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Monday, 8 June 2015

ISHARA STORY : Dhakkan's Diary Epilogue


It has been 2 years sice the day I confessed to Dhakkan.

The best 2 years of my life.

But something really surprised me,

Bala was escastic when we told him that we were now a couple. Bala was almost more happy then me. But note the almost, nobody could be as happy as I was.

I was really confused when Bala said, "Finally, it took you long enough." But who cares about  bala  said, anyway.

We had completed our PG degree successfully in pune and back to mumbai. I actually did well in collage, but its all because of i am india's leading business tycoon...

Dhakkan's got ooportunity to teach in
Symbiosis As HOD ...

Speaking of Dhakkan, I was about to meet her in PUNE the book shop where I confessed to her that day. I was hoping to surprise her with something. After all, today was our anniversary. I stopped my car in front of the shop. I was about to get out but my phone buzz.

"Hello" I said without looking at the number.

"Hey, its me, Bala." the person on the other end said. "Do you have the blue box and don't mess this up man, otherwise you will have a special appointment with my punch."

I checked for the blue box in my jeans pocket. It was there. Was Bala stupid? How could Bala ever think I would forget such as important thing.

"Yeah, I have it. And of course I won't mess Bala u stupid . Are you calling me to make more nervous than I already am?" I said

"Yep." bala said, , "Go get her , Lover boy."

"I will, see you later." I said smiling.

I took a quick deep breath, and got out of my car.

I could see Dhakkan looking at some books with a cute frown on her forehead.

The scene made me more smile. I could feel my heart beating so fast. This was it, I would do it today.

I quickly went inside and went over to Ishita. She had not noticed me as she was too busy looking at the books. My miss Dhakkan will never change, thats what I love most about her.

I hugged her from behind.

She didn't seem surprised Hein??. "Took you long enough." she said softly

"I was busy @ Office and its takes 3 hours to drive here ." I said turning her around, so she was facing me.

She gave me that smile which made my hands tremble and said, "Wow, busy are u?"

"Anyway, Happy anniversary." She whispered.

I leaned and gave her a quick one notice us

I pulled back and let her go, she seemed slightly suprised as she was usually the one to pull away when I displayed affection in public places .

I drag her to the corner

I got down on my knee, brought out the blue box in my pocket, opened it and said, "These 2 years has been the best years of my life. You have always been there for me no matter what. You have made my life more brighter and me happier and more content. Will you please be mine only mine forever? Miss Dhakkan will you marry me?"

Dhakkan had tears in her eyes and her face had been brightened by a cute blush.

She looked at me in the eyes and whispered, "Yes."

I felt my heart explode or brust whatever.

I quickly put ring her finger. It was the perfect size. I was smiling like mad.

I took her chin so her lips were close to mine but...then

I could hear the claps of the people in the book shop...

We came back to my home...

My mom and Ishita's parents already know about our relationship...they decided our marrige 15 days...

Marrige day :

Dhakkan now mine forever...we are married now...

...Thanx to Dhakkan's diary...

After 1 year they blessed with beautiful baby boy...

they named him

" Ishraansh"


Thank you all...

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