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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 5

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Duke was following behind us then I saw Raman was signing on some documents on the charity table with Shagun, smiling and laughing with Rounak. That's the end of my straw.

"Subbu," I said, "Can we get out of here i feel suffocated and want to eat Juhu Chaupati's Kulfi?"


Subbu sends me back to the apartment after we ate kulfi . He stopped the car and smiled, “You know it’s not what you think earlier, subbu said

“Hmmm No,” I said, “I don’t. It’s okay yaar, Subbu,” I gave a fake smile. Subbu opened the door for me and helped me out. He shut the door and then looked behind me. there is Raman’s Bentley and he was leaning on the car. Raman straightened himself and walked towards us, “I was looking for you Jaan,”

“Duke knows where I was,” I said and turned to Subbu, “Thanks for the ride and Kulfi, Subbu,”

“You went chaupati with him Jaan?” Raman snapped, “I thought you are going with me "

“You was busy with Shagun Arora, I didn’t want disturb you both.” I said, hiding my emotion. Subbu was looking at me without a smile. He knows.

Raman narrowed his eyes, “Seriously Jaan?? This was about Shagun ?”

“Hey Raman, watch out your tone.” Subbu stepped out and this was the first time I saw Subbu getting mad for me. Raman snapped to him and grabbed his collar, “Don’t even Try My bro. Its between her and  Me This is none of your f#####g business,”

Duke quickly jogged to us and stand at some distance  in case a fight start. I pulled Raman away, “It’s not Subbu’s fault. Subbu, please, I can handle this u no need to worry.”

Subbu looked at me and then back to Raman. I nodded to him, “Thanks for tonight Subbu”

Raman held my hand tighter. Subbu hesitated for a while and he nodded, “Gud night. Call me if you need anything,”

“She don’t need anything from you Subbu,”Raman replied firmly

“For god sake, you two are very good friends remeber. Stop it, Raman” I snapped. Subbu glare Raman and and drove away. I removed my hand from his and went up to my apartment.

Raman followed me and took my hand, pulling me to him., “I’m sorry, Ishita. I haven’t seen Shagun  for quite a long time, we are just ,,,,,just catching up.”

“With her fingers  on your chest,” I snapped, “Do you know how many people are there witnessing it? you know Raman I felt so used

What ??

Yes i felt so used when I stood there while you and your so called ex gf  touching each other.”

 " Listen Jaan "

Dont call me Jaan I m not ur Jaan....Shagun  is Ur Jaan

Raman flinched, “We are just friends,Jaan”

 “Did you see Subbu and I touch each other?”

Raman’s eyes darkened, “You need to quit the job you are working for Subbu Now,”

“No,,,No Freaking way I wont I ll leave ur Job but Not His....!”, “This is my life and you don’t have right to control it”.... I pushed him away and open the door of apartment

“Jaan, don’t you dare walk away,”

“Just put yourself in my Place and think about it,”

“Ishita, what about Chaupati?”

I opened the door and threw my bag , “Bhaad me Jao tum aur tumahari Chaupati,” Then I shut the door in his face. I leaned against the door , pinched the bridge of my hair pin and my door is locked in case Raman decided to barge into the house with his keys.

I should have expected this kind of situation with Raman. Why am I still so disappointed and hurt? I was jealous about Shagun  and Raman.

This was not my life but Raman was driving me crazy with his love with touch and with his kisses. I have gotten used to Raman presence in this house and when I’m in Bhall Villa. I took the book and an Apple.... Screw this feeling.


I woke up next morning the Sunday Morning,

i saw Raman's 5 missed call from this morning and 2 text

Raman: I need to see you, Jaan, I miss you Jaan

Raman: I’m outside of your apartment.Jaan Please.Open the door

Both texts are showing time 4am. I jumped out of my bed and runzz to open the door. There was Raman, sleeping in front of my apartment, in his yesterday clothes, a coffee mug on his right side... He lifted his head up and gave a his killer smile when he saw me, “Jaan,”
Omg this hit me Raman bhalla he slept no he wakeup all night in front of my apartment

He stood up and I let him in

i make a tea and breakfast for you...

He came behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist, “I’m sorry Jaan. I shouldn’t have done all those things yesterday i promise i wont repeat. Please don’t be angry at me.”

