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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ishra SS : Falling in luv with Wise PART 2

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 As I came out of the building, I felt i was going to burst anytime in tears. How can I walk away from this? I have never felt before such intense love feeling. Maybe it’s because that’s Raman Bhalla. Disappointment washed through me. My heart hoped at  1% chance that he would wake up and search or chase after me.

All I could think of was Raman Bhalla.

   PART 2


Ishita's POV

"No way How Really No way,” My best friend,– Mihika Rawat throw the disposable coffee mug into the dustbin and turned to me as I stirred my coffee. She stood in front of me with her rolling eyes. She took off her apron and shouted, “Mihir... Just watch counter for a while i have few words with Ishita

“Mihika,” what the hell u doing but Mihika is Mihika she dragged me to a corner of her café just across Bhalla industries. She pushed me down to the seat and stared at me, “You slept with Raman...."The" Raman Bhalla Really

I covered her mouth with my hands and said in a low tone, “YES! I did. now Shut up,”

Mihika slumped back to her chair with her jaw dropped, “How the hell did it happened?”

I told everything to her. How he approached me in Party, how we got into a comfortable conversation and how we ended up in his room....

Mihika pinched her nose bridge, “Do you know how lucky you are? btw, how’s the Love making?”

I stared at her, “I’m not sharing my s*x life, Mihika,”

Mihika rolled her eyes and said, “Okay so what happened after? Did he searched you out like what other girl said or you slept the whole night with him?”

I thought about his peaceful and deep sleepy face and smile appears on my face, “We did.. Raman fell asleep and I left,”

Mihika shocked, “. What do you mean ‘You left’?”

I said while my head down, “I figured I’m just other one night stand of him”

“OMG,” Mihika slapped her hand to my forehead You are so so stupid! You left on your own?! He fell asleep on you!”

“yes With his arms around me,” I added

Mihika closed her eyes, and open said “Why u r like this and why do I have a friend like you?”

Ask yourself..” I stood up and took my bag. She sighed

, “Don’t forget Riddu’s birthday next week.”

Riddhima – riddhu is Mihika’s four year old kid. She’s is so naughty and intelligent girl. Mihika was lucky to have such a beautiful family Mihir her husband and Hotshot cafe of her own. She pack a give away coffee for me, “byee.”

I waved goodbye to mihika and sipped on my coffee as I got my keys out for my old

Maruti Alto Car. This little car fit for mumbai traffic. it brings me to where I want to go and made it on time.

I drove back to my 1 Bhk apartment that I got 3 months ago. There are still some untouched boxes around in my apartment because I never really pack it up. I saved up for 2 years, lived in a PG until I got enough cash I earned in writing article in ROY publishing – a big publishing company owns by Subbu Roy – my second boss.  Once I purchased apartment, I got the job in Bhalla Industries . In my free time I would write for ROY.

The earning isn’t much but enough for me.

I unlocked my apartment, and hang my bag. When I went into my  bedroom, I stopped in my tracks.

There he was, watching outside from window, his suit on my couch. He was wearing just his white shirt, his sleeves rolled up to his elbow. He turned around with a sardonic smile, “Hello, Ishita”

I couldn’t talk or anything i felt someone sucked life from my body.

His zed black eyes piercing into mine as if he’s looking right through me. I sucked a deep breath took a step back and the only thing came out from my mouth was “Why are you here? how u find me ??How did you get in?”

His smile wiped away, he put his hands in his pockets, steps towards me, “Why are you so afraid of me?” His face full of  frustration, anger, hurt. “You told me your name was Riya right and you left,”

he come close to me he held my arms tightly His touch sent 1000 electric waves to my body. I just want to fall into his arms again and again. His lips brushing along my jaw, “Ishita sharma, let’s start

 why did you lie to me Ishita?”

When he tracing his fingers on my side “How did you get in my apartment?” all i could say anything was this .... He placed his ear under my neck and I moaned, “Mr.Bhalla…”

His lips curled up when he heard me called his name, “I owned this building, Ishita. I searched for you from morning and finally found you. What did you do to me, Ishita? I couldn’t think of anything today and I didn’t want to go to work because you were on mind the whole time.”

My heart melted at his words. His fingers traced under my jaw, “Tumne mujhse jhut Kyu bola....?”

“I don’t know,” I said slowly. He lifted my head up, his black eyes into mine, “Why did you lie to me about your name? Tum nahi chahti thi ki main tumhe dundh paau, bolo (Don’t you want me to find you tell me)

“No,” I said and pushed him away try to escape from him but he held onto me tighter and growled, “No. Don’t even try to push me away Ishita. You know how I felt when I couldn’t find you this morning,”

He crushed his lips against mine, pushing me back to the couch. My whole body just gave up and gave in to him willingly. i start giving respond of his kiss its become passionate.... I traced my fingers on his chest, he moaned, “What did you do to me, Ishita Sharma.”

we broke kiss for air

I look in different direction when he kissed down to my neck, “Why did you lie to me?”

“I don’t want you to find me,” I said and sat up far away from him. My thoughts hound me. I can’t afford to let my heart break into pieces any more.

