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Monday, 10 August 2015

ISHRA OS : Morning After Ishra's Consummation

Hello all Here Is An OS Attempt On Morning after consummation Published On 10/08/15

OS Morning after Ishra's Consummation

It were mornings like these that Ishita loved, lying in bed and letting the sun rays in through the curtains. She admired the way the sun shone onto Raman's face and how he looked like an angel. How satisfying Raman looked, so in peace.

Ishita loved being tucked into the secure arms of her Raman. It was all Ishita was living for, being wrapped in Raman's arms. Raman's warmth was radiating off of his muscular body and everywhere where their bodies touched Ishita felt like She was on fire.

Ishita felt every breath, which was leaving Raman's soft lips, on the back of her neck and Raman's chest falling and rising with every breath he took.

Ishita rested her hand on Raman's and slowly traced her fingers along the knuckles on Raman's hand before She let her fingers intertwine with Raman's. Ishita admired and loved the difference between their skin tones.

she squeezed Raman's hand before She let go of it and traveled with her fingers ever so softly over Raman's forearm. Ishita could feel the goose bumps that were rising on Raman's arm and She had to smile to herself.

Ishita felt movement on her neck. Raman had nuzzled his head deeper into Ishita's neck and Ishita's smile only widened. Ishita loved when Raman cuddled so close to her and held her tight in his arms. She felt a light shiver running down her spine when Raman breathed out particularly strong and his hot breath hit the back of her neck against the hair.

She turned carefully around as to not wake Raman. The only thing Raman did was pulling Ishita even closer and Ishita had thought that that wasn't even possible.

Ishita just looked at Raman for a long time and took in his beautiful features. Raman was everything to Ishita and She loved him to death. She would do anything and everything for Raman.
She fought yday with raman over dress Now she ll wear only what Raman wants.... Raman's happiness was all She cared for. As long as Raman was happy so was Ishita.

Just a smile was enough from Raman and Ishita's day would be made. Raman's smile was the most beautiful thing Ishita has ever seen. His eyes were just so bright and he looked so much younger.

Yeah Ishita could definitely stare forever at Raman and She would never get bored.. She started on Raman's forehead and take hanky from drawer and wipes sweat from his forehead she worked her way down his face until She reached Raman's lips.

Aage Karo naa ruk kyu gayi......(carry on why u stopped) Raman said without open eyes.......Ishita gasped and hit him on shoulder

Ishita : u r awake then y this drama........

Without opening eyes Raman pointing his finger on his lips......1st gud morning kisses almost 10 then aage ki baat(further talks)....

please  getup.....she said

No Raman said  and just tried to move closer to Ishita and refused to open his eyes. It was still too early for doing anything besides sleeping. Ishita let out a small chuckle when Raman hid his head in the crook of Ishita's neck.

"ok Good morning ", Ishita said and pulled away so he could look at Raman again and was greeted with a grunt in response. She started to leave little kisses on Raman's face and was a bit surprised when Raman suddenly put his hands on either side of her face and pulled her in for a quick kiss before lying down again and closing his eyes.

Ishita sighed and lay down as well with her head on Raman's chest. Their hands were intertwined and with his free hand Ishita let her hand wander over Raman's chest

"I love you", Ishita whispered and felt Raman's hand squeeze her. Ishita leaned on her elbow and looked at Raman. He cupped Ishita's face and whispered. "I love you too".....

but I want here pointing to his lips

Ishita leaned over Raman's chest with one elbow on either side of Raman's chest and leaned down to kiss up Raman's chest, up his throat and to his lips. She felt Raman smile into the kiss and pulled back .....

now getup Raman", Ishita asked and Raman's eyes fluttered open and he hummed in response letting Ishita know that he was listening so Ishita continued. "get up and go ready i ll make breakfast......

"Mmmmm no", Raman replied and closed his eyes again. He just wanted to sleep for a little bit more or at least stay in bed with Ishita and cuddle even longer.

"But I'm hungry Raman", Ishita said.....

"Ishitaaaa", Raman said mocking. "Sone do yar(let me sleep yar) ", he said and began to laugh. Ishita just smirked at him.

"dumbo kahike biwi itne romantic mood me hai aur aapko sone ki padi hai (dumbo your wife is such in romantic mood and u want sleep), Ishita challenged Raman. she was hoping for Raman to do something. When She couldn't get breakfast at least She could get a bit more attention, especially where She needed it.

hmmm main dumbo hota to Hum ese bed me nahi hote  (if i m dumbo than we are not here in bed ), Raman mumbled and turned his head trying to hide his smile in the pillow.

Ishita take one pillow and hit  to Raman .....Raman turned his head to look at Ishita. Raman put his hands on Ishita's waist to stop her. ......both eyes met....

They were just staring into each other's eyes and Raman started to lean closer and closer until his lips met Ishita's

When Raman leaned up and closed the last few inches between their lips he felt Ishita relax in his arms and he could definitely stay like this for the whole day.

Raman loved to wake up like this, his Madrasan in his arms and his madrasan kissing him.

Ishita loved Raman and She would show him every day just how much. Just like Raman showed Ishita.


Note : I know so many Wants to update of other stories will update Tom my Ishra promise

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