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Friday, 19 June 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 4


He started by moving his tongue against my skin

Dont  tease me Raman pls"

I too dont want Jaan....

Open ur eyes and saw me please and then he entered in me and we made love again......

The Last thing i heard was from him " i was crazily insanely Love with u Jaan"


Few weeks Later

'please Wear this tonight Jaan. I will come back at 7pm. Ur R '

"As demanding as ever Sir ," I said and take out a red satin long dress l. I'm still not used to Raman's affection and he loves to pamper me with his luxury and gifts. For the past week, I've received thousands of presents...

Raman might go overboard meeting by giving me a platinum credit card but I refused to take and ignored him for the whole day....Until the next day, my bank manager called me and said my account receive millions that I remembered not long, have only some thousand in my account....what could i do Raman is so stubborn

I  disagreed with Raman he wants me to live with him in Bhalla Villa (BV) even though he asked me every day to move in with him in BV... I told him no but looking his sad face I gave him a plan from Monday to Friday, I will stay in my apartment, he can join me as he always did but sometimes when he's busy, he would go back to his villa and On Saturday and Sunday - I would go over to BV and  stayed upto Monday night.

Duke knocked on the door and said, "Ms. Ishita, Mr. Bhalla asked if you want to take the Ferrari or Limousine?"

I rolled my eyes. Also I know Raman have four sports cars - Bugatti, Ferrari, Martin and Lamborghini . Two SUV , One limousine - for high class event purposes. 3 Audi and 2 Bentley.

"Audi A8," I said. Duke's lips curled up and chuckled, "I would love to see Mr.Bhalla's reaction,"

we both smile and Duke left me alone. For the past few weeks, Duke and I had this Raman-relationship. We basically laughed at Raman's frustration and angriness  whenever I don't listen him or go against Raman's demand or decisions or anything. Sometimes, Raman got so angry that he refused to talk to me. Duke who is mediator sometime go ups and down , often laughed at the argument between Raman and I. Usually about me going against Raman.

I went to towards speaker, plugged my iPod in and put my fav songs in loop while I get ready for the event. Mihika wanted to dress me up but she couldn't make it due to riddhu's allergic.

Speaking of Riddhu, I asked Raman to the party and met some of my friends and also got along well with Mihika. Surprisingly, Raman wasn't the big shot business tycoon when comes to private event like this. He's my Raman, my playful Badboy Raman Bhalla. Riddhu was also in love with Raman's nature. She basically said she's going to marry Raman one day. But Raman, didn't mind, he was smiling at the little girl Riddhu. When we got home that night, we again made Love and after that he said  "I want to have kids in the future Jaan" "Jaan a new Word For me From Raman"

I took a shower and did lil makeup for party...

After that Day at the café He declared me his girlfriend , the news became breaking news like "Raman Bhalla's girlfriend". I was in every newspaper, including Subbu's paper. Subbu - to his concern - he wasn't happy about the this relationship but he respects my decision. Raman said he's trying to stop the media from dragging my past that I don't want anyone to know.

I was thankful for Raman and Subbu too.... Subbu also did a part of stopping the media from getting too much information about me. Reporters are all around, except for Subbu's paper. A lot of them are warned by Subbu not to harass us and then I will talk if they make an appointment with Raman.

So far, Raman doesn't want me to tell them anything until I'm ready to sharing it. me and Raman are basically an official couple but nobody knows that Raman and I still have our own  some secrets which we are not ready to share with each other yet but we ll share....

When I went back to work all after that, my colleague all staff suddenly became so interested in my life....who ddnt even say hi to me before... Even Shikha - my head of designing called me to her cabin and asked me are u okay with everything i ddnt understand but after a moment i realized she asked me Are you depending on the boss...The Raman Bhalla...? Of course I told her that My relationship won't affect in this department. it has nothing to do with work. At least Shikha was convinced. The rest staff were not so convinced. Rumors said that I'm just a poor girl who wants Raman Bhalla's money - which made Raman really angry about it.

