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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 8

He gave me a little pout, kissed me my lips, “I will un-angry you JAAN” Then he bite softly on my neck, I moan. He smiled, “That’s the reaction Jaan I want. Do I pass your test Ishita?”

“Yes, you are...,” I blushed and smacked his shoulder, “Lunch?”

“As you wish, In My heart Jaan”



Raman held my hand as we headed up to the rooftop on Bhalla Industries . Raman decided to bring me to somewhere for dinner. It’s definitely more than amazing. Anyway, here we are, on the rooftop with Raman’s jet.

“Can’t we just drive?” i asked

. Raman smiled, “No Jaan. I have to come back for a video conference. Udaan (Jet's name )will bring us to  place faster,”

I cursed under my breath. Raman shook hand with a Man who introduced himself as Vijay. “Ms. Sharma , it’s nice to meet you,”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Vijay. Are you flying Udaan ?” I asked, casting a wary glance at Raman who’s checking something, making sure it’s safe.

“No, Ms. Sharma. Mr. Bhalla loves to take his precious Udaan himself. That’s him doing the final check. Don’t worry; you are safe in Mr.Bhalla's hands.” Vijay shouted over the jet.

Raman passed the checklist to Vijay and nodded his head, holding his hand out to me. I took a long breath put my hand in his he helped me to come in the Udaan and made sure I’m safely buckled. He kissed my forehead, “You are safe in my hands, Jaan. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“I know ,” I crunched my nose. He chuckled, give headphones to me. Duke came in and sat behind us. Duke gave me a small smile, nodded to me, giving me assurance. Looks like Duke done this before.

“Okay Jaan we are flying,” Raman said and then he asked permission from air control.

I looked at Raman, who looks devastatingly handsome and sexy when he’s controlling the Udaan. He glance at me with a smile, caught me staring, “Don’t look at me like this, Jaan. It’s difficult to concentrate.”

I blushed

Raman took me to a restaurant named ‘Bhalla Dine (BD)... The restaurant was in a modern theme it’s a walk distance to the beach. The waiter saw Raman and quickly adjusted his attire and smiled, “Mr. Bhalla, it’s been a while. Table for two?”

“Yes,.” Raman put his warm hand on my waist, allowing Andy – who introduced himself as the top waiter in BD.

Raman was ordering for us when a young age guy, wearing chef attire, his hair was lil messy..... I frowned at the similarity of the chef and Raman…

“Raman Bhalla, look who finally came to BD.” He smiled a creepy crooked smile similar to Raman. Raman looked at me and nodded, “Romi, this is Ishita. Ishita, this is my brother Romi Bhalla.”

I blinked, trying to grasp the fact that Raman has sibling

 “Ishita,” Romi took my hand and about to kiss on It but Raman held my hand and give Romi a killer look he stepped back and said , “It’s nice to finally see you I learned not to believe anything that the media writes about Raman Bhai’s life but you are exceptional. I read a lot about you and Bhai.”

I blushed.. “I didn’t know Raman have a brother. I’m still absorbing ,” I glared slightly at Raman who chuckled.

Romi looked at the two of us, amused. He smiled, “Quite a keeper there, Bhai. I believe this is the reason why Ishita is the one and only girl you brought to BD.”

One and Only girl, I smiled. I’m the first one to visit BD with Raman.i thought to myself

“Where’s Rinki?” Raman asked while Andy put our food on the table. Romi nodded to me, “Try the steak, highly recommended by the chef.”

“Thank you,” I smiled and asked, “Who is Rinki?”

“That will be me,” A beautiful Girl walks out with a short black dress, studying me with a smile, “Ishita! I heard Andy talking about a beautiful girl hand in hand with my bhai. I quickly finished my work and came out to check who is this beautiful Girl,”

“Sister?” I raised my eyebrows at Raman and accepted a hug from Rinki, “Did you hide a kid or a wife too?” I direct the question to Raman who smiled. Romi and Rinki both grinning widely, Rinki nodded, “I like you,”

“How’s BD ?” Raman asked. Romi rolled his eyes, “We are handling  very well. Can’t you see the crowd Bhai ?”

