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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ishra SS :falling in love With Wise Part 11


Raman strapped me into Udaan, gave me charming and playful smile and kissed me and said, "Sit tight Jaan," Even little action like this from Raman, makes my heart skipped twice.

I watched Raman buckled himself in pilot seat, I waved goodbye to Vijay as Raman asking for permission to fly. His hands on the controls, lifting Udaan up and off we go, to the surprise Raman wants to give it to me.

"Raman, where are we going?" I asked for the almost 50 times since he dragged me out of bedroom and said come with me a have surprise for you.

"In a my heart, Jaan," He gave me a this answer. I turned to Duke who was sitting behind us, who also shrugged and gave me a smile. I watched as Udaan crossed over the ocean, the beautiful scene below us. Nature is such a beautiful sight. I sighe in content, sit back and enjoy my view. Raman squeezed my hand, giving me a his charming smile.

We landed on a rooftop, shook hands with man name Raju. Raju greeted me politely and quickly walked away when Raman wrapped his arms around me. I rolled my eyes at him, Raju chuckle  as Raman led us to a long back door. When he opened the door, i saw a beautiful beach waves and salty air welcome us.

we walked out of the beach. with so much satisfied i looked at Raman. Raman smiled, "Not yet, Jaan," Raman took my hands, walked along the beach and then I saw the big and beautiful house at a distance..  house was so outstanding

"Raman, that's a residence place?" I asked,

Raman raised his eyebrow and smiled, "You tell me,"

The house was quite secluded and private, Raman scanned his finger on a security system and it beeped to let us know we are in...Raman got a pair of keys out, dangling in front of me, "Open it Jaan," I getting a little nervous from what's coming. I put the keys and opened it.

we entered in the house it was Big. We went upstairs and I could directly see the beach from the windows in front of me.

The house was so perfect.

 Raman smiled, "You like it Jaan?"

"Like?" r u kidding, "I love it! It's like the perfect house..Raman." I said and turned to Raman. I dropped my jaw, "Raman...Please don't tell me what I think it is,"

Raman shrugged, "You got the keys, and you love it. This is our house, Ishita."

I took a long breath, holding in my breath to see I'm not dreaming at all. Raman chuckled, kissing my neck, "Breathe, Jaan. This is your surprise. When I first saw this house, I knew you would love it. I've been chasing It for a few weeks. I finally put a price on it, and bought It."

"Raman..." I took his Hands and looked at him, "What are you doing Raman? You bought us a house,"

"I'm giving us forever," Raman replied, giving me his charming smile and pulling out a ring, "Ishita, the moment I saw you in the anniversary party, I know I was going to get you. Everything you do attracts me towards you. I couldn't think anything except you. Everything of you Jaan drives me so crazy. You was looking so perfect drinking Juice and watching around as if you want to left party so badly than standing there. That night...Hmmm he kissed me while saying and continue... was the night that changed who I am. Jaan I want you to grow old with me. Will you do me the honor by marrying me Jaan?"

My eyes filled with tears and my mouth covered with my hands, i was fighting from drop down to my knees and cry. Yes, the tears of joy. Raman smiled nervously, wiped my tears with his thumb, "You are making me nervous Jaan. The first time, you rejected me. It's kind of hard doing same again,"

"Yes, , Raman! Yes! I will marry you," I jumped into his strong arms my head on the crook of his neck, "I love you so much Raman,"

Raman smiled, leaning his face against the crown of my head, "I love you too Jaan,"

I looked up Raman slipped on the diamond ring onto my hand. Its expensive but i dont like expenses  It's basically every girl. But not me, I bit my lips, "What if I lost this Raman?"

" Jaan I will buy you another then," Raman chuckled,

how can i Forget He is The Raman Bhalla,

I rolled my eyes on his Exclusive Rich comment.

Raman kissed my forehead, "We are engaged Jaan."

Hmm i smiled at him...

In No seconds our tongue fight for dominance i was kissing deeply him  , "I might have something for you too Raman,"

"What?" Raman raised his eyebrow and I put his soft hand onto my stomach.

Raman ddnt understand 1st then after a minute ...

Raman hand on his mouth ... he realized what I'm talking about; his eyes went wide . Billionaire Raman Kumar Bhalla stupefied. He looked down at his hand on my stomachand then back to me, "How...?"

"I might have missed my  period and birth control expired and..."

"Ishita," Raman stopped me from Ramanbling. He just hugged me like there is no tomorrow , "You just make me a very happy man, Jaan."

I let out a relief breath tighten my arms around Raman you happy naa??

