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Monday, 13 July 2015

New Ishra FF : Love Is Faith Part 1

I Just publishing her story Anybody wants to publish their please drop a mail at


14th feb 2013-
I am sharing my feelings with my second best friend

.Dear I always remember you(DIARY)..coz u r the only one who never complains never leaves me alone..

I am Ishita'  not only Ishita .Mrs. Ishita

''I am  in my happily married life and crazily in love with my husband.
But this journey of my life was not so easy..actually my mother uses to say  that the life is not bed of roses its full of thorns..and particularly in my love life I felt it very much..but till now there is  a tag line for me and as well as for my husband too that is "just married.".yes we got married just two days before... 


my husband: kya kar rehi ho raat ho gayi hai  sona nehi hai  kya?(what r u doing Its late dont u wanna sleep)

me: (feeling nervous as my husband does not know about my diary still now it's a secret..)
ha ha aa rehi hu 5 min bas' (Yes yes just coming in 5 minutes)


ok dear aj k liye bye .tum he to pata hi hay meri ye secret k bade me abhi bhi  meri 1st best friend ko kuch pata nehi hai I have to go..bye-   (Ok dear enough for today You know naa my 1st best friend dont know about this secret )

                                         Mrs. Ishita   

Wow its looking nice na dear ..1st entry with my new identity  Mrs.Ishita   ..
wow I love it
but alas my husband is standing behind me keeps his hand on my shoulder
my husband: ye kya hai Ishita ,tum diary likhti ho ye to kabhi bhi batayi nehi mujhe?
(what is this You writes diary u never told me )

hm'its one and only my secret ..actually meri sari baat ise pata hai aapko nehi ..aur main nehi chahti thi k aapko pata chale aur aapko dukh pouche..(actully my diaries knows all my talks things but You dont know and i dnt want that u come to know coz it ll hurt you)

my husband: par mujhe janna hai..tumhari har ek secret'har ek dukh baatna hai tumhari
(But i want to know Your every secret )..
 it will not good for u..plz don't be stubborn..

my husband: nehi Ishita mujhe bhi janna hai meri absence  me tum kiase din gujart thi..
Aur wo bhi tumhari awaz me..chalo jaldi aur batao mujhe(No ishita i just want to know how You passed  Your all day without my presence also all this in your voice ) a Punjabi man he  is so stubborn about anything and specially if it related with me..then it becomes more. So as the result I have to share my all secrets with him now..its not a big deal..coz my day starts with his name and end also ,he is the biggest treasure in my life but  ..i don't want to hurt him more'

My husband: kya soch rehi ho'start to karo parna (What are u thinking just start reading )..i am feeling impatience yaar '

ok ok baba start ker rehi hu aap bhi nab bache ho jaate hay kabhi kabhi.. (Ok i m starting some time u just bcome Kid )

23rd July 2007-

Today is the 1sy day at college ..I am excited and nervous too.I admitted at a reputed college of Mumbai but not in my father's college where he is  a professor of my subject. PHYSICS ..yes now I am a student of  physics honors ..the main reason behind this only I faced many trouble in my school life as my mother is a high  school teacher  of English in my school..and I did not get the all freedom as my other friends got,,so that's why after a much of pleading they agreed to admit me  in this college .and I am feeling nervous coz I studied at girls' school no boys are allowed in our school's  surrounding and  being a good child I have to travel  by our car so no experience about any boy..
Ok now moving on my today's experience'
We, all the students are waiting for our teachers as they wants to introduce with us..we too..
After few minutes all teacher came and sat around a rounded table in front of us

And also our principle sir came

Yaar what a personality..meri papa bhi reserve hai..i like this quality very much..but our principle sir is so different..main to pehle hi baar uske baat sunkar fida ho gayi..inspired bhi , jo bhi mujhe kuch karna hai' (when i first heard him i just flat on him inspired too)

And I got to know that principle sir is my father's friend there is also a restriction is waiting for me..yaar meri luck..kyun aisa hai  (Bad luck Mine why my luck like this )

After principle sir our HOD appears to introduce with us..

