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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 7


He enters her slowly and then pumps hard and fast...She moan


both go deeper and harder....and reached their climax....

Raman get fall on her and kissed her forehead and both sleep after sometime in each other Arms......


Ohh god this damn application..... if I still can’t get the right code for my new software, I will go mad. I groaned, trying all the codes make my software works. I’ve been sitting at BV’s kitchen counter , trying to fix my software.

Raman walked out of his office, kissed on my cheek, “Kaisa chal raha hai Jaan...(howz going on)?” coming only in his phajamas shirtless body distract me from my work...

“Crap Raman, I can’t Fix the right code for my software and you come here with your distracting body,” i said. Raman laughed, take a glass of water and come near me watching my code and tap on my nose...., one Kiss and i ll fix it....

“No,” I replied. Whenever I was on Software code problem Raman would always want to help me and I said No Normally  I will fix it myself in no time. But today, I just can’t do it dont know why...

“I don’t like to see you in a bad mood Jaan”.....Raman take laptop and put it side and in no time we kissed our tongue fight for dominance...we broke...again  He kissed my Forehead and takes me in his arms.he put his chin on my shoulder take lappy and then he smiled, “Come on, let me fix this.”

He typed some code into my software.... I watched the red warning turned into green and I dropped my jaw, saw the code Raman gave it to me. It’s a very long a rare but the code is brilliant!

“Oh my god, Raman where did you get this code???” i gave Raman a wide grin. Raman smirked, when I kissed Raman fully on his lips, “I love that smile, Jaan.. Go and edit it, put in the hide code. It’s brilliant but don’t let anyone know about this ok...

“Is it legal Raman ?”

“Jaan Can you use your software now?” He teased me I gave a look, smacked his chest. He chuckled, “In a My Heart, Jaan.”


I was cooking Raman’s fav Aloo Paratha when my phone buzzed – Mihika. I picked up, she said, “Go and watch the news, hurry!”

“What’s wrong Mihika?” I asked, switched On Tv. Then I saw my Mama’s name. On the news. Sunil Malhotra arrested sexual assault on teenager girls’ Holy crap.

“Ishita, you okay?” Mihika asked and I swallowed the lump in my throat, “Mihika i call you back later,”

Mama was arrested after an unknown person dropped CCTV footage of how proof against him burnt by some corrupt police officers .

but Now Mama was arrested and found guilty in the court. He still looked the same but older. My Mama… After so long, he’s finally found guilty and arrested. That monster deserved it and for what he did to me for years and poor girls. If only I stopped him the last time, those girls won’t be hurt by monster

“Jaan,” Raman came, taking me to him for a Big hug. I breathed in Raman’s smell, my favourite smell, to calm me down. He kissed the top on my forehead, “It’s alright now jaan”

Raman turn off Tv and played with my hair while I stared at the blank TV, replaying Mama arrested news. I felt a knot have been untied in my heart. He deserved all this, I told myself.

I looked up to the Man I love Raman. Raman gave me a reassuring smile, “Are you okay Jaan?”

“hmmm,” I smiled, “Finally he is on the place hich belongs monster like him but he is My mother's brother same blood Raman. I don’t want to be a monster like him Raman,”

Raman’s eyes showed a dark emotion as if I stabbed his heart. He took a deep breath, his dark eyes piecing into mine, “Ishita Jaan, you won’t be a monster like your mama. You have the purest heart I have ever seen and don’t even think about him. He’s in jail He’s gone for good.”

Raman wipe my tears with his thumb then something clicked in my mind

“Raman…” I hesitated to ask..

 “Are.....Are you the unknown one who drop the CCTV footage?”  bcoz Raman can do anything.  If He wants something, he gets it and he work for it.

Raman didn’t reply me at first then he nodded, “You are happy Naa Jaan. It’s over and he’s locked up. I’m sorry Jaan, don’t be angry.”

I sat up and leaned in to kiss him. He groaned. I can’t believe Raman did this for me.

“How can I be angry at you?” I said, cupping his face with my hands, “Thank you Raman. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me. All the things you did for me Raman”

Raman smiled, “I told you Jaan I want you to be happy. I want to do everything for you, give you a life that nobody can have. Jaan.”

“Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla ji,” I cooed, playing with his chest hair..., “You are driving me crazily insane with all the things you want to give me Raman I crazily insanely love with you Raman”

Yes....he said in Husky voice...? You are a crazily insane and i want to make Love with Crazily Insanely....” He pulled my hand away and take me in his arm dont know when we landed on couch and then we did again..