Happy...I m super happy Ishita Jaan Tumne duniya ki sabse Badi khushi di hai(You gave me world's best happiness)...He swung me in his arms...Ohh sorry sorry he said and put me down i have to more careful Jaan...  ,

I gave him a look ..."It's still three weeks old but little Raman is giving me all the morning sickness,"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Raman tapped my nose and shook his head, still smiling, "Oh, Ishita, Jaan." Raman stopped and I realized Raman Bhalla was speechless. I smiled, looking up to him, "You really okay naa??

very much Okay

He laughed, carried me downstairs and Duke was standing by the door with a smile. He heard. Raman still grinning, looking at Duke, "Hey Dukie, you know we are engaged and having a baby,"

Duke nodded, hand held out to Raman but Raman pulled Duke in for a man-hug. Duke stared at me with a shocked face, "Congratulations, Mr. Bhalla and you too, Ishita."

Duke hesitated to hug me or not since Raman was standing there, still grinning, his eyes staring at me and my stomach as if Little baby will pop out if he looked away. I pulled Duke in for a hug too, "Thank you Duke. Don't worry; you won't lose your job If u  hug me. He's too stupefied,"

"I heard that, Jaan," Raman chuckled, hanging his arms over my shoulder gently. I punched on Raman's arms, "Don't start treating me like a patient. Raman I will seriously go insane,"

Duke and Raman both burst out laughing. We stayed in the house while Raman bombarded Duke about having baby since Duke have two kids at home. I stared at my Raman with a smile on me, our hand on my stomach. Yes, I can get used to this.

It's been three days since we told our friends and Raman's family about news. Raman was still grinning from ear to ear,. Raman looks like a complete different man. He called me every half an hour during work
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from office and asked about baby as if baby will run away. He brought me back to Dr Gupta and this time, he sat down and asked all the questions. Dr Gupta, the kind woman patiently answered Raman's questions and Raman paid quite a huge sum to Dr Gupta's clinic.

Romy and Rinki opened an 'Engagement Party' for us. Raman parked in front of the  restaurant, helping me out and held my hand, going into the restaurant. Mihika was first to hug me, "Congratulation, Jaan!!!"

Raman : ahh Correction She is my jaan Only

We (Mihika and me ) ignored Raman's correction

"Thank you, Mihika," I hug back her eyes full of tears. I slapped her arm, "Why are you crying, you idiot.. I'm a pregnant woman now and You are making me emotional too, stop it."

Mihika and the rest burst out laughing. Mihika brushed my hair behind my ears, "I'm glad you are happy,"

"Yes, me too," I replied, i heard the little voice.

"Prince!!" Riddhu came running to Raman and hugged his legs. Raman laughed, carried her up and kissed her little cheek, "Hey princess,"

"Hey,riddhu, "He's mine, hands off,"

Everyone laughed except for riddhu who stuck her tongue out, "He kissed muh cheeks!" Raman chuckled, throwing her up into the air, she let out a loud girlie scream. I imagined Raman with our baby. He's so good with kids.

"You are in so deep trouble now," Subbu said to Raman as walked towards us, gave me a tight hug and kissed my cheek, "Congratulations both of you,"

Subbu then did a hug with Raman. Mihika took riddhu off Raman's arms and the rest came congratulating us. Romy came over to us and hugged us, "Thank you for making him a happy man, Bhabhi. Welcome to the family,"


Duke knocked on my door i replied  come in. "Hey, Mr.Bhalla need me there in the office. if you need anything just let servants know or you can call me."

"Go, Duke. I can handle myself," just then ran to the bathroom and vomited . Duke stood outside of the bathroom, "I think I should stay Ishita..."

"No," I waved him off, "It's normal in pregnancy  Go ahead, Duke. Get out. I'm going to watch some movies while I wait for Raman to come home,"

"Alright then, please don't try to move anything heavy." He said and I glared at him, "I'll be back shortly."

I changed into my yoga dress and put hair into a bun. Raman and Duke the two exasperating men in my life. They treat me like a child. They basically don't let me do anything and even arrange to do brush in bed not even brush they served breakfast in bed.

Raman decided to use his CEO position to order me to stay home to work. I did video conferencing with my design team and one of the friend actually told me there's a vacant head designing position waiting for me and. Of course, I asked Raman and he brushed it off, saying it's not him, but my capability. Sometimes Raman makes me doubt about myself. That man.

The intercom beeped, signalling there's a call from downstairs. I pressed the button and looked at the screen. Someone in white clothes with sunglass on, looking right at the camera, "Ms. Ishita, I've order to bring you to Mr. Bhallar. He wants you back at his office,"

I sighed. Obviously Raman is not happy I'm at home alone.. I answered, "Give me 15 minutes, I will get ready and come,"

I changed my clothes and headed downstairs. 

Once i opened the door, 3 men standing in front of me with a creepy face. Something was defiantly  wrong because the next thing I knew. One of the Man dragged me out of house, his hand covering my mouth and the other two one of them open the door of a white van and other went to driving seat... I was struggling all the way and afraid of what will happen next. My baby, no. They throw me into the van tied me up with cable ties. then blindfolded me, taping my mouth.

"I am being kidnapped now."


  1. oh no..ishita kidnapped
    eagerly waiting for the next part

  2. awww this was so sweet
    d way he proposed
    she is pregnant n they r happy wow
    bt shit she is kidnapped
    now its getting interesting


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