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Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Hiii friends...plz read this before u start read nxt part...
This part divided in 3 sections

Raman's Narration in " white " Color

Ishita's diary entry in "Pink" Color

And Raman remember some momery of past days in "Golden Color "
Plz dont get confuse...if anything u can cmmnt...hope u all undrstand

Here is recap


"17 December 2010

Dear Diary,

Maybe I should move on.

He will never be mine
But this guy Ashok really likes me.

Yours truly

Ishita "

Dhakkan's Diary Part-4

" 25 Jan 2011

Dear Diary,

Ashok cheated on me.
Why do these things always happens to me only.


Am I not likable , lovable ?

Ashok didn't like me and neither will my best friend Raman.

Ishita "

" 26 January 2011

Dear Diary,

My bas***d of a best friend and stupid brother went to Ashok's house and beat him up.

Even though Ashok cheated on me , I feel sorry for the poor Ashok.


Ishita "

"27 Jan 2011

Meri pyari  Diary

Raman is out of clg bcoz of me...what i ll do without him in clg...i m sad but so happy that Raman cares abt me so much...its that only care no love hmmm whyy?????

Ishita "

" 14 February 2011

Dearest Diary,

I hate this day

I searched for the perfect gift and card for Raman who stoke my heart.

But Raman got so many cards gifts and hugs that my gifts seemed so lame.


Ishita "

Duffer ur gift always special for me Dhakkan..

So that why u sad on that valentine day
Ek bar bolke to dekhti Dhakkan kabhi kisi chiz ke liye mana kiya hai...ohh god Dhakkan...

3rd March 2011

Time : 6 pm

" Diary"

I m sooo happy today...
Me and Raman going to party as dance couple...i know how much i stressed b4 asking him for party...and Raman said yes in one time...i dont have words for how happy i m...may be today he know abt my true feeling...finger crossed...



Ohhh Dhakkanu duffer...why u silent all the time u r right main sach me ullu hu yar...tu to ek bar bolti

I remember that day eveng

Date : 3rd March 2011

" 7 pm Dhakkan's place

Hahaha Dhakkan yar itna sajne dhajne ki jarurat thi..

Ishita: what...!!! Hum party me jaa rhe...

I : Ha pata hai mujhe lekin tumko itna dress up hone ki kya jarurat thi...

Ishita : tum tarif nahi kar skte to kam se kam burayi mat karo...

I : plz...suno tum change karke aao sab mera majak banayenge waha...

Ishita : what the f...jao nahi jana mujhe..

I : accha gussa mat ho...ab chalo jaisi ho waisi sahi...

Ishita : what u mean jaisi hu...???

I : chalna hai to chalo warna mere pass dusre bhi option hai...

Ishita : ok chalo...

8 pm @ Party Venue :

Me and ishita on dance floor...
Her hand on my shoulder my hand on her Patli Kamar lol...

Ishita : Raman...Raman...Raman tera dhyan kaha hai...

But my concentration only one beautiful girl alone near bar...

Ha kya hua Dhakkan itna kyo chilaa rahi hai ???

Ishita : tera dhyaan kaha hai...

I : piche ek ladki hai kya hot hai yaar..tu jaanti hai kaun hai..she turns

Ishita : wo wo to roshni hai but tu kyu puch raha hai...

I : tu yahi ruk main abhi aaya...

Ishita : Raman sun...gaya fir se nayi ladki...

We reached home at 11...

Day end "

Ohhh god mene us din kya kiya Dhakkan ke sath...i have to read that day entry...

I flippd but there is blank page on that day...i chk next date..yes may be she was slept on that day...

Next page
4th March 2011

ohh my Dear Diary

I cried full night main royi...
I wanna kill my self...i dressed up for Raman and he said those nonsense things  to me...why why

m i not good looking or HOT...
Uska majak banta hai mere sath
Ab main kabhi uske sath nahi jaungi...or wo sabke samne dance floor pe chodke us roshni ke piche chala gaya...

I hate u Raman but more than i love you but god plz save him from roshni she is not good for him...
Ohhh shayd Raman aaya hai bye...



Ohh Dhakkan main gadha hu yar...mujhe tumahari baat sunni thi party ke agle din hi tumne mujhe mana kiya tha...but maine suna hi nhi...

Again i remember what happen on nxt day aftr party

Date 4th march 2012

Time 4pm

Dhakkan's place

Dhakkan Dhakkan...

Ishita : kyo chilla raha hai...behri (DEAF)nahi hu main...

I : what the hell why dont u pick my call...

Ishita : i was busy...

I : busy !!! Kis cheez me aap busy thi...

Ishita : why shd i tell u evrything...

I : what !!!! What did u say...??

Ishita : you hear right why shd i tell u ???

