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Monday, 15 June 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 3


now she was panting heavily with her mouth open slightly, her eyes full of desire for him. he placed her gently on bed... threw his rest clothes on floor and come top of her...takes duvet and both drenched in Rain of love......


I'm already missing you and our sexy moans even though I spend my whole week with you Jaan. What have you done to me Ishita ???

and Have lunch with me jaan?

In My hearts ♥♥♥ Jaan

Your Raman

The moment I came into the office when i stepped my first foot in the office, Raman sent me a text even though we just separated not more than 5 minutes ago. It still makes me smiled more and more. Raman stayed over at my apartment for the week, we worked together got to know each other more he read my news paper column. We ate, made love, work together and talked yes our endless talks...

Raman always end his text with  ‘In a my Heart,♥♥♥ Jaan’ I asked him what does that mean. He said, "It means that u r always with in my hearts and Jaan means ur my life darling.... Hearts symbol u knw that means love love and love only ."

As for today, we again go through silly nok-jhok or say silly argument... . Raman wanted to me to come with him in office but I stopped him, saying I could go to office myself moreover i dnt want ppl make gossip about us... As the protective man he was, he wasn't happy about my decision so he gave me one of his bodyguard - Duke, who ll go with me to office and will also go anywhere with me from now. I said no at first but it made Raman very very angry and he was so stubborn and I was going to be late for office. I had to agree.

I replied the his text:
I asked myself that question every day Mr.bhalla. I can't lunch with you I'm going meet Subbu ...
Your Ishita

Just about in seconds of text sent, he called me. I saw here and there everyone was busy...

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"1st No more Mr.bhalla This is last warning

2nd Why are you meeting Subbu?" He asked in irritated voice

"It's our every Monday things. We are friends." I said.

What that means ?? he asked...

We go to lunch on every monday since we are friends Mr. Ka....opps Raman and he is my second boss remember???

"You are having lunch with me," and its final he said this and cut the call......

Subbu whatsapp  me after 5 minutes later

Why the hell did Raman Bhalla  called me and said he will Kick on my ass if I go lunch with you ,Ishita?

I sighed, reply him: I will explain to you later Subbu Ignore him. 1pm at Mihika's cafe.

Subbu: I would love to know what's going on with you and my friend. bye see u soon

I quickly finish my work and Presentation for tom meeting


I entered in cafe; Mihika greeted me i went to corner where Subbu was Sitting. Subbu Roy - boss of "ROY", the publishing company. He looked totally opposite of Raman. Subbu is fit more compare to Raman.

He noticed the some girls gushing over him but his eyes were locked on his Tab in front of him.

i joined him and wish him, "Good afternoon, Mr. Roy,"

"Good afternoon, Ms. I.Sharma. How's work?" he asked with smile on his face

"Busy," I smiled back to him and Mihika came with my hot coffee and a cheese sandwich, my usual for lunch. "Subbu Roy  ordered this for you," Mihika gave Subbu a nickname SR when I introduced Subbu to her. It became a normal thing for us.

I raised my eyebrow at Subbu who shrugged, "I thought you hated waiting for sandwich so I ordered for you first,"

Mihika's said me something with a lip movement that means' you are so lucky?' Then she walked away.

"I thought you never want to meet Raman," Subbu said,. I shrugged and replied, " you Can't escape From the inevitable."

"He sounds really angry when he called me. What's up with him Ishita?"

I can't really tell Subbu that I and... Raman No... it will sound weird. I looked around and saw the some girls drooling over Subbu, and givining glares to me. What if I was out with Raman? Will they kill me in Jealousy?

I sighed and replied , " I have No idea."

"Don't want to talk about it Its Ok Ishita?" Subbu smiled, "Looks like something is going on. Mr. Bhalla  just walked in and he's going to Kick on my ass."

I turned and there was Raman. In his black suit, walking into the cafe with a raging Bull look that could kill everyone. Mihika dropped her jaw and quickly looked at me. I couldn't think straight actually. How could anyone think straight when Raman Bhalla looks so breathe Taking handsome.

"Ishita," Raman gritted sit on chair near with me and glared at Subbu, "Subbu, Tu meri warning Bhool gaya kya ?"

Subbu scratched his temple and said, "Maybe some things are worth going against for,"

Raman's fist clenched together. He took my hand into his and I tried to get back my hand but his killer look stopped me. He's really angry. Angry bull.

"Raman," I said in a low voice, "I'm having lunch with Subbu,"

"I can see Ishita" He replied, " Ishita I thought we were having lunch together. I couldn't find you in office so I came over."

Subbu looked at the both of us. I could see Mihika looking at the situation too.

"You looked for me ohh ?!". That means all staff will know that the boss came to look for Ishita. And if anyone by chance came to this cafe, and will see us too. Damn Raman. I don't even want to see him now.

I looked at Subbu who gave me a reassuring smile. I can always depend on Subbu's smile to keep me sane. He started, "So, riddu's birthday, I have to go to Paris for meeting. Mihika was quite disappointed."

"I don't think Mihika is the one disappointed. Riddu will too."

Raman cleared his throat, "Who are Mihika and Riddu?"

"That's me," Mihika came over with a menu, , saying me with Lip movement 'He's damn hot,'

I rolled my eyes. Raman looked at Mihika and gave her a smile, "You are?"