Jab bhi main sir ko dekhti hu (whatever when i look him) ..I am feeling embarrassed.

And also there is a reason   behind this

Flash back '

16th july 2007

Aj main college m admission k liye gayi thi (i went to take admission in college) usual papa is busy with his lecture in his college and mumma is busy with her exam so they said I have to go alone..only my driver kaka is along with me..and also papa's words 
Papa- is liye maine tumhe aapne college me admit ho ne k liye kaha tha nehi aab to tum bari ho gayi ho so jao admit bhi ho jao ..(thats y i told u to take admission now u r big girl so go and take admission by urself)

 at my college office 

Me: sir.may I come in?

Office clerk- yes 'tell me what brings you here.

Me: sir actually I am selected for physics in this college so I want to know the admission procedure and all  ..plz can you help me?
O GOD thank u thank u very much   they r so good in nature 

Ofc clerk-ok beti ek kam karo tum physics dept me jao aur dept ki HOD sir se puch lo he can help u in every manner..(ok daughter go to physics dep and ask With HOD he ll help you in every manner)

Me : thank u sir..

Afer a few minutes I asked an old man actually he is not so old ..but I have a habit that who is much elder than me I use to call him 'uncle

Me to the old guy :  uncle I am new here and selected for physics ..can you help me plz..actually  I don't know where the phyisics dept and not able to find out as it's a huge area..can u help me to find out plz uncle.. O my birth star is really lucky for today  

Old man : ( he stares at me in unusual manner)ok my daughter ..if u r prepared for the admission u can do it today..plz go to the office payment the required cash ..thats all

Me: thank you uncle..thank u very much.

Again at office-

I told the same man everything what the old man said..

Ofc clerk-its ok but I said u that u have to ask the  departmental head coz without his permission we cant proceed in the admission procedure..

now it irritates me a lot yaar 

Had hoti hai yaar ..aise hi mai akeli ayi hu..for the 1st time for  such type of work..aur itni badi college me main kaise dhundugi kaun physics dept ke  hod hai (this is limits 1st i came alone for any admission and in such a huge college how can i find Who is Hod of Physics dep)

Me : (with very much patience I said)

Sir mujhe to pata nehi kaun hod hai ..wo uncle ne mujhe bata diya aur main aagayi..(Sir I dnt Know who is Hod There One uncle told me so i came here)

Ofc clerk - kaunsi uncle (Who Uncle )?

Me: I look here and there and for my lucky birth star again I can see the old man who is coming in the way of ofc..

I indicate to the man and said this uncle told me about the admission details

By that time the old man reaches to the office too 

And the clerk greets  him by  good morning SIR  word 
I am little bit confused 

Old man- are beti tum abhi tak admission nehi li ? (daughter u still ddnt get admission)

To the clerk- jaldi admission karlo inka (get admission procedure soon )  pointing at me
And heleft  from there

Ofc clerk to me : arey budhu  he is the HOD of physics dept

I,hit my head by my hand ,and down it looking the floor feeling so much  embarrassed
End of flash back.

Yes after this reason my hod uses to call me as daughter ..and he says the reason to all the teachers ..i am feeling really embarrassed yaar -  

Challenges Are High, DreaMs Are New,
The World Out There Is Waiting For You,
Dare To DreaM Dare To Try,
No Goal Is Too Distant No Star Is Too High..
This The Way , This The Path,
Human You Are N Leave The Wrath !
 Ishita Sharma

My husband  laughs out loud..

Me: what happen? Suddenly why r u laughing  loudly at the odd time

He   comes very  close to me '.starts to nuzzle my neck..i am feelings Goosebumps in my body.

My husband: is liye shadi k din sir mam ko bol rehe the ki meri bhatiji ki shadi hay aaj ..aur main samajh nehi paya ..(that why one our marriage day he addresses u as her niece and i ddnt get him )

But he  is busy with his works and it increases'

I cant take it long..

He takes my diary ,,and keeps it at side table'.and switched off the night lamp..

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