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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

ISHRA STORY : Dhakkan's Diary PART 3


I was watching "Movie" with Bala

I heard miss Dhakkan open the door.

We didn't turn around to look at her but I really wanted to.

But pretended like I did not.

She called out " Guys , how do I look?"

I turned around to look at her.

And I was blown away.

~DHAKKAN'S DIARY Part ~3      

I was blown away was an understatement. I didn't know a girl could ever be like this, this angelic beautiful.

Surprisingly, ishita had done nothing but let her hair lose and She just blush, and that alone , made all the difference in the universe .

So there was abousolutely no words made to describe how stunning Ishita was, no words.

Looking at her made me think of the times when we didn't have a worry in the world.

And also made me think that this stunning Dhakkan before me used to play Cricket with me , running behind to hit me and get covered in dust with me, used to steal Cooldrinks with me and when got caught make mad exuses with me.

Ishita has been with me all this time, but now it all just feels so so so different.

I can't understand this feeling that caught up inside of my heart

Could I love this Dhakkan more than a best friend ? If I loved her the way she did, would she love me back?

I was getting more and more and more confused.

But there was no explanation of her being with 'Amit'

May be Ishita was hiding her feeling and making a mask of not liking me , not loving me more than a bestfriend.

Only one way to find out, her diary.

I need to get Bala out of here so I can read it.

Then the door bell rang.

I said ,"I'll get it."

I opened the door to see Amit all dressed up as if he was the most handsome boy.

I wanted to tell him " Come on dude, your a total chipkuuu with the weird hairstyle and weird Dress", but I restrained it for Dhakkan.

This Boy made me sick. And something told me that he was just using my Dhakkan

And how can Ishita like this guy?

Than the thought that ishita that she was going out with Amit to rid herself of the feelings she had for me, washed over me.

Then my Dhakkan came out and went to stand beside Amit

This made my heart burn.

Both Said goodbyes to us and walked away hand in hand which made me really Jealous dont why.

Dhakkan was gone now , I had to get Bala out of here so I can read the diary.

So I called Bala's girlfriend who was a great girl and told her to call Bala to her house.kamina saala hamesha ready rahta hai is cheez ke liye...

And after 2 minutes Bala hurriedly went out.

I towards her room.

And searched for her diary but it was not inside of Ishita's blanket.

Where could it be?

Oh right ! Dhakkan always keeps her private things under her bed.


I took her diary out below the bed

I quickly put the numbers to open the diary lock.

diary opened.

Finally I would know the truth , once and for all.

I flipped through the whole diary and saw entries which was dated since 6 years ago. I started reading and skipping the nonsense about dhakkan and reading more about me . I had to find out if Dhakkan still liked me.

The first entry was

"14 Jan 2009

My Dear Diary,

I am in love with my best bestest friend and theres nothing I can do.

Raman came over to the house today.

And we danced we played we watched movies.

I didn't want him to leave but he had to go.

Will he ever see my feelings towards him.

Yours truly

Ishita...(Dhakkan i love this name when it cames from Raman's mouth) "

this entry was from college days means she loves me from our old school days...ohh my god that means stupid i m never saw her feelings...

I flipped again i just wanted to know she still loves me or i flipped in speed but i stopped here and read another entry dated...

" 10 Nov 2009

Dear Diary,

Raman is dating the cheer leading captain , Shagun.

I feel like crying my heart out.

Will this feeling ever go away .

Oh! MY Diary , why doesn't like me.

Yours truly
Ishita...not anymore his Dhakkan "

I Skipped one year

" 20 July 2010

Dear Diary,

Thank God , he left Shagun...

Maybe I will have a chance but Do he accept me

. Wish me luck

Yours truly


How many time i told you shanaya is just time pass...yar Dhakkan...

I was getting really confused. I skipped to 5 months later.

"17 December 2010

Dear Diary,

Maybe I should move on.

He will never be mine
But this guy Ashok really likes me.

Yours truly

Ishita "

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