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Friday, 10 July 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 9

Hello friends Hi Hope You all are enjoying This Story and About Raman's POV i can give You but It will kill All suspense of Story So Tighten Ur seat belt For More Suspense


I ran. I ran, ignoring Duke calling out my name and then I heard Raman. I heard him calling my name. I took my car, back to my apartment and put on the bolt. I doubt Raman will even come and look for me.

but Right now, I have to cry. no i wanted to cry out

I knew it, don’t I? When my first step with Raman Bhalla, I knew this will happen to one day and  Raman will break my heart. It happened. And I’m stupid enough to let it happened.

3 days Later

“What do you mean she went to find Raman?” I asked,. I lost track of the time in this 3 days I did not get out of my bed......

After a 3 days of thinking and feeling broken, I decided to call Mihika. She will give me advice and will guide me.

“Yes, hello Ishu its me Mihir.... Mihika said she’s going over to look for Raman. Mihika said she needs his help on something,” Mihir said this over the phone”

“Oh,like this ok ok ,” I said, closing my eyes. Mihir continued, “If u want i ll give your message to her”

“mmmm, yes, sure. Let Mihika know I called,” I said and cut the call. I have applied leave from job and surprisingly, I was granted leave No doubt Raman had something to do with it. Over the 3 days, there were so many knocks on my door, calls and messages from Raman. I didn’t read it, didn’t answer the call and bother to listen to his voice message.

Mihika called after 3 hours later. She sighed, “I know what happened baby get out of your bed, take a long walk or jog and come and look for me?”

“You went to find Raman,” I asked, wanting her to tell me more about it. She sighed, “Yes. He’s not really in a good shape either Ishita. I need his help on something,”

I realized everyone Even my own best friend Mihika was hiding something from me. Right now, I don’t even want to care. I need Mihika  and I need to heal.

Move on? Can I ever move on?

Raman slipped into my heart unknowingly and without Raman, my heartfelt empty.

“Hello? Ishita baby r u there?” Mihika asked.

I sighed, “I don’t know what to do Mihika,”

“Get out and go for a long jog,” Mihika said, “You always did that in college Time. it makes you feel better baby,”

And that was what I did after hanging up with Mihika. I changed my dress  and went for a long jogging along the beach. air filled with salty sea water. I felt so much better. Being grounded in my room for these 3 days, all I could think about was Raman. I never felt so broken before. Param and mama, they don’t even have a place in my heart.

after jogging i was coming back from Beach. from distance, I saw a Audi. I took a deep breath and wiped my sweat off. That’s Raman car. He’s been following me.

I ran back to my apartment. Raman can follow all he wants and I won’t even care. Not really , I would. I want to turn around and hug him. I want Raman to tell me everything is okay. But it’s not. Raman didn’t bother to explain to me the last time.

before I shut the door of apartment, someone hold onto apartment door. Raman was standing there, unshaven, wearing dirty yes dirty white shirt and blue jeans. his face showing me a  business man Raman Bhalla face, trying to hide his emotions...

“Ishita…” Raman said, letting himself in and he came in closed the door. He pulled me and trapped me in his arms. As much as I want to stay in his arms, I don’t want to let the matter go so easily. Raman needs to know how much he hurt me. I struggled, I punched him on his shoulder even kicked him. I did everything I could to resist what my heart wants.

“Let me go Raman !” I shouted at him, “You jerk you b###d  Let me go!”

“Ishita…” He said in a strained voice, “I’m sorry, Jaan. I’m sorry.”

“No Raman No !” I pushed him away, finally stepped some distance from him. His face dropped, The Raman Bhalla now looking at me with his hands held out and his face looks torn, “Jaan, I miss you so much that I can’t live without you. I’m miserable without you Jaan. Don’t walk away from me, please Jaan.”

“You are the one who choosing this!” I replied firmly, “Have you considered what I faced how hurt i m ? Have you ever felt so cheated by someone you love so deeply crazily ?”

“You love me Jaan,” His lips curled up a little and he stared at me, “I’ve been waiting to hear that Jaan,”

“Don’t use that on me Raman,” I said, putting my phone on the counter, “You need to leave now,”

“I love you, Ishita,” He said very pleasantly , taking my hand into his, “I love you so much Jaan please Come back to me.”

