. I screamed in pain, lying on my own vomit. I can't do this anymore. My baby will get hurt.

The torture from terrorist didn't stop, I hugged myself, protecting my stomach. I take in every blow to me and prayed Raman to hurry up. I saw one man running out someone shouted, "They are here!!!"

Boss cursed and pointed the gun on my head. One shot. I will be gone. Raman will be devastated. I felt helpless. When Param and my mama did that to me, I didn't have anything to lose. Now I've everything My Raman and my baby to lose. then  a loud sound followed. The door was blown down. that Boss was trying to escape but the Raw agents are faster than him. They are all surrounded in that warehouse. Every single little corner was surrounded by  Raw agents. I watched the all terrorist , getting caught. I stared at the Man with scar who's looking at me with a weird smile.

At the corner of my eyes, I saw Raman running to me. His face full of  pain and worried. Raman dropped his knees down to me and I was drifting out. I felt a pain in my stomach and I cried softly, "You came Raman,"

"Yes,Jaan," Raman's eyes filled with tears and the billionaire now broke down, he took me in his arms, tears streaming down his face, falling my head, "Yes, Jaan. Sorry I'm late. I'm so sorry. We are getting you help, stay with me Jaan please.Stay with me"

"I'm not going anywhere Jaan," I said  slowly. I lifted my hands up to Raman's face and heard doctors calling for Raman to move hurry so they send me into the hospital.

Duke was shouting at them, commanding them to just let Raman stay with me. This was the first time I saw Duke got so upset and the first time I saw Raman isn't getting angry or hyper. He's focused on me and only me.

"Raman," I breathed out, "our Baby,"

Raman looked at me smiling and assuring me all ok but I could see the pain in it, "We are going to hospital," He didn't let go of my hand for second. I felt my eyes shutting  and Raman kept squeezing and kissing my hand. "Don't sleep Jaan, talk to me stay with me ,open your eyes." His voice broke and he looked up the doctors  "Please, please help her."

"Her heartbeat is getting weaker. Sir, you need to move away so we can do anything please." The doctor said and Raman finally nodded, kissing my forehead , "In Your heart jaan, In a my heart. I will be waiting Jaan,"

That was the last thing I heard before I fully drifted off.

I'll see you in a heart..

I couldn't move from my place I couldn't breathe,. feel like my body frozen  .. I looked around me, where are you Raman? Why aren't you saving me? I have to fight for myself. For my baby and for Raman, I need to fight. But. I can't move.

i felt under the water i can swim but now i  unable to found the surface

Fight, Ishita  fight for me.for our baby

Raman was calling me.Raman's voice gave me some power. I need to get to Raman. I swam and swam, finally came out of the water and gasped for air.

I am safe now. I am done fighting. My eyes opened to a hospital room, I felt myself trying to open my eyes and my hands automatically went there  I felt the pain

"Jaan," Raman's face came into my view and, i gave a low smile, "Raaam,"

Raman's tired face was wiped off and changed into my favourite Raman's charming smile, "Jaan, how are you feeling?"

"Heavy," I said same the pain came to me. I looked at my stomach, "Our Baby?"

I looked at Raman,

Raman was torn.

I lost baby. I failed to protect my baby. My hands trembled and I looked at Duke, trying my best to put on my social face, "Hey Duke, how's my baby?"

"Ishita..." Raman took my hand and I pulled his hand off and shook my head, "No, it can't be. Did you ask the doctor to check again? Call Dr gupta! I will talk to her."

"Jaan, you were under stress. Baby isn't strong enough to fight. I have to choose. We lost our baby," Raman said and pulled me into his hug. my heartbeat going fast and it's isn't going to stop beeping. I pushed Raman away and I covered my ears, "No. No Raman this is not true plz tell me its not true."

"Jaan..." Raman broke down, "Please."

Duke stood there, not sure what to do.

"I lost my baby," I cried, "I lost our baby Raman! How can I lose! I protected our baby! I should have been the one who protect baby ! How can I lose our baby!"

"Ishita," Duke calmed me down, "It's not your fault. You are under pressure and pain. little baby isn't old enough to take on such pressure. It's not your fault, Ishita."

"How can you say that, Duke?" My hands trembled, "How can you say this it's not my fault?! what  If I ask for their identification..."

"They would have faked ID for you Ishita," Duke said and helped put hand on Ramans shoulder, "those terrorist have tricked you to go with them. It doesn't change anything. Ishita, you need to accept this."

"Get out," I felt so angry at everyone. How can they are not understanding what I'm feeling now? I just lost my baby. Raman took my hand, "Ishita, calm down. You need to be relax," His eyes on the heartbeat detector.