I apply minimal make up and put my hair in a low ponytail. I changed into the red dress, a evening gown which cover my footwear too and I have to lift my dress up when i have to walk.... I grab a silver diamond necklace that Raman got for me.

Raman came in room and smiled, "You are looking so beautiful," He helped me to wear the necklace and his finger brushed the side of my neck and he kissed on my shoulder, "I just want take this dress off and make love to you Jaan,"

I moaned on his word. who hit my every nerve. I turned and said, "And we will never reach to the event,"

"really," Raman tried to kiss me and start... but I stopped him, "No, Raman, get changed and we need to leave now. I asked Duke to prepare Audi."

Raman groaned, "You just love to go against me Jaan,"

I winked at him, "That's my hobby Darling,"

Raman decided to take his Austin Martin instead of Audi. When the car stopped i saw out of car, I thought I would faint on the spot in seconds. Reporters are behind the red carpet, they are all shouting for Raman and... and over me.

Raman took my hand and kiss the back of it, "You ready naa Jaan?"

"No Raman i m scared" I said, still looking outside. Duke chuckled in front and Raman gave me a Killing smile, squeezed my hand and leaned towards me give me a peck on cheeks which helps me to calm down...

Raman leans forward to my ear and said, "Did I mention you're beautiful?"

"You did Raman so many times and promise me we will go and eat at Juhu Chaupati i want to eat Kulfi after this," I smiled and Raman winked, "I promise but i wonder why you want me to eat Kulfi from road side stall....

You ll love it Raman Please Promise me....i said again

I Promise. Let's go, Jaan."

Duke opened the door and Raman steps out, giving his hand out for me. This was the first time we came up together in any event.... Every big shot celebrity figure is in there and I feel so out of place. I don't belong to this Page3 life.

Once I fully stepped out, 3 guards come around us for security.... Reporters  started to shout for us to look at them for a good Photo Pose . Raman leaned to my face and said into my ears, "Just smile and trust me Jaan,"

'Mr. Raman Bhalla! How's your relationship with Ishita sharma?'

'Ishita Sharma, did Raman buy that dress for you?'

'Raman! Tell us about the acquisition with the Russian!'



'Raman! Ms. Arora is also at this event, have your ex meet ur present?'

Raman's grip goes  tighter on hand as we walked on the red carpet with a smile on our face.The last question of reporter made me disturbed ... Shagun Arora - the top Hot Shot model and also the first official girlfriend that stayed with Raman for more than two month. The rumours  was they are very serious about each other... Raman and I haven't gone until the level of telling each other our exes...

Raman put his hand on my waist and standing in front of everyone, smiling giving nodd. He looked at me and gave me my charming and Killing Raman's smile. That smile was enough for me to threw my thoughts... I smiled back as Raman kissed on my temple. All cameras Now flashing more Intensely over Us. Duke nodded to Raman and we walked into the event area in the building. I let out a breath. Raman smiled, "You did very well,"

"That was crazily insane," I said. Raman and Duke burst out laughing. Raman tapped my nose, "Crazily insane?"

"What Raman? Woooh thats the only word came in my mouth to describe that."

"You are driving me crazily insane Jaan " Raman smiled, kissed my forehead and then we realized we are standing by the front door of the event

Everone watching Us

"Raman!" A man with a smile, "Raman Bhalla, looks like you got yourself a pretty lady,"

"Rounak," Raman put on his fake  billionaire smile and shook hands with Rounak, "I'm lucky. This is Ishita, my girlfriend. Ishita, this is Rounak Sinha, he's the one holding this lovely event,"

"Mr. Sinha," I shook hands with Rounak who waved his hands at me, ". How was the entrance?" rounak ask

"Crazily insane Yaar ," Raman teased and I squeezed his hand. He said excuse me to Rounak and grabbed a juice for me and a red wine for himself. Duke was standing by the corner, watching us. Duke gave me a nod and a smile to let me know he's fine.because he is like brother to me so i have to take care for himself too.