Vikram is my software editor. He is watching the Code...then He cleared his throat when I asked “Something wrong with the code Vikram?”

“Sort of,” Vikram replied...., he put his lappy and pointed to the code Raman gave it to me... He said, “How did you get this "wise" code?”

“wise code?” I frowned, “This isn’t my code Vikram…”

“Yeah,” He said, “Of course this is not yous. This wise code, Ishita, is illegal and thank god you hide it because if this is presented to the public, you will get arrested.Ishita”

ohh God i said . I thought about Raman. How did he get the this then? He knows it’s illegal code and he called me to use the hide code told me to hide it....

“What’s the wise code?” I asked warily.

“The wise code,” Vikram started pulling out a web page and a symbol popped out on screen.... symbol looked familiar., “This symbol, what does it means Vikram?”

““The wise code is a very brilliant and the code is used by white hat hacker or professional hacker. They literally like the god of hackers. The wise code is created by an unknown hacker, this hacker is known as Wise Man. He’s the best among the entire professional or government hacker. Wise Man works for himself. No one i said No one in this world knows his identity. So the government or the hacker world has been trying to find Wise. The wise code he created is illegal because it have his own characteristic. Like the wise code you used, it’s the most simple wise code. Nobody will notice it unless you study the wise code. The symbol yes the special symbol represents the world of hackker. A world wise Man created himself. He’s wanted by government but rumors said government wants Wise Man to work for them.”

“So this Wise Man is he dangerous?” I asked. bcoz I need to ask Raman about this. I have my doubts but knowing Raman, his secrets and everything he did. What if he’s wise man and I’m exposing his identity...The Jenny's phone calls about his identity… OMG

“Well, we all think Wise Man is awesome and really good in what he does. So nope, he’s not dangerous.” Vikram smiled, “Sometimes if you see some wise Man work in some criminal cases. Wise man has a signature move where he makes sure the criminals are filmed throughout his court cases.”

I thought about Mama's case. It’s the first time I noticed the criminal was filmed in the court. Oh MY GOODdddddddd

“You okay, Ishita? You look tensed,” Vikram waved his hands in front of me. I gulped and nodded, “No i m ...i m Ok, thanks Vikram. i was just copy this code from Net. I didn’t know it’s illegal.”

“No worries, it makes our software works. I will put in encrypted  hide code.” He said and went back to his desk.

i decided to call Raman. He picked up at the first ring, “ Jaan, I just came out from a meeting,”

“Can I come up to your cabin? something want to ask you,”

“Okay…Jaan is everything alright?” raman asked I thought about wise, “I don’t know, you tell me Raman.”

Raman was standing by the lift when I came out from his private lift. Raman looked at me with frown, “Did I do something wrong again Jaan?”

“Let’s talk in your cabin,” I took his hand, and enter in his cabin,,,. Raman took a deep breath, “Are you.....Are you want to break up with me?” A pain look appear on his face.

I blurted out the question, “How did you know the wise code?”

Raman’s face turned to a businessman Raman look. The look I hated. Business Man Raman Kumar Bhalla. He shrugged, “Who told you?”

“It doesn’t matter,Raman I said, “Are you wise man, Raman?”

“No!” Raman replied..., “I found the code in the internet on website It’s a way to solve things easily. Doesn’t mean I’m wise man,”

“Raman…” I looked into his eyes. his dark eyes into mine..... Either Raman is so good in covering up his identity or he is not lying to me.

 i said  “My software editor Vikram told me about it and its illegal . I told him I got it from the internet.”

Raman smiled, brushed my hair, “This is the reason Jaan why I told you to put the in the hide code,”

“What about Mama case? Wise man got the signature of putting criminal in court film. The news yesterday, Mama was in the court.”

Raman sighed, “It’s just coincidence. I don’t even know what’s wise signature move.”

“Ok,” I said. I got what I want. Raman said he’s not Wise Man. “If I find out you are lying to me, I will be very Angry, Raman.” I talked to him like he’s a 5 year old kid.

He gave me a little pout, kissed me my lips, “I will un-angry you JAAN” Then he bite softly on my neck, I moan. He smiled, “That’s the reaction Jaan I want. Do I pass your test Ishita?”

“Yes, you are...,” I blushed and smacked his shoulder, “Lunch?”

“As you wish, In My heart Jaan”


White hat hacker : Hackers community devided in 3 :

1.white hat hacker : like security purpose hacking

2. Black hat hacker 

3. Grey hat hacker

i gave this info because i dnt want user get confused hope u understand above terms which Vikram explain to Ishita....

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