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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 6


I saw his phone, still on hold on with Caller ID Private. raman gave his phone to Duke who stayed in the office. Before we left from there I saw Raman’s computer shows a symbol no its a sign of something. Raman quickly put down his laptop screen and stood up, “Come on jaan”

That’s laptop definitely not his laptop. Raman’s background and screen saver was my sleepy selfie pic as his background..........



Mihika was cooking dinner when I arrived at her house. Riddhu ran up to me

“Ishita Aunty...!! Where is the prince Charles ????”

I broke into a huge laugh...., I carried her in my arms and said “He’s working baby but He told me to say hello to you and he miss your smile Baby,”

Riddhu giggled, “Mom said I can go out with prince Charles  if only Ishita aunty baby sit me! Can you baby sit me, pulleeeezzzzzzzz!!”

I give Mihika a death look. Mihika laughed and stuck her tongue out to me. “Sure, Bachhe. When Prince Charles got the time, I will bring you to him okay?”

“Yipeeeeeee!! I need to tell this to pooh...!” She ran to her room and pick up Pooh– her little cute teddy bear. I put my bag down and smacked Mihika’s shoulder, “Thanks for that,Idiot”

“What are friends for?” Mihika laughed, “Okay say, why did you come here leave your RAMANAN BHALLA ALONE?”

I pouted, “Why can’t I drop by and say hello to Riddhu?”

“FOF,” Mihika rolled her eyes  and Riddhu tilted her head with Pooh in her hand, “Mummy! What is FOF?”

I control my laughing. Mihika panicked, asking for my help. I put my hands up, refused to help her. She groaned, “Riddhu beta FOF... stands for… Fan OF....,”

this time i cant control.... I burst out laughing, tears running out of my eyes because of laughing...... Mihika throw a kitchen towel on my face..... now Riddhu gone talk now...

So I told her from the event, Raman and Shagun’s interaction, Subbu’s help, Raman’s secret and all other stuff. She stared at me, “Wow so”

“Wow so that u want to say Mihika I cut her in between? It’s a miracle to find a speechless Mihika,” I mocked.

“So what’s his secret Ishita?” Mihika smiled, “Does he own a girls club or something?”

I glared at Mihika, “Raman didn’t tell me and we didn’t share each other's ‘secrets’ yet. this not something I am looking forward to you know and anyway, it’s called secret for a reason. If I know I won’t tell you.”

Mihika's next word , “You are such a impossible,”

“I know,” I winked at her and went out to play with Riddhu.

When I went back to the BV, Raman wasn’t come yet and akso not picking up any call. Duke disappeared after sending me up to the BV so I’m alone in the house, sipping apple juice and watching CID.

I open my laptop, decided to do some office work, searching charger in my bag then realized I left my charger in the Raman's office. Damn I went into Raman’s office in BV to search  a charger may be his charger ll work in my laptop when i entered i saw  His laptop was open and I saw a profile page open

Surprise its My profile page.

That was what Raman was talking about. My body went Froze. My hands automatically scrolled down on my own profile.

Name: Ishita Sharma

Father Vishwanath Sharma.

Mom Madhvi Sharma

Age: 25

Background: Vishwa and madhvi Died when Ishita was 15 years old...Gaurdian  Sunil Malhotra madhvi's Brother and Niharika Malhotra

  Graduated from IIT Delhi, and same for  For computer designs too. Dated Permeet khurana for 1 and half years, abusive, in jail. her Mama Sunil Malhotra drug overdose. Niharika Malhotra, drunk, abusive.

“Ishita,” Raman called my name from behind I looked at him, feeling like a dirty. Raman walked towards me but I put my hands out to keep him away from me, “You knew,”

“Yes, I knew.” Raman answered, “Jaan, come here,Please Come here"

No,” I felt dirty. I felt like I’m that Old Ishita all over again. I felt my whole life was surrounded by people who don’t like me. My walls are up. I am Ishita Sharma. My secret… No…

“Jaan ,” Raman said in a very pained voice, “I’m settling the problem, Jaan trust me....”

“What problem?” i asked without looking in his eyes...i feel like dirty sat down to the floor and I screamed, feeling every inch of my body dirty...

A warm hand touched me....i surrendered to myself to him... I can’t breathe. I can’t think. My Mama (Sunil Malhotra ) will stop beating me if I surrendered to Mama. Mama will laugh when I hugged myself and cry on the floor.

“Ishita, stop this Jaan ,” Raman’s voice called me out. My nails digging inside to my thighs this the ages old method i used to keep myself calm.. Raman pulled my hand away and Duke, helped me to carry up. I can’t let anyone touch me, “Don’t touch me I shout !”

Duke scared and let me go but Raman held onto me. Raman carried me in his arms and take to the kitchen, set me on the Kitchen counter and Duke gave me a water.

Raman brushed my hair away by his fingers from my face. My eyes turned up to Raman’s handsome but pained face,Raman cups my face and said “Ishu, Jaan. I’m here, nothing will happen to you again. I promise jaan Bus please Trust me jaan i m with you...