Raman smirked and said, “Okay now go away, we want to enjoy our dinner.”

“But I want to know Ishita more Bhai” Rinki protested and sat beside me against Raman’s objection. Romi chuckled and squeezed into the booth with Raman, his two hands on his chin, looking at me. I feel so self-conscious with Raman’s siblings staring at me.

“So, how’s urs life with my intense protective bhai ?” Rinki started. I was surprise they didn’t bring up the common question like my my work and family study. Then, I thought they might already read one article about me.

“Rinki…” Raman warned.

“Crazily insane,” I replied. Raman chuckled, playing with my thumb.

Romi’s eyes sparkled with curiosity, “When u both getting married?”

Raman raised his eyebrow at Romi's question and I stared at them. I stuttered. I never thought about marriage with Raman before. Raman looked at me as if he is waiting for me to answer a question he wants to know answer

“woohh , we never really consider or talk about marriage stuff before,” I answered. Rinki rolled her eyes, “Right. Okay now come on; let’s go Romi Bhai before their food gets cold. Enjoy  the food and see you around, Ishita


“How old are Romi and Rinki?” I asked to Raman as we walked down the beach after our dinner.

“Romi is 22. Raman took my shoes from my hand and continued, “Rinki is 23.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about your family Raman?” I asked. Raman shrugged, “I thought you would have read from Internet by now.” He smiled.

I smile, “No, I haven’t and I would after I go home later.”

Raman chuckled but his eyes dimmed a little, “Bhalla family isn’t something I want to tell people about. Even on Internet don’t have you dont find whole story.”

Raman shrugged his suit off and put it on the sand. I asked, “Raman .. What are you doing?”

He pulled me down to sit on his suit so that my dress won’t get dirty. But Raman was sitting outside of it. I pulled him closer to me so that we can share his suit. Raman smiled, “Always putting people before you,”

, “Raman You are the one who always put me first before yourself. We are sitting on your expensive suit, Mr. Bhalla.”

Raman smiled and hushed me, “Did you hear Jaan?”

I raised my eyebrow, “What Waves?”

“No, listen carefully Jaan,” He smiled playfully. My favourite Raman was out.


“Listen to how the money is checking into my account every seconds, Ishita. And I’m talking about not a Rupees. Hundreds and thousands checking into my account,”

I rolled my eyes, “Bragging?”

“No,” Raman kissed my temple, “Just telling you how much I earn in seconds and this simple thing of sitting on a expensive suit doesn’t matter to me. It’s you Jaan, who matters to me. I can’t buy you no matter how much money I have in my account. You are priceless to me Jaan.”

I melted in his words and his arms. My heart did a weird somersault and only Raman can make me feel like this. I leaned up to hug him tightly. He moaned, “Not here, Jaan.”

Raman chuckled and arranged position like this so that I’m sitting in between of his legs, and leaned against him. He slowly said, “Jaan you told me about your family but I’m still keeping mine to myself,”

“You don’t have to tell me Raman,” I said, “It doesn’t change anything between us.”

“It does,” He sighed, “Jaan You said to me that you don’t want a relationship built with lies and secret. I’m trying to make this work so let’s start with my family.”

He continued, “The Bhalla family wasn’t the happy family in the news. My father Suri Bhalla kept mistresses and never come home. My mother Krishna Bhalla loved him but it came to an extent that she can’t continue staying in the hoome without feeling broken. After she got Romi, she went into depression. The three kids still stayed with Mom, Mom still loved us with all she can give. Until the day, when she walked into Suri Bhalla and his mistress. She was angry because Dad never brought any woman home. Both argued and fought. I was 18 when this happened. I hide Romi and Rinki in the basement so that they won’t experience the things I experienced.”

Even when Raman was’s 18, he was already protective about the things he loves. My Raman.i said to myself

. He closed his eyes I sat up and brushed my finger to his cheek and He continued, “I saw Mom holding a gun. She pointed it to the mistress and killed her. Then she killed Suri bhalla. Mom turned to me, She cried and apologized to me . I begged in fSubbut of  her not to. I tried but she didn’t let me. She put the gun to herself. And…”

Raman's voice broke tears flowing from my eyes. I pulled Raman in to me and hug him tightly try soothing him. How can someone witness this and never go mad ? No wonder My Raman  is  protective.