"GET OUT you both.... I don't want to see anyone of you," I said again , "GO AWAY!"

Mihika walked in with a tired look and said to both, "Let me handle this you two need to clean up and talk to Jenny. Go,"

Raman looked at me with a torn look before Duke take him out from room. Mihika sat beside me and took in my trembling hand, "Ishita baby, look at me,"

I looked at Mihika, feeling broken, "I lost the baby, Mihika my own baby,"

"I'm sorry," Mihika said and she shook her head, "No, I take my words back. I'm not sorry. your baby was suffocating you. Your baby was killing you. You almost stopped breathing 3 times on the surgery table, Ishita. Your baby was killing you from inside. Raman had to make a choice. The baby was too young and Raman had to sign a document to kill his own baby too. Do you know how hard is it to watch?

Raman was torn and sure you are not going to forgive him. After doctor went to surgery room to remove his and your baby, he broke down like a lil child in front of everyone. Nobody knows what to do because Raman has never broken down. Even Romy  and Rinki were taken aback."

Mihika was the only one who tells me the truth. I cried, still feeling broken. my baby is gone and I drove Raman away. Mihika pulled me in for a hug. "I will let the doctor to check on you and clean you up.."

The doctor checked me all over again and nurse cleared me., I lost the baby. Doctor told I'm still able to conceive but I should rest for the time being. Mihika cleaned me up, washed my hair and let me changed me into oversized t-shirt. I sat back to my bed and Mihika brushed my hair, "Raman just went back to change and Rinki is forcing some food into him,"

"How long was I unconscious Mihika ?" I asked, watching Mihika pouring a glass of Juice for me. I sipped first then gulped all  in one go, holding my glass out and asking for more. Mihika smiled, "24 hours. You spend 5 hours in the surgery room. Raman hasn't moved since you came in and he hasn't gotten shut eyes too."

"I need to see him Mihika" I said, "I need to apologize him,"

Mihika nodded, "Once he cleaned up, I will get Subbu to send him up."

"Is Subbu here too?"

"Yes, he's in the canteen with romy. Everyone is here for you, Ishita. We are here for you and we always have your back," Mihika said and smiled down to me, "You are a brave woman, Ishita."

Raman came in a little while when I was looking through texts and calls I received. Raman found my phone and gave it to me. He looked better compared to the Raman I woke up to. He sat at the edge of my bed and looked at me quietly, "I'm sorry Jaan,"

I scooted over a little and pulled him down to me,. Raman frowned, "Ishita, no. I will hurt you Jaan"

"You won't Raman" I said, "I need to be close to you, Raman."

Raman sighed, joined me in the tiny bed of hospital and put his chin on the crown of my head, " Jaan this is the worst 24 hours I ever had,"

I played with his shirt button, tracing my finger on his wrist, "I'm sorry, Raman. I don't know why you were sorry to me. I'm the stubborn and I'm stupid. I'm sorry for losing our baby,"

"Didn't Mihika tell you?" Raman voice broke, "I killed our baby, Ishita. I signed the damn thing and I killed our baby,"

"You did to save me, Raman." I looked up to him and brushed my lips against his, "Doctor said I can conceive again Raman. We make another baby and this time, without any crazy kidnapping involved okay and i blushed?"

"Why are you comforting me when I'm supposed to be the one saying sweet nothings to you?" Raman forced a smile out and sighed, "You stopped breathing Jaan and When doctor told me this my heart almost stopped too,"

"but I'm still here," I said, "Your Jaan here with you, going to be Ishita Bhalla," The name Ishita Bhalla rolled out of my tongue smoothly. Raman looked at me with an amused smile, "I like how that sound, Mrs. Bhalla,"

"I like it too,"

We both smiled and thinking about our baby  but more we talked about what future holds for us. Raman told me the terrorist are caught and will be facing life sentence.

I stayed in the hospital for four days under strict supervision. Raman stayed with me, with a makeshift bed beside me. I apologized to Duke. Subbu, Mihika, Romy, Rinki and even Riddhu came every day, bringing me unhealthy food against Raman's objection.

Raman told me our house was ready and we can move in once I'm discharged. and we did same... Raman and I moved into our New beautiful house once I was discharged, had a welcome back Party to life and also a new life for Raman and I. Me and Raman are still lil upset about the  baby but we had each other and we will be ready once we get another baby.

 NOTE : I Know After reading this so many mad on me i m so sorry for this but this is the realistic thing
 terrorism is termite who eats humanity slowly slowly   

Epilogue Soon                                                                                                                                         


  1. yes we know yaar this terrorism kills our life like bullshits........... u re literally doing a grt job we re enjoying yourr episodes and waiting fr next episode..............


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