Duke picked up a call and he said, “It’s Subbu,”

“Tell Subbu I will call him later,”

Duke said Ok and Left...

 Raman kissed my forehead, “Ishita…Jaan”

I broke down. I went into Raman’s big hug, feeling unworthy, “Why didn’t you leave me Raman? Why? I’m dirty...... My Past....I don’t deserve you Raman!” I don’t deserve you

Raman wiped my tears away by his fingers..., “Jaan, you are the most precious gift to me. I won’t leave you  Jaan because of past. You don’t deserve anything like this. You need to be treasure. Ishu, you are my everything My World start with you and Ends with You”

Raman's words make me broke down again. He kissed my tears away, “Come here Jaan,” He hugged me tight holding me while I calm myself down. Raman’s touch makes me feel safe and Now focusing only on him.....

Jaan he said in husky Voice...Lifting my Chin by his finger....“Feeling better now ?” He brushed his lips against mine. I nodded, “What happened Raman?”

“Medias.....Raman stopped...after a momemt he continue....They dug your profile out. I got to know yesterday and I had to buy it from the media. Subbu found it first, so Subbu contacting every media industry to prevent any information leaking out...

Subbu..… I have to thank him later. Raman was hiding something from me....I could feel his hesitation.

“Mom Dad Died in accident....i was 15 year Old My Mama take me with him...Some years Gone very well....when Niharika Mami was depressed after a miscarriage; she took on drugs and overdosed. Mama wasn’t like this. We are happy but after Mami’s gone Died. It fell apart.”

I tensed; I’m going to tell my secret to Raman. I’m sharing my deepest secret to him

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to Jaan,” Raman said.

“No, you need to know if we both want a healthy relationship So no secrets between Us” I said and Raman’s eyes flashed a look that I don’t understand. But I could confirmed, Raman is hiding something from me too.

“Mama put his misery on the bottle. He start abusing and there was Parmeet only my support, Mama caught me and Parmeet we were on date... he wasn’t happy. He said I was a whore. And…” I trembled at the memory. Raman held onto me,. “I left Mama's House and lived in rented apartment. Some time Parmeet with me ...He wasn’t the guy I thought he was. He was sweet and romantic guy. But when he drinks, he’s just like my mama. he beaten me...He didn’t let me go until I called the police on him.

I was in bad state after Parmeet case. Mama got me back, locked me in the house and never let me out. I tried to escape a few times but luck is not with me he caught me then he beaten me up. I was going to die, kill myself. But finally, Mihika noticed my disappearance....

She saved me out; she called the Police on my Mama. My Mama has many resources that keep him out of jail. I will never forget the look on his face when he walked out of the court. I was disgusted. Mihika stayed with me, she never left me. She brings me back to normal and went to the same college and university with me. Then we moved to Mumbai.... and he still living happily somewhere...

Raman’s hands were clenched into a fist. He closed his eyes, kissed his forehead on mine, “Dammit, Ishita. Dammit,”

i calm him and then he cups my face i saw a pain for me in his eyes...i cups his face and brushed my lips with him...after broke kiss i saw. Raman smiled a little, “You are a brave woman, Ishita. I’m lucky to have you and don’t even think once that you don’t deserve me. You are the most beautiful woman  Jaan and you are not going to leave me so easily. That Devil will get what he deserves,”

“Back to you, Raman. Thank you.”

“In a My Hearts Jaan,” He smiled. At this moment, I was sure that I’m crazily insane in love with Raman Bhalla.....

He pick up in his Arms while walking he said Plz dont stop me today i want you to undress 1st and in no time we were in his bedroom...For crazily insane Love making


Raman Close door and  smashed Ishita's back into the Door, not  roughly, but gently

He licked her bottom lip for entrance, which she eagerly gave him. His hot tongue swept around her mouth, exploring every part. She  moaned in Raman's mouth and ran her fingers through his hair.

Raman's right hand went from her waist to her thigh and he lifted up her dress. His hands ran up and down on her back, making her excited and scared at the same time.

Raman pulled back from her to undo her dress from the back and pull it off from her. Now she is standing before him in only inner wears. Raman eyed her up and down, licking his lips in the process.

Raman pulled off his shirt and his abs and chest hair driving her crazy ...He smirked when he saw her reaction, and kissed her neck and shoulder longingly.

She ran my hands over his chest and making circle on Chest hair.... Raman's hands went right to her b***ts and he rubbed them lightly.

As they both kissed, the touching intensified and soon, her all clothes off and Raman was just in boxers. Raman was kneading her b****ts like dough and she was moaning like their was no tommorow...Raman Throw his last Clothe on floor

They moved to his bed and Raman laid on top of her licking her  b****t, and sucking them. She moaned out his name a few times, and he moaned in response.

He enters her slowly and then pumps hard and fast...She moan


both go deeper and harder....and reached their climax....

Raman get fall on her and kissed her forehead and both sleep after sometime in each other Arms......

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