Raman continue "I didn’t want to talk about it for months. Until my daadu took me under his shelf and took care three of us. Daadu taught me all the things I need to know to take over Bhalla Industries ..I brought the company up when I was 21. I didn’t let anyone know what I saw and it kill me inside so I realized I need to blow out my anger in another way. I  choose to S#X,”

I took in a deep breath. Stay with Raman Ishita. Raman is telling you and he never judge you when he learns about your family.

then Raman looked into my eyes, “Then I met you Jaan. you  realize me I can do better and you make me realized a lot of things I never been able to. You filled me Jaan, Ishita. He cups my face and said Don’t even doubt Jaan for a second about your power over me. You are the only one who can break me easily and the only one I don’t want to let go.”

and then i take his lips into mine...our tongue inside each other hands playing over on each other body but we control ourself not to make out on beach...

after that, we went back to Bhalla Villa and poured out over love and made love. When Raman told me about his family, i feel sad for him. Raman loved his mom and yet he watched her killed herself. I’m one step closer into Raman’s world and the world that only belonged to us.


Good times like that don’t last long. Healthy relationship builds on trust. And that’s still one thing we both have to work on because when I bumped into Shagun in Bhalla Industries, I thought about Raman cheating behind my back. I shouldn’t be, should I?

Shagun smiled a very cold smile to me when she saw me, “Ishita Sharma right?”

“Yes, you are Shagun Arora,” I said, with the confidence.

“I heard a lot about you,” Shagun said, “Finally get to see you Ishita,”

“Likewise,” I said and Duke appeared from nowhere and he cleared his throat, “Ishita, let’s go.”

“Oh, hi, Duke. Could you bring me up to see Raman? I believe he called me up this morning,” Shagun said, her statement consists of a proud and challenging tone.

Duke might have heard it too so he replied, “Ms. Arora, that’s not in my job description. I am here to escort Ms Ishita to her office. I believe you can ring Mr.Bhalla at the receptionist. Please excuse us thank you,”

Shagun face was priceless. She didn’t think Duke would reject her. I laughed when Duke and Me entered the lift. Duke raised his eyebrow at me, “You’re welcome,”

I smiled, “I didn’t know this side of you,”

“More to come, Ishita,” He smiled and said, “You know it’s nothing right?”

I looked away from Duke.. I said goodbye to him and went to my own office. I checked my phone – none from Raman. Usually Raman would send me a text or mail. I checked both and refreshed thrice.

Nothing new came

I stared at my computer, frustrated.

During lunch, I decided not to wait for anyone. Even Duke. I crossed the road and went to Mihika’s café. She raised her eyebrow at me, “Hey, baby, what’s with the frown?”

“Shagun Arora,” I said, taking my coffee and paying Mihika who glared at me. She dont take money from me. I pushed money to her and she said, “We can’t talk now. I saw a few reporter out there. But someone you might want to see,” Mihika nodded to the corner of the café and I saw Subbu looking at his Phone, sipping on his coffee.

I headed to his direction and cleared my throat, ahem ahem may i join?”

Subbu looked up and welcome me, “Ishita, Arey sit naa. I thought you are having lunch with Raman?”

“Don’t even talk about it Subb,” I said, sipping my coffee and Subbu chuckled, “Okay then. BTW, I wanted to call you for my party tonight,”

“Party?” I asked. He nodded, “ROY PUBLISHING annual party. You are invited since you are my journalist,”

“I heard another meaning in there,” I said. Subbu rolled his eyes, “Raman said he can’t make it. So I’m thinking if you want to be with me you know.”

I looked at him. “You can have the entire city's girl, then why me?”

He smiled, “Why not?”

“Ishita,” Raman’s voice joined our conversation.
Subbu leaned back to his seat and sighed, “Here comes the Lunch spoiler,”

Raman ignored him and looked at me, “You ditched me for lunch Damn It and you’re not answering my call. Do you have any idea how worried I am Jaan?”