“Of course, you are Raman Bhalla. The man who has the power of getting everything what he wants. I’m just a chess game for you. You don’t even know what love is. You don’t know how to love. You broke my heart, Raman. I waited for you to explain when I came to u. I waited and yet all I get was look on you, as if you want me to get out.”

“You rejected to marry me, Jaan. Do you know how much it hurts? Someone you want to live with her together whole life, someone you cannot live without rejected you. I was angry. I wasn’t thinking straight,”

“How about Shagun ? What were you doing with her?” I asked

 “we are just friends Jaan,”

“A friend right" A friend of yours, wearing your shirt, in your bedroom? Yes, I’m So convinced Mr. Raman Bhalla.... I pour myself water He came near me and wrapped his arms around me, “It’s not the right time to tell you any part of me, Ishita. Give me time Jaan I need time to tie up some loose end,”

wow Another secret Raman I took a Long breath, taking in my favourite smell of him, “Then Mr.Bhalla you should leave and tie up your loose end before you come back again,”

Raman tensed, his arms wrapped tighter to me, “Ishita… I told you what I can…”

“What was Mihika doing in Bhalla industries  today?” I asked. He sighed, “Mihika asked for my help.”

“What help?”

“Mihika said not to tell you,”

“Right,well” Another mystery to be solved, “Mr.Bhalla You may leave now,”

“Jaan, please.”

“You can come back to me once you decided to tell me all the secrets you are hiding from me,” I said, came out from his arms and opened the door for him. Raman sighed, rubbed his face with his hands. Raman laced his fingers in my hair and kissed me on my forehead . then Raman leaned his forehead on mine, “I’ll come back Jaan, I promise you"

“Don’t promise things you can’t fulfil,” I looked away from him.

“I love you, Jaan.” He kissed my forehead once again and walked away without turning back. I closed the door leaned against the door and cry out. It’s so hard to resist running into his arms. It’s so hard to not love the Man who has so many secrets. For now, I just have to wait for right time. Wait for Raman to do whatever he has to and come back to me.


Two days after Raman’s visit, I was ready to go to work again. Subbu asked me to go to ROY PUBLISHING for a little bit. I could hand up my work and also go for meeting with Subbu. Duke was waiting when I went down to get my Alto.

Duke gave me a weird smile, “Hi Ishita, it’s good to see you again,”

“Oh Good,” I raised my eyebrow, “Raman did not ask you to escort me everywhere. We are taking a break, Duke. His bodyguard needs to leave me alone too,”

He close his arm against his chest, “That hurts Ishita I came as a friend. Mr. Bhalla had work and he wasn’t ready to leave you alone to work so shall we,”

“He needs to suck it up then,” I looked at the parking space where I parked my Alto but it wasn’t there. It was replaced by a white Mercedes-benz. “Where the hell is my Alto? I parked it here,” I pointed at the spot.

Duke scratched his head, “Yes and that,”

Oh no… I know what’s coming next. Raman trust Mercedes-cars a lot. He basically thought about changing all others cars to Mercedes because it’s safe. I was sure what Duke was going to say next. “Please tell me it’s not what I think.”

“Your Alto was old and I found defects in the engine too. Raman went to get a new Mercedes for you and sold the Alto. The money is deposited in your account,” Duke explained and I was going to pull my hair out already. Raman is so exasperating.

“Raman did it without asking my permission?! Is it so difficult to open his mouth to ask for my permission huh ?!” I snapped and paced around the Mercedes. It’s quite a beautiful beast but Raman knows how to get to me.

“He’s just thinking of your safety Ishita,” Duke explained like as if he’s talking to a kid.