"Mihika," She held her hand out for shake, "hi i m Mihika. riddu is my daughter."

"Nice to meet you," Raman shook Mihika's hand and order 2 pastries and coffee..

"In Seconds," Mihika said, and walked away. She went behind the counter and did a funny action to me. I smiled and Subbu chuckled. As if we both are exchanging silent joke.

Raman frowned, held my hand tighter, "Subbu, I never introduce my Love My girlfriend to you,"

Subbu's smile dropped. And this was the first time I saw Subbu stopped smiling. He narrowed his eyes to Raman, "What?"

"Ishita is My love my girlfriend my everything," Raman repeated again and I frowned. I know He told this purposely. Showing up with me in public and holding my hand when he knows there are girls sitting behind us. He said loudly so that everyone listen this.

For once, I felt so pissed. How can he Dammit

"But," Subbu blinked away his surprised look, "You have never introduced any girlfriend to me. Ever,"

"Ishita's not like other girls," Raman said,.

Subbu sip his coffee and shook his head, "Raman My beloved friend, this is fucked up. You can do what u want  all your stunts to other girls. But Ishita,"

both talked like i wasnt there

"I told you, Ishita is different." Raman said firmly this time. Mihika came with coffee and and pastries put down on table then walked away quickly, feeling the tension between us

Subbu leaned back to the his seat and looked at me, waiting for me to say at least something but I don't know what to say this time Can I tell everyone Raman is my boyfriend

and  Am I prepared to be Raman bhalla's girlfriend and?

Most importantly, will he break my heart all he broke other girls...

Subbu left after saying goodbye. I took my purse, said goodbye to Mihika and crossed back to Bhalla Industries with Raman following behind me. "Ishita..."

"Don't even talk to me right now Raman " I stopped him from following me into the common lift. Raman got his own private lift to his top floor office. But he used the common life anyway and then how can i forget his body guard i mean now mine body guard Duke stopped anyone from going into the lift. Raman pressed his level and put his card in to make sure the lift goes all the way up to his cabin.

We didn't say anything until we went into his cabin. This was the first time I stepped into his cabin. It's triple as big as my department.

But right now, I'm fuming in anger

"I'm sorry," He locked the door and wrapped his arm around my waist from behind his hot breath on my neck. Even such a small touch, I could feel my heart bursting into thousand of fireworks.

"How can you do this Raman?!" I said in anger, "You did it purposely. You want everyone to know about our Relationship."

"I don't understand Ishita why you don't want the people to know about us...I will get each and every possible chance to show you off to the public ," He asked, "Is it because of Subbu?"

"It's not even about Subbu!" I pushed him away...."I don't want people to gossiping that I slept with my boss."

His eyes turned Red.... He narrowed his eyes, "Your boss. Am I only your boss Ishita? Subbu is your boss too,"

"For god sake, Raman!" I threw my hands up, "You're so infuriating!"

"You are the infuriating one," He said, "I want to spend each and every single moment with you Ishita and I don't know why are you pushing me away. I told you, you are special u r different . You make me feel different and usually I won't show off anyone to the world. You are the only one Ishita I want to."

I looked at him. He looked so sad and frustrated.

He put his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him, kissing my forehead, "I m sorry Jaan about earlier. I was angry when I realized you are having lunch with Subbu. Subbu knew you before me and I was afraid that you like him more than me."

How can someone like Bad Boy Raman Bhalla still so insecure about himself?

"Don't be angry Jaan Tum gussa me bilkul acchi nahi lagti and then He brushed his lips against mine and a smile appeared on my face. He followed with his own charming smile, "Does this mean we can stay 2gether tonight?"

I hit on his chest playfully, "What about the public?"

"hmmm Screw them," He smiled, "You have to get used to it Jaan because from now on, you are always with me in every event."

i came out of his grip and said ok i m going to my desk i have some papers work..byee

he held me hand and pushed me towards him

doesn't working on those papers get boring he said

So what do u suggest to do in office.....

...he looked at my eyes and smiled Now i got it what he is thinking right now....
...he started un buttoning my shirt this is what we should do he said
...he looked at me with so much love I just abt to open my mouth when then his lips crashed into mine he picked me up and place me on his desk we kissed and kissed his lips crashing into mine we were moaning madly is stopped him he looked at me with concern in his eyes...
...Raman this not right place...plz...what if someone hears us ? I start buttoned my shirt again....

but i forget he is Raman bhalla he press one button on a remote and give me that remote a door open on right corner of his cabin he looked me and pick me from desk to bridal style and in a minute we were behind the door he said me press that button again and door was locked....i look around and saw a well furnished room with a king size bed and Behind the bed a big Wall frame of mine in that dress i wore on that Bhalla Industries anniversary night i about to say he again take me lips i respond with quickly he moaned while kissing welcome to bhalla Kingdom he place me on bed....and

in less than a second our clothes off....

he come on top of start kissing on my neck then to b****t

I moaned his name "Ramaaaaaan"

"God you sound so s**y "

again a loud moan


"you smell amazing

"so beautiful "

he started by moving his tongue against my skin

Dont  tease me Ramaan pls"

I too dont want Jaan....

Open ur eyes and saw me please and then he entered in me and we made love again......

The Last thing i heard was from him " i was crazily insanely Love with u Jaan"


  1. awesome update
    jelous raman is so cute

  2. Nice ... Good.. Waiting for more

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