“I thought you are busy with Shagun,” I repiled. He sighed, “I heard about it. Come on Jaan let’s go have a decent lunch,”

“So this is about Shagun Arora,” Subbu commented and shook his head. Raman ignore him again as if Subbu is not there at all.

“This is decent Raman,” I pointed to my mug.

“Don’t make me angry, Ishita.” Raman narrowed his eyes, “Don’t be a Jaan. Come,”

Subbu frowned at the comment and I felt like I’m being mocked. I took a deep breath and Subbu said, “She can do whatever she wants, Raman.”

“I never ask for your comments, Subbu. She’s mine only and you can go and find another girl but not her.”

“thats enough,” I slammed my mug on the table and stood up, “Let’s just go. Sorry Subbu, see you tonight.”

Subbu nodded, I said goodbye to Mihika who obviously was watching the scene. She mouthed ‘Tell me later,’

We went back to Raman’s office and he loosens his tie, “You are going to Subbu's party?”

“Yes, I’m working in Roy publishing too. Why not?”

“Ishita,” Raman sighed, pulled me into his arms and looked into his sexy eyes, “Shagun is just a good friend and we were talking about business. I’m sorry Jaan that you have to bump into her. I told Shagun to leave you alone. Jaan don’t even have to worry about her. She’s nothing like you.and you know this”

I sighed. He brushed his lips against mine, “I will go to the Subbu's party with you but I’ll be late. I will get Duke to send you there,”

“A..Ac..   Actually,” I Hesitated, knowing Raman will get mad about this. “I agreed to be Subbu’s .....Subbu's.”

Subbu's what

Subbu's Girl

Raman took a deep breath and his eyes narrowed. Oh god. He’s really angry with me

“No,” He said firmly, “You are not. Ishita, why don’t you understand how much you mean to me Jaan ? You in other man like Subbu's arm will just break me into pieces, Jaan.”

“Subbu is no other Man,” I said, “He’s your friend,”

“A friend of mine who I happened to know better than anyone,” Raman said. I put my hands on Raman's face, “I’m going with Subbu, Raman. You can trust me. You can even ask Duke to keep an eye on me Okay. I will wait for you to come,”


Duke was standing at a corner as usual, his eyes on me. Subbu got me on the dance floor and promised me he ordered my favourite  black forest pastry. He looked down to me with a smile, “Thanks for going against Raman,”

I replied, “It’s nothing. He will be coming later on,”

“Yes, Raman called me and warned me about Duke punching my Jaw out if I ever do anything to you other than dancing,” Subbu chuckled. “It’s rare to see Raman getting so damn protective over a girl.”

“Your friend needs help Subbu,” I joked. Subbu laughed, “You are a very special, Ishita. And if I work before Raman, maybe you won’t be getting watched by Raman's bodyguard. You will Only be in my arms.”

I stared at Subbu. Not sure what to reply. Subbu likes me?! Oh God. I didn’t notice.


“I know I know,” Subbu smiled sadly, “ Ishita its wrong time to say it but I just had to let you know if Raman breaks your heart, I don’t mind fixing it for you Ishita.”

I didn’t know what to reply him. I feeling sad for him, “You are a good Friend, Subbu. You will find someone worthy than me.”

“I doubt so,” Subbu smiled, “Here comes your controlling King,”

“Ishita, Jaan,” Raman nodded to Subbu and proceeded to kiss me fully on my lips, definitely showing off to Subbu who walked away from us. “Why that face?”Raman asked

“Nothing,” I said and pulled Raman down to the dance floor, “I need water,”

I didn’t tell Raman anything about Subbu confession. Subbu and Raman are talking to each other about some stuff. Raman then ends the conversation, saying goodbye to him when he saw me picking my finger. “It’s time to go home Jaan,”

Ride to home was silent i know Raman was thinking something... Raman removed his suit and hangs it on the counter when we enter in His bedroom then he turned to me, “Duke told me about what Subbu said to you,”

Of course Duke will hear it since he was so close to us. I stammered , “It It It’s nothing,”

“Marry me, Ishita.” Raman blurted. “Marry me. You will be only mine and no one will take you away from me jaan

I frowned . Raman was proposing to me because of the earlier event. He gets what he wants. I feel like I’m in a business deal. Raman was asking without thinking and without saying the Love word or even not getting a ring for me. How can I accept even though I really want to accept ?