Raman Bhalla stayed outside of my apartment last night.The Raman Bhalla How can I still stay angry at him? I turned to him and hugged him. He sighed in content, “I missed you Jaan "

“Me too,” I looked up to him, “Go and Fresh n up i ll make breakfast,”

His phone rang but he was in bathroom. I looked at the caller ID It shows Private Number. Should I pick it or not ? I don’t think Raman will like it if I take his call. So I ddnt pick

I was making breakfast when he came out of shower, clean shaved and looking fresh. water drops falling from hairs to his perfect 6 pack abs....his hand on his chin as he watched me, “I can never get sick of this Jaan,”

I rolled my eyes, blushing, put breakfast on the table, “Come naa Eat,”

He joined me by the table, kissed me on my cheeks, “Good morning, Jaan.”

“Your phone rang 3 times. I didn’t take it,.” I said. raman took his phone and i saw he frowned .
He stood up, “will Be right back Jaan.” He went to the balcony and called the back.

I was watching him. He is sounding tensed . “listen I can’t do it now… I will do it for god sake, Jenny. Probably this afternoon,Now thats okay"

Jenny. Another girl? I quickly tuned out my sight not wanting to listen anything more

Raman came back with a tensed look and, “I need to go back to the BV for work,”

“Okay,” I said and Raman looked at me, and said  and You are coming with me right..

“Woo woo,” I stammered, “I have to do some writing work and  office work too,”

“Bring everything over the BV. I want to spend my Sunday with you,” He finally gave a small smile. But I felt an uncomfortable feeling about this ‘sudden work’ he’s having.


Duke broke into a smile when he saw me walking into the BV “Good morning, Ms. Ishita,”

“Good morning Dukeie,” I winked at him. Raman raised his eyebrow at the both of us, “Should I know something?”

“No sir,” Duke quickly back off a little. I rolled my eyes, smacked Raman lightly on his arms, “Duke and I have this Raman relationship,”

Raman smiled, “Oh really Jaan? Tell me about it,”

“We crack Joke on ur suffering ,” I blurted and Duke back off more than usual.

Raman looked at Duke, “My suffering as a joke, Duke.”

“Sorry, Sir i wont repeat.” Duke said and I rolled my eyes, pulled Raman to me, “Don’t look like you are going to kill him Raman,”

Raman chuckled, “Relax, Duke. She’s something huh?”

Duke smiled. I gave looks to two of them, pushing Raman into the BHALL VILLA (BV), “You are so dead,”

Raman turned around, grabbed me and kissed me on my lips.Our Tongue fought for dominance  we parted for air and ended up in his bedroom.

after some time

He smiled down to me, “Do you know Duke worked for me more than 6 years and he never get close to any girls except for you Jaan?”

I smiled, feeling so proud, “Well, what can I say Jaan? We have Raman-Relationship.”

Raman chuckled and traced his kisses down my neck.....his hands started travelling over my Skin  I pushed him away and slapped his face lightly, teasing him which is  my fav job, “Don’t you have work, Mr. Bhalla,”

Raman groaned as I heading out of the room to get my laptop, pad and my work stuff. He shouted after me, “
In My heart ♥♥♥ Jaan,”

Raman also made a small office In BV.....Raman called Duke into his office  while I worked at Hall working on my new code designs for human wealth and health management and write an article about Wealth .. I used my experience with Raman to type a comparison of the poor and the rich Subbu will love this article.


It was dinner time when I checked the time. The sun was setting and it was a beautiful view from BV. I appreciate the beautiful scenery for a little while before heading to Raman’s office to ask what they want to have for dinner.

When I was getting close to his office, I heard…

“No I can’t let her know about this Okay,” Raman snapped at someone. “She’cant handle and I won’t give up my identity for this u get that,”

Identity? What is Raman’s identity? Let me know what is this?

“I kept this new identity ever since I joined you all. She won’t find out this ,” Raman said definitely he is talking to someone on the phone.

I heard Duke’s footsteps approaching the door so I act like I just stepped to the corner, “Dukeie, is Raman still busy i just want to ask something?”

Duke nodded, a little bit too serious. I pouted and asked, “What do you want for dinner? I was going to make so i thought ask u both,”

“Jaan come in,” Raman called out and I walked in. His tired face lift up and he grab my hand and i sit on his lap and kissed him senseless, “Tired Darling?”

“Yes,” He kissed forehead, “Hmm and hungry for you Jaan”

I rolled my eyes and brushed his hair away and wipes sweat drop from his forehead , “Let’s order something, it will be faster Jaan”

I saw his phone, still on hold on with Caller ID Private. raman gave his phone to Duke who stayed in the office. Before we left from there I saw Raman’s computer shows a symbol no its a sign of something. Raman quickly put down his laptop screen and stood up, “Come on jaan”

That’s laptop definitely not his laptop. Raman’s background and screen saver was my sleepy selfie pic as his background..........


  1. awesome mazaa agaya yeh short writen episodes unbelivable i have imagined each and every thing............... i love thisssssss


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