I : go to hell...main bus tujhe batane aaya tha ki main aaj date pe ja rha hu...

Ishita : Date !!! kiske sath ??

I : roshni ke date

Ishita : Raman plz stay away from her wo acchi ladki nahi hai...wo sirf tere paise ke piche padi hai isse phle 5 bf the uske...

I : shutup yar !!!! Tujhe hamesha pata hota hai jiske sath me date pe jaane wala hota hu wo ladki me kuch na kuch galat hota hi hai...

Ishita : dekh Raman main teri best frnd hoo tujhe galat karne se hamesha rokungi. Aage teri marzi...

I : haa baba mujhe pata hai but its jst date...chal byee...

NOW I relaized how much she care for me...
I skipped 8 months

"10 December 2011

Dear Diary,

Christmas aane wala hai.

But bad thingss had to cover our lives

Raman's  father died yesterday.

His freaking new girlfriend Roshni was not their to support him .

I was with him all the time

His painful tone was breaking my heart.

I hate to see him like this.

God help him and give him strength .


Ishita "

Thank u ishita u r savior i dnt know mera kya hota gar tum us time mera sath na deti to...or tumne sach kaha tha roshni ko sirf paisa chahiy tha...i left her i need one shoulder to cry it was u Dhakkan who always there for me...thank u thank u so much for all support...

I flipped again...

" 1st January 2012


I gave a small new year party with the help of Bala  to cheer him up.

Raman too came but some girl called him and Raman was gone before I knew it.

I hate Raman but I love him.

Someone please get me out of this life.



SHe hates but she loves sorry Dhakkan

" 4th april 2012

Dear diary

Ohhh i m sharing some naugty things to you...i saw Raman shirtless today...he is so handsome...i went inside his room he is sleeping without shirt...
He was looking so sexy...but he is not mine...i love u Raman why dont u love me...

Ishita "

I blushed...ohhh so she saw me...chalo main use sexy to lagta hu...

I fliiped fast its all my and her life of one year...

"2nd February 2013

" Dear Diary,

Its Valentine's again I am not going to get him anything this year.

I am going to be serious and study...

I have to get into Symboisis .


Ishita "

" 3rd June 2013

Dearest  Diary ,

I , Bala and Raman left home and are going to stay together.

We are going to start a new life.

Wherever raman goes , I hope he gets what he wants.


Ishita "

" 16 August 2013

Dear Diary,

I met this new guy Amit.

I think Amit  likes me.

I am in love with a person(RAMAN ) who will never look at me in that way so let it be.

I m here to start a new life , and  I shall start.

Amit  is just my type .

But I can't get over my feelings for my best friend

After todays incident

Yours truly

Ishita "

Again i remember 16 august ko kya tha ohhh yes night classes at Mba hub (i gave a coaching class name MBA Hub)

20 days earlier

16th august 2013


Sir : so frnds aaj ke liye bus itna hi...
Aaj hum kuch or baate karenge...

Raman to ishita : ab ye kya baate karna chahta hai dhakkan...???

Ishita : mujhe kaise pata hoga ??

Raman : are tumhare clg ka sir hai na...waha bhi itna bor karta hai kya??

Sir : so students Pyar kya hotaa hai ???

Student in one sound : what ????

Sir : are simple question pe esa reaction i said What is love give me ur opinions..

Some student giving stupid answers...

Sir : so Raman tumhare hisaab se pyar kya...

Raman in full Srk style : Sir Pyar dosti hai...
Love is frndship...
pyar ka pahla kadam dosti hai...
Ha pyar to aap apne sabhi dosto se karte ho
lekin wo insaan apke sabhi dosto se khaas hota hai...
Wo ye janta hai ki aap kis chiz se khush kis se dukhi hote...
Unki kaun si baat aapko hasati hai..
Kaun si rulati hai...
Pyar wo ahsaas hai jo dosti ko aage badata hai...
Lekin iska matlab ye nahi hai ki aap jisse pyar arte ho wo bhi aap ko pyar kare...Dost dost ki jagah or dosti me pyar apni jagah...
so mere liye Pyar dosti hai...

Sir : what a beautiful thought Pyar dosti hai...thank u Raman...i think u r in love Raman tabhi to pyar ke baare me itna jaante ho...

Raman : (blush)

Day end...

I turns to nxt page...

17th August 2013

Dear Diary

Aaj kuch esa hua ki mera pyaar Raman ke liye or bad gaya...yes i love u more than anything Raman...and i respect ur feelins Raman we are best frnd i love u but u dont love me...that ok now i have to move on...
Move on with Amit...but its hard to me Raman to forget u...i love u from core of my heart...


After reading all of this , I was in shock state .

My brain started churning and my heart becomes heavy suddenly it hit me like a bucket of cold water.


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  1. ohhhh god this is awesome
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