“I’m not a your business deal, Raman.” I snapped, “You are proposing to me because Subbu likes me. So what?! I am not going to leave you  Raman and you know it. You don’t have to tie me in marriage stuff”

“Are you rejecting me Jaan ?” His eyes turned to red  He’s angry. He’s not my Raman and he’s not thinking straight.

“Yes,” I said firmly. Raman took my hand, unlike other days; he’s not gentle this time, “Raman!”

“This is a game for you Jaan, isn’t it?” He said, “You think you can just break my heart like this?”

“Mr. Bhalla,” Duke walked out. Obviously he heard about it and I trust Duke to handle the situation.

“Back off, Dukeie ” Raman said to him.

“Raman,” Tears are filling my eyes. His hand was more tighter and I cried, “Raman! You are hurting me!”

Raman finally snapped out of whatever came over him and he looked at me with a helpless look, “F##k. ....Ishita… Jaan,”

“No,” I hugged myself, thinking about Param and my Mama. No, Raman was not like them. I took a step back from Raman who flashed a pained look, “I’m sorry Jaan and please don’t be scared from me,”

“I need to go Raman,” I sniffed and rushed to the exit but Raman held me back and I shouted, “No! Don’t dare you touch me!”

Duke quickly stepped in, “Mr. Bhalla, I will send Ishita back to her apartment safely.”

I quickly come out and  the last thing I saw was Raman swiping the things on the counter and throw the them.

Duke didn’t say anything on my way home. He finally started, “Mr.Bhalla is just broken, Ishita. He didn’t mean to hurt you. When I told him about Subbu, he was afraid you will choose Subbu over him. He didn’t think straight, Ishita.”

When Raman held my hand too tightly, all I could think of how the Mama 's belt slapped me in my stomach. How Param beat me up Raman was different. Raman shows me what love is and he shows me how important I am to him.

I wasn’t afraid of Raman. I was just overwhelmed by my past.

“Do you want me to stay here?” Duke asked when he sends me to my apartment. I shook my head, “No, thank you Duke.”

“You’re  most welcome. Have a goodnight, Ishita. Let me know if you need anything else,”

I slept  in my bed, still in my Party clothes I recounted everything that had happened. If Raman proposed me in a different way, will I say yes? Of course I will. I love Raman even though he’s protective and controlling Man. Maybe this was why I love him. Raman came into my life and accepted me for who I am. He sees past my flaws and I love every part of him.

It doesn’t matter how he ask me. I want Raman to ask me again and this time I will say yes.


Next Morning:

I took my bag and my car I made my way to BV.

Duke was by the lift when I reached he give  me a panic look, “Ishita, Mr. Bhalla is busy currently…”

“He got a guest?” I asked. “I need to see him Duke,”

Duke blocked my way. Duke never stopped me. This time he stopped me because he didn’t want me to see anything.what was this

somehow i cross Duke and ran into Raman’s room. I saw a blouse on the floor, Shagun wearing Raman’s dress shirt, coming out of the bathroom with Raman wearing a Bathrobe behind.

If it’s possible, I could hear my heart broke into pieces. Duke came in after me and he said, “Mr. Bhalla,”

Raman looked up and he wasn’t my Raman. My Raman will look at me as if he hates to do this. But this Raman, I’m looking at was studying me without any emotion. “Jaan,”

“Screw you, Raman,” I spat. Don’t break down in front of them. No. Especially not when Shagun was standing with a evil smile on her face as if she won the game. “Its over Mr Raman Bhalla You are no different from all the men in my life. You are worse than them Raman Bhalla,”

I ran. I ran, ignoring Duke calling out my name and then I heard Raman. I heard him calling my name. I took my car, back to my apartment and put on the bolt. I doubt Raman will even come and look for me.

but Right now, I have to cry. no i wanted to cry out

I knew it, don’t I? When my first step with Raman Bhalla, I knew this will happen to one day and  Raman will break my heart. It happened. And I’m stupid enough to let it happened.

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