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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 10


The trip to Paris was short but productive. The moment Me and Subbu landed in Paris, Subbu brought me to meet Lisa Team. Team about how they love my writing, hopefully I would write for Lisa someday. After some paper work And Discussion about Articles Subbu and I went to have dinner with the Lisa Team and first day in Paris was for business Only

I called Raman on my first day in Paris and Raman picked up in milliseconds, “How’s Paris?”

“It’s all business today. LIsa was interested in my writing and I agreed to write Some articles for them and see how it goes,” I said To Raman admiring the view out of hotel window, “What about you?”

“I stayed at home I didn’t go to work Jaan and tidying up my loose ends and thinking of you Jaan,” Raman said in his Low voice and sighed, “Come back soon Jaan?”

“I will,” I replied,

“The view here is beautiful Raman, it will be better if you are here with Me,”

“Hmmm ?” I could hear Raman smiling on the phone, “I miss you, Ishita. cant wait to see you One more day,”

“Raman,” I replied, “I love you,”

“I love you too,” Raman sighed, “It’s tough not knowing whether you are safe in Paris. sometime i m became  mad when you are out of my eyes Jaan.”

“Raman,” I cooed, “I’m okay. I will be back soon,”


The last day in Paris, Subbu brought me to sightseeing. The first thing I did in Paris was to get a camera to capture everything and hopefully I can show it to Raman. We went to Eiffel Tower, Musee du Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral  and at last we settled our dinner at Underground Hotel, to my amusement it’s a very high-class hotel. I was a satisfied tourist that day.

Subbu called a cab and got us to the airport while he gets ready his plane to fly back to Mumbai. Subbu smiled, taking my handbag for me, “ So How’s the whole trip?”

“If we stayed a 2-3 days more It’ll be better ,” I replied, getting check-in in the VIP line.

“We can Ishita if you want to...,” Subbu stopped, “I could make arrangement for some days,”

I was about to say something but Subbu cut me off “But, you want to go back to Raman I can understand. We are flying directly no stoppage  so you can get back to Raman in time.”

I looked at Subbu and smiled. Subbu led me down to plane, “Don’t give me that look Ishita Even though it’s against my will to take you back  so so so early and you know I’m still doing it for your sake,”

I didn’t know what to say to Subbu. I have never ever Hit with this type of situation before. So I changed the topic to the sightseeing  we visited earlier. Both of us never mentioned anything until we reached Mumbai.

Subbu take my luggage up into the Car and Duke  gave me a smile, “I will wait for you Ishita in the car come quickly,”

I turned to Subbu and said, “Thank you Subbu. All the things you’ve done for me. I’m sorry about…”

“Okay, stop Yaar Plz,” Subbu forced a smile out, “Don’t be yaar. I will surly get over From it soon. Maybe it also means I have to distance myself from you. before that  honestly give answer to my question,”

I nodded, “Yaa Puchoo (ask),”

“Are you happy with Raman?” Subbu asked.

I don’t even have a second thought, “I do. I am happy with Raman . Even though we fight some times but that is what makes our relationship deeper and stronger.”

Subbu nodded, “Good. Then you have to give Raman some time to settle everything he have on hand before he let you know what he’s really hiding from you Ishita. it easier for him though If You should figure your own..

“Subbu just tell me and you should make it easier for us,” I teased. Subbu laugh, “Goodbye Ishita. Have a good day Byee.”

“You too Byee,” I waved him goodbye he just sit in his car and drove away, I’m lucky enough to meet a good friend like Subbu

Duke  drop me back to my apartment first before I pack up and go back to BV. Before I could go into the lift, Duke  received a call and pulled me back to the car and said, “Yes, Ishita is out. What’s wrong Mr.Bhalla?”

Duke  frowned at Raman’s command on the phone and Duke  said, “Okay, we will wait for you. okay, okay.”

“What happened?” I asked Duke  nervously hoping for good but Duke ’s expression said otherwise. Duke  was tensed and ready to fight mood. Duke  pulled a Gun from the car backseat; I also saw a knife inside the Car seat. I raised my eyebrow, “Why did Raman put a Gun in this Car? Duke , tell me what’s wrong please i beg of you.”

“Mr.Bhalla is coming. Stay behind me,” Duke  said and Raman’s Bentley stopped in front of us. He came out and pulled me into a hug, “I love you Jaan U ok Jaan,”

“What’s going on, Raman?” I about to begged him. Raman nodded to Duke  and Duke  led us return to my apartment.