His face turned into hurt, “Come here, Ishita. I said you just before don’t move away from me,”

“No,” I gritted, “You need to leave now plz go,”

He stood up and come towards me, bending down to meet my face, “Your body said different thing. Why are you doing this?”

Doing What i demanded

Pushing me away from you he replied....

 “I left becoz I know I’m no different from those girls you brought home for one nig....and i stopped.”

“Is this why you left me?” He brushed his fingers to my cheeks pushing my hair from my cheeks, “Because of what I do, who I am?”

“Yes,” I said and when his face turned down, I mean... ‘no’. “I…Please, leave now.”

“No,” He said firmly and placed his chin on my lap looking into my eyes he said “I told you last night, you are the first girl I want to show Bhalla Villa. The only girl I want to sleep through the all night and wake up to see you on my side in the morning,”

“Why?” I asked, “You have so many girls, why me?”

He brushed his lips against mine,you want to know then listen No one has ever made me leave my work alone and stay on my mind on my heart  the whole day. Do you know how torturing it was, not knowing why you leave me? Do you know how afraid I am that I will never find you?” "I love you Ishita "This is why I’m going to find out. This is why I came back for you, Ishita

I looked down to our tangled hand,

“I Love you too Mr Bhalla "I didn’t want to lie to Mr.Bhalla  you but I was sure you and Me, We won’t work out,”

“Why not,” He raised his eyebrows

I look into his eyes whispered  to myself I am new in this feelings. I don’t know what to do in this situation. I just know that I want to make this work and last night was i stopped....

He let out loud laughter and I realized I said it lil bit loud. He pushed my hair back to my ears, “You lied to me that you work in my rivalry company.. You worked for me in Bhalla Industries,”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “So?”

“Let’s do this again,” He set with me on to the couch and sat facing me with his hand held out. I smiled at the his image, Raman Kumar Bhalla the S*X God with his playful side. “I am Raman Bhalla. I own Bhalla Industries. Can I have this honour to learn your name?”

I gave him a smile, put my hand in his, “I am Ishita Sharma, I work in Bhalla industries as Code designer. And,” I hesitate if I want to tell him that I am working under his friend company too, “I am a column writer in Roy Publication,”

He raised his eyebrow, “I saw that in your profile.”

“My profile,” I repeated, “Did you keep a drawer full of your girlfriend profiles?”

He narrowed his eyes, “No. I don’t. You are the only one, Ishita, stop underestimating your power over man.”

I stood up. He quickly pulled my hand back, “Where are you going?”

“This is my house, Mr.Bhalla, I won’t go anywhere. I need to get changed my clothes and do some work. Unlike you, who have thousands of people working for you,”

“Do you want to have dinner with me? I got to know about amazing restaurant…” Behind he finished his sentence; I turned to him. He stopped and sighed, “You don’t want to come”

His hurt face stopped me from saying something sarcastic so I said, “I don’t want to get so much attention for me.”

he looked up me curiously, “Every girl wants to go dinner with me, except you.”

“I’m not your other girls,” I replied, “I don’t want anyone to know about us.”

He frowned, “Why? Are you ashamed of me Ishita ?”

I about to turn He said again Tell me are you ashamed of Me ??

“No!” I said and grabbed his hurt face to me. Raman's face immediately replaced with a lustful playboy face., “I don’t like anything that regarding to your public life.”

“Ok,” He did an almost pouting face, cracking me up. This was a different side I see from a Bad Boy. I smiled, “I can cook dinner for you, if you don’t mind.”

He said , “No i dont mind i wud love to but first you need to get rid of this problem,”


Raman put his hands on ishita's cheeks and gently lowered her to meet his lips. She opened her mouth to him when she felt his tongue touch her lips, allowing him entry. She was soon lost in his kisses, his tongue finding hers, rubbing it, tasting her.

When they broke away, he start nuzzle her chest.  She gasped and clutched at him,.  His hands went under her Kurti, sliding up her back, the feel of her soft skin making him want more.  He travelled his hands up and down her back, to touch her enough to satisfy his need.

ishita pushed on his shoulders gently and he unwillingly released her, then he quickly pulled off her kurti.  Raman wrapped his arms around her and kissed across her chest, tasting her with each one.  She shivered and gasped feeling his mouth on her, then reached behind her, struggling to unclasp her rest fabric on body while he continued kissing her hungrily.

When her rest clothe fell away, revealing her b****s to him, Raman took a moment to take them in.  They were perfect,  He pulled her torwards him, bringing a b****t to his mouth.  He tried to take in as much of her as he could and suckled, sliding the flat of his tongue over them.  He felt her shudder and her knees buckled a little.  He tightened his hold on her to keep her upright while she moaned and panted.

After some minute, he moved his mouth to 2nd b****t, trailing gentle kisses along the way, wanting to taste every bit of her. .  He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.  His body was almost in pain, demanding to make her belong to him, and it was getting harder to resist.

now she was panting heavily with her mouth open slightly, her eyes full of desire for him. he placed her gently on bed... threw his rest clothes on floor and come top of her...takes duvet and both drenched in Rain of love......

To be Continued.....

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