"Come on, let me introduce you to everyone here," Raman sighed, "Hold on to me, Jaan, this might get a little tiring for us."

Ohh Poor Raman.

We roam around for one hour, hugs,small talks and introducing each other. Some of them are too over-friendly and some are giving me the looks like they looking up and down to me see what makes Raman interested in me. Some didn't really acknowledge but they was polite and gentle because Raman was there.

Finally, we reached the last one couple The Thakrals. Raman was on small conversation with them and  I headed to the desert section.

" Black forest pastry is very good,"

I turned to see Subbu smiling at me. I return a wide smile, finally someone I know here. He joined me , "How's the tiring go-about he asked"

"Oh, so thats why all call it 'Go-about'?" I smiled, picking up a pastry and shared with Subbu.

"Not really," Subbu shrugged, "At least Raman and I called it 'Go-about'. What's Raman doing with the that Thakral couple?"

"Talking about some kind of business stuff there, i m From 'Technology world' so his business stuff is out of my mind...

Subbu chuckled, watching me finished the Pastry...."By the way, you look amazing,"

"Thanks, you look hansome too," I smiled.

"Part of the job," He said and grabbed a napkin and wiped a pastry stain from my cheek, "How did you even get the pastry on your cheek?"

"Roy, stop flirting with my girlfriend," Raman approached and his face tells me he saw wat just Subbu doing with napkin and my cheeks...

Subbu: "I'm just taking care of your girlfriend here Bro,"

Raman laced his arm around my waist and brushed his lips on my temple, "How's your Pastry Jaan?"

"Good," I smiled and Subbu cleared his throat, "Acquisition with Thakrals?"

Raman nodded, "They are interested, I'm not sure,"

Subbu and Raman started talking about some stuff and I continued tasting other desret. Subbu smiled and gave me a wink. I chuckled and Raman squeezed my side, "Want to dance with me Jaan?"

"Hmm sure,"

I put my head on Raman's shoulder and dance along with the music flow. He kissed the crown of my head, "Jaan, Enjoying so far"

"Not really but Pastry is really good,"

"We will get it later," Raman said and looked behind me, a frowning line and sweat drops appers on his temple.... Subbu came and held his hand out for me, "My turn sweetie" He looked at Raman who sighed and kissed my on forehead, "Be right back Jaan,"

Subbu and I danced over two-three songs and his eyes constantly looking around here and there. I looked up to him and asked, "Subbu buddy, what's going on?"

"Nothing?" subbu smiled and I asked again, "Are you sure?"

subbu nod and we came to the desert section . He put a pastry on my plate and said, "Just something Raman has to settle,"

I looked around and saw Raman talking to a girl wearing a black short dress, showing her long legs. She had black hair and her features are so beautiful. Shagun Arora - putting her hand on Raman's chest. Raman was talking to her and Shagun was smiling at whatever Raman was telling her.

that view makes me feel sick. I put the plate of Pastry down. Subbu sighed, "It's nothing Ishita They are just friends,"

"Do you see I touched you or we touching each other?" I asked Subbu cleared his throat and I said Excuse me Subbu i have to washroom . I looked at myself in the Big mirror in Washroom wipe a little stain Pastry from my face and mouth

What can they talk about i said to myself?

Some girls walked into the washroom and took a glance at me. They were talking, "Did you see Raman with his Ex- Shagun? They look so perfect to each other,Why they broke up they were made for each other"

one of them started saying, "If I'm at Raman's place, I would choose Shagun. She's rich and pretty and Hot...

I left from there

I walked out from washroom Subbu was standing outside with Duke. Subbu raised his eyebrow and asked "What happened?"

Leave It i replied and Subbu saw the some girls walking out. and he understand what happen. He took my hand, "Let's go,"

Duke was following behind us then I saw Raman was signing on some documents on the charity table with Shagun, smiling and laughing with Rounak. That's the end of my straw.

"Subbu," I said, "Can we get out of here i feel suffocated and want to eat Juhu Chaupati's Kulfi?"

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