Raman took my hand, “Look Jaan stay relax Ok just some time before We have a security call from your apartment. I checked CCTV which is connected to my BV's main CCTV system u must be dont know about this and no saw this,”

Duke  opened my apartment door and then I saw my apartment being become a crap shop. Every single thing lying on the floor, shattered  furniture broke files are out of Drawers  as if they are looking for something in my apartment. I gasped, " Ohh God"

“Go and pack everything you need Jaan,” Raman said, “It’s not safe to live here anymore and don’t argue with me this time Jaan. I need to be safe for me.” I didn’t say a single word; I listened to Raman and packed almost my  all stuff. Raman and Duke  are watching me as I move here to there in the apartment, at the end both took bags and boxes from me. When I’m done, Duke  called Raman’s security team for extra back-up. Duke  and Raman loaded all my stuff into the Loading Van while I took the ride with Raman in his "New Bullet Proof Car Beast "

Raman was tensed and his phone keeps buzzing all the way to BV. I took his hand when we reached the BV, he loosens up a little and he said, “Let’s go to Bedroom and I will tell you everything Jaan just Be with me,”

Raman brought me into his Bedroom and turned his laptop in front of me. laptop background was same hacker symbol i saw before. Something flashed in my mind. Raman looked at me and shows me pictures of me, Raman, our friends, everything we did, even photos of us eating outside and Bhalla Satkar.

“Raman…” I frowned, “You are wise. Someone is stalking us Raman,”

Raman gave me a weird smile, “You are a smart Lady, Ishita. I denied the first time you asked me this because I can’t..u know . My Wise identity was protected by RAW and IB. You know what that is?”

“Yes, of course I Know What IB is. They are secret agents,” I replied.

Raman nodded and sat me down,he hold my hand and continue “I was helpless and wasn’t supposed to tell anyone my wise identity. But my aim is set to.. to help people, the more I can’t keep in any longer. When I was 22, I was already at the top businessman of the world. I hate the Paparazzi , I hate everything Jaan that shows my life out. So I tried to hack local police database system and delete my family file. I didn’t want anyone to mock my brother and sister for having murderous mom or Cheater father and You Knoww I did it. I hackd into police security Database system using my own wise security code. but, I was caught. RAW and IB came to me and got me out. If I work for IB or RAW, I can get Jail-free card and do all the hackings work for them.”

“The work from RAW are simple,” Raman explained, tracing circles with his fingers on my palm. Raman's eyes looking at me, “Technology nowadays offers goons to do drugs or smugling online. I have to hack through their system which was my right hand task and then provide information for RAW to take them down. Every time, without fail, I closed the case and the next time, RAW will give a different task for me; this time will be much more difficult than the rest. I was RAW back-up. I watch their back and led them to the case. I promoted from basic to the high level hacking task that was tracking of top suspect terrorist. I worked as RAW intelligence.”

“To be honest, I enjoyed the things I do for RAW. Other than Bhalla's , I was enjoying the taste of watching criminal get locked up.”

“Mama’s case,” I asked. He nodded, “Yes, I hacked through Delhi police Database system; find out what makes Mama’s case closed without investigating. I realized Your Mama was bribing his friends and make sure none said anything. I took the evidence to the RAW and make sure they are locked onto Sunil. The rest are all done by RAW and wise don’t even have to show up,”

“And About Mihika She came to me because she was having Problem with her security system at house and also something was wrong with her social account. I helped Mihika to secure her Home security without money,” He said in one go and kissed me i replied him, “Thank you for that,”

Raman smiled, “I wasn’t supposed to say anything about my Hacker side but my friends just find out because of the help I do for them are out of Billionaire Raman Bhalla’s reach. I tried my best to to hide this side. But well, sometimes you just have to break some rules For Help,”

I smiled at my playful Raman. Raman kissed my temple, “Recently I got a new case on terrorist,”

I tensed at the terrorist work. Raman sighed, “It was vey high classified file and I can’t say anything to anybody. Except for Duke , who was also working with me; I can’t reveal my identity now because it will be very dangerous for you and for everyone around me. Anybody of my nearest  can be enemy target because of me. I was warned by Jenny, the one I’ve been contacting. She’s my RAW direct contact agent.”

“So why are you telling me now Raman?”

“I told you Ishita, I’m miserable without you. I’m not going to sacrifice you Jaan because of this one hacker WISE identity. I want you forever for lifetime and I want you to marry me Jaan. If this means to give out all my secrets, I will. I told Jenny, this will be my last case for RAW. I repaid RAW with all the cases I solved for them. I told them, I need to get You to marry me.” Raman smiled and brushed my hair, putting it behind my ears, “Any more questions Jaan?”

“This terrorist,” I asked, “Are they the stalker Raman?”

Raman tensed and nodded, “Yes Jaan. I have no idea how terrorist group found out my this identity. I was careful enough but they somehow know about  it. I think I might have accidentally leaked something about my work out in the web but anyway, I’m really close to caught them. I just have to find their exact location. They are basically invisible in the open. It’s very difficult to track them using any technology. If you notice carefully, we have a group of RAW agents in plain clothes following around us.”

I raised my eyebrow and asked, “Will they be safe?” This is terrorism Raman we are talking about. This is dangerous thing. What if people get hurt just to protect us Raman ?

Raman chuckled, tapping on my nose, “Jaan I don’t know if I should be worry or crazily insane in love with you. Here I am, revealing out my Hacker identity and here you are, worrying about the Raw agents out there. They are fully trained Jaan. They can handle themselves.”