“Yes because my Alto might just break down in fSubbut of the traffic and I will meet with some huge accident that kills me,” I groaned, “I don’t have really time for this. I will get a taxi then,”

“Raman will be so angry,” Duke added, “Let me drop you to Publishing House  and you decide from there,”

I looked at Duke and I asked, “Duke worked for him even before Raman met me. You know Duke what he’s doing,”

“I m not allow to tell you, Ishita. Just know that Mr.Bhalla is doing it for your own good and for your safety. Whatever Mr.Bhalla tells you, he meant it and he will settle it just for you,” Duke said and opened the Mercedes door for me, “Come on Ishita you will be late for the meeting,”

Subbu was waiting in the meeting room when I reached. He give me his chessy smile, “Hey Hi, I heard you got a new Mercedes,”

“Don’t start SR,” I warned, “Raman is getting on my nerves,”

Subbu gave me a slanted smile, “Buddy (Raman ) got his own reason,”

“And you knew it too right SR ? Why everyone knows here it but me?” I put my bag on table and he looked at me. “What?”

“Actually, you know it too.” Subbu gave me weird smile which also got into my nerves, “Subbu Roy, not you too. I’m here so that you can make me feel better,”

“I’m just try to putting you out of both of your misery right now,” Subbu smiled, “Raman was putting crumbs everywhere and you already know it. It’s just that Ishita you need someone to verify for you. Ok leave it  anyways, I called you here for very important business,”

I frowned at his topic change. Raman hinted me about those secrets before? What kind of situation Raman got into that he can’t tell me directly?

“What business Subbu?”

“You know Roy Publishing was working with Paris’s finest publishing company right?” Subbu started. I nodded. Recently, Roy merged with Paris’s famous publishing company – Lisa. It’s the biggest client and partner Roy have ever worked with.

“They are very interested in your writing Ishita and asked if you would come along for our next business trip to Paris,” Subbu said and I raised my eyebrow. If Raman knows about this, he will Kill me. But why would I care for him right now? We are taking a break from our relationship  and Raman needs to accept it that I have my own life too.

“I know Raman will angry so I tried my best to hide the fact that I’m eloping with you in this,” Subbu joked which really makes me feel good. I smiled and said, “You ‘tried’?”

“Yes, I can’t hide anything from him. Raman is basically a hound dog when things comes to you,”

“How long is the business trip Subbu?” I asked.

Subbu flipped papers in front of him, “Probably two days. We will fly out once we are done over at Paris. We got time to some sightseeing too.”

That was so amazing. I have never got out of India ever. This will be a good reason to get out and take a break from all the things going on here. Subbu waiting for me to decide. This was one thing I appreciate about Subbu.

“Screw Raman Bhalla,” I said, “I m in,”.


Raman was waiting in my apartment when I went back to apartment to took my things and clothes. Subbu said when I’m ready, we can fly out anytime. “Get all things and done soon,” he said.

Raman's face shows nothing but I know he already Know about it. He stepped to me, kissed me urgently this time I respond him pulled him deeper to me. He moaned, “Why are you doing this Jaan ? Can’t you see how attached we are?”

“I told you,” I leaned my forehead against his, “We need a break Raman,”

“You need a break jaan,” He pointed out, “I don’t need any break from you Jaan. I want you so bad.”

“Raman,” I cupped his face. I kissed him softly on his lips, “I love you Raman.”

Raman sighed against me, his face brightened up immediately, “I love you too jaan I love you too.”

“But we need this break from each other. Raman and  You have to let me go,”

“No,” His face's smile left and the Mad Raman Bhalla is back, “Subbu is not going to bring you to Paris. I will do anything I can…”

“Raman please” I stopped him, “I have to go. I need some break from everything that is happening here You can use the time to tie whatever loose end you have.”

“Jaan I can do it with you here with me too...he kissed me gently again" I will stop doing things you don’t like. Just… stay with me Jaan.”

I sighed. When I agreed to go, I should know Raman will be against it. But I agreed anyway because I needed the distance from Raman or else I will really go crazy from whatever he’s hiding from me.


“Fine,” he snapped, “Go away” Then he slammed the door of apartment and left. I looked downstairs and saw Raman pushing Subbu away, pointing his finger at Subbu, “Don’t even try anything Subbu Just be glad I’m not punching you.” Then Raman jumped into his Audi and speed off.

My heart became heavy. I trust on Raman’s driving skills but he’s not thinking straight now.

I called Duke and he picked up right away, “What’s wrong Ishita?”

“Raman,” I said, “He speeds off after he knows I’m leaving to Paris with Subbu.”

“Okay, I got it. Just be safe,” Duke said and end the call. I send a message to Raman

: I love you Jaan... I will be back.

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