“Thank you for telling me,” I said , “I will never tell anyone this.” I hug him

Raman laughed and kissed me on forehead , “Once I finish this case, I’m all yours Jaan,”

“No,” I smiled, “You are mine already. And you don’t have to quit RAW because of me.”

Raman shook his head, “It’s getting more dangerous everyday. I don’t want to take risk of our life or our future on this. I will be fine without RAW. But you, on the other hand, can end my life if you ever leave me Jaan.”

I melted into his broad hug, “I won’t Raman never. Do you have any more secrets Raman I should know?”

Raman laughed, “No, that’s it. What about you Jaan?”

“Nothing,” I Replied, “My life not that interesting Like you.”

Okay he lift my chin by his finger....Now can i taste this...

What i asked....he signals to my Lips...

I blushed and then Our Kiss ended on Bed....Dont Know how many times we kissed each other but it always feels like New Things.....


I was rummaging the fridge after Raman left to work. I was still on Holiday since Raman approved my annual leave. I got one month holiday. Duke  stepped into the BV, “You need me to order any food for you?”

“No,”, “I can cook. You want some?”

“I just had Food with Raman,” Duke  said, “Go ahead. I will be in my room,”

I waved him away. I also found out Duke  lived in the BV. Raman gave a guest room for Duke  when he’s working. Duke , got a family when he’s not working. one daughter and a son. I also found out Raman was supporting Duke ’s children to school.

I sat down with my cooked meal; I was reading newspaper  when I felt sick. I ran to the basin and puked. I hadn’t eaten anything wrong. I checked my body temperature. I’m okay…

Ohh No… I ran to the our Bedroom and took the phone and Check the phone. . If I’m not wrong, my period was 10 days late late. It never comes late. Raman and Me always take Protection Except Once

Ohh Shit No . I dialled doctor's Number

“My Periods is late Doctor and I feel like puking,” I told  to Dr Gupta.

Okay “Come . I will check for you,” She replied

I hang up the Call and thought about a baby. Will Raman want baby now? What if Raman thinks it’s too early or something ??????

My phone buzz and i came out of thoughts – a unknown number flashed on screen. I picked it up, “Hello?”

“Ishita Sharma?” The person on the other line asked.

“Yes, who are you?”

“I’m Shagun Arora,” She said, “Can I see you at Mihika’s café?”


This was why I’m here in Mihika’s café, sitting with Shagun, sipping on coffee and a Pastry. Mihika was watching us From the counter and trying to hear our conversation too. I told Duke  about this meeting and told him not to tell Raman and agreed to Duke  to follow me so that Duke  can decide if he wants to report to Raman after meeting.

“It’s a surprise to receive your call,” I started conversation....

I have a doctor appointment later on and I definitely finish this meeting asap The image of her in Raman’s shirt still burns me.

“I came to apologize to you,” Shagun said, “That day I was looking for Raman to talk about business. I can’t tell you Ishita what business but it’s about a surprise That Raman wants to give You.”

A surprise? Raman was planning a surprise with Shagun for me? That’s interesting.

I nodded to Shagun, “Go on,”

She took deep breath, “Look Ishita I don’t even know why I’m here to explain to you. I didn’t know it will screw Raman up so badly. That’s the least I want to do For him. I was clumsy, the cup of coffee slipped over my Dress. Raman being Raman, he offered me  shirt. and Raman was out from shower before I show up so that explained his outfit and mine. Ishita I’m really sorry if I create something between the two of you .”

I smiled, “Thank you for that Shagun,”

“So you are no longer angry with Raman?”

I chuckled, , “Nope. The moment Raman looked for me in my apartment, I already forgave him. I trust him Shagun and we fought because of other things. It’s not always you, Shagun so chill. But thank you,”

Mihika sat opposite me and she let out a low-whistle, “Your life is really interesting Baby,”

“thank you,” I teased. She rolled her eyes, “So you okay with Raman now?”

“Yes,” I said, “How’s Riddhu?”

“Always wanting to see Raman,” Mihika replied, “I’m glad you are happy, Ishita. You deserve it.”


I sat opposite of Dr Gupta. She checked the result and, smiling, “Congratulations, you are pregnant Ishita”

I dropped my jaw but I couldn’t hide my happiness and excitement “Is it a girl or boy? What should I do? How old is baby?”

Dr Gupta chuckled, “ Calm down Ishita Take a long breath, Ishita. The baby is still two weeks old and I can’t determine gender until its eight weeks. From now until eight weeks, the baby will be a little unstable. It’s normal in pregnancy and you have to very carefull otherwise you will easily get miscarriage. So I advise you to tell the baby’s Papa and make sure you don’t move around too much until eight weeks. Come back after eight and I can tell you more. Here’s a very good book to read on pregnancy. Feel free anytime to call me Okay,”

I went back BV with a smile. Raman raised his eyebrow, “Anything I should know Jaan?”

I know how to tell Raman about this and I want to tell him when the time was right so I told him about Shagun and how much I love him crazily and insanely. That’s all I need for now  Hope and love

Hello Friends Hope you all are enjoying stories
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