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Sunday, 10 May 2015

ISHRA OS : My Tempting Secretary (MATURE)

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Caution : Some Mature Scene Read At Your Own risk

Ishita works for Bhalla Industries as Raman Bhalla's secretary. A billionaire who owns a chain of famous hotels... Ishita desires for Raman for over 2 years. But could she even be his 'type' of girl. She knows every single name of the girl he dated in the last 2 years. Raman wants Ishita but he could not bear to lose her if he makes the wrong move.. 


The phone buzzed and I immediately grabbed pad and pen and entered Mr Bhalla’s office. ‘Yes Mr Bhalla?’ I questioned. ‘Please send a chocolate box and  bouquet of flowers to Shagun he answered. Shagun is his girlfriend or should I say flavour of the month. ‘Yes, of course Mr Bhalla’ anything else sir No he answered Ok sir  I said and left the room. My heart ached knowing that his ‘type’ of Girls are models that have the correct type of figure, looks and No Brain
I called on a number and gave the address of Shagun’s place. I continued working upto 12, Its a Lunch time and I was out of my seat to lunch. I met Mihika and Divya at one of the restaurant. We talked and laughed about random things. When the door of the restaurant ‘opened', I looked up to see Raman and Shagun. His arm wrapped around her waist. ‘You didn’t tell me he was taking his lunch here!’ Divya spoke hushly. ‘I didn’t know!’ I replied
he pulled the chair out for her. ‘Ohh wow ! He’s such a gentleman. I just continue eating. When i came back to the office, he wasn’t in his cabin yet. Although his schedule is free till 3, I could call and remind him. or Maybe i interrupt their moment No STOP Ishita  I scolded myself. I set on my chair and continued working. Every time the Lift dings and the door opens, I expect Raman to step out of the Lift. I only call him Raman when i talked to my self. When Clock strike 2.55pm. I was about to call him and then he came out of the lift with his hair messy hair like he just had s...what Shagun and Raman doing thats nt bothered to me or shuu stop thinking Ishita i said to myself.... ‘Had a nice lunch Ishita?’ he asked. “Yes,’ I mumbled without looking up to him. ‘Well is the meeting room ready for the meeting?’ He asked. ‘Yes, Mr Bhalla’ I answered and continue my work andt he left. 

Raman’ Pov

As Ishita walked out of my cabin after I instructed her to send chocolate and flowers to Shagun, I admired her Top to bottom she is so tempting ,s**y. Damn it Raman... I scolded myself. Shagun keeps calling me for lunch today and I am already made myself to dumping her as she is now become boring and she demanded that I put a diamond ring on her finger. The only reason I agreed on lunch is to tell her that our relationship is now over. when we stepped in the restaurant, my eyes went straight to my very tempting secretary Ishita laughing with two of my other girls wow there is something in her laugh which takes my breaths away
When the waiter came and  led us to our table, I like a gentleman pulled out the chair for Shagun. ‘Shagun’ I started ‘I think we should just end this relationship’ “What!’ She said. ‘Why? Is it about the diamond ring? It’s fine I don’t want it anymore’ She said.. ‘No its over Shagun’ I said and stalked out of the restaurant. I felt her fingers on my wrist as I felt she trying to kiss me in public so that ll create scene here or publicity. She running her hand through my hair as I pushed her away. ‘Stop it Shagun! Dont create scene here i said its over!’ I said with my voice raised. ‘It’s because of your secretary Ishita right? That’s why you want to end our relationship?’. ‘Dont drag her in this’ I said. ‘It’s getting boring with you’ ‘What!’ She screamed. I just pushed her and walked to my car. Oh and I forgot to tell you, the only reason I asked Ishita to send chocolate and flowers is so that I could see my tempting secretary Ishita. I took my phone from my pocket and delete Shagun’s number.

I start my car hoping that Ishita  would call and remind me about the meeting and also to hear her voice again . At 2.50pm, I knew that if I wait longer for her call, I would be late for my important meeting. I reached Office in disappointment. But it was quickly replaced into happiness when I saw Ishita sitting at her desk. I walked to her and asked ‘Had a nice lunch Ishita?’ ‘Yes,’ she mumbled without looking up to me. What’s her problem i thought? ‘Well, is the meeting room ready for the meeting?’ I asked again. ‘Yes Mr Bhalla’ she answered and I just sighed and went back into my cabin

Ishita’s pov

A few days later.

‘Ishita, is the pilot ready for takeoff?’ Raman asked. He was going to London for a business trip. ‘Yes Mr Bhalla. The pilot just said that they are ready for takeoff.’ ‘Ok, bye Ishita’ He said. ‘Bye Mr Bhalla’ I answered. For the next week, I would come to work and every time I hear the elevator ding, I look up and expect Raman to step out from the Lift. Even though I know that he wouldn’t be back till next Friday. I would usually go and get a coffee ready for him but then realise that he was still in London. Every day was like going through hell without looking him
When Friday came, the Lift dinged and Raman walked out and came to my desk placed a box on my table. ‘For you’ He said. His voice low.’ Thank you Mr Bhalla, and welcome back to office’ I replied... He smiled and walked into his cabin. I opened the box and saw that he bought the black saree  he always wanted me to wear he said me once to wear a full black saree when we went to a Party.... The phone buzzed and as usual, I grabbed pad and pen and entered Mr Bhalla’s cabin. I knocked and open the door. ‘Yes Mr Bhalla?’ I asked. ‘You don’t  have to need that’ he said. Pointing to pad and pen. ‘Ok’ I replied. ‘ So What can I do for you Mr Bhalla?’  ‘
He sighed I have been thinking of you day and night in London. I am just gonna get you out of my mind and for all’ he said and all of a sudden, he was in front of me and his lips was brushed againt mine. I responded him... When his hands went in my back, I push away him and ran out of Office.
I take a cab and reached Home. I went straight into the shower. Whenever I close my eyes, I could feel his lips on mine and his hands on by back. I came out and turn on my laptop and started to type in my resignation letter when the door bell rang. I opened the door and saw Mr Bhalla standing there. I quickly closed the door only to be stopped by his leg. ‘Ishita…’ he started. ‘No  Get out from here !’ I shouted. ‘I love you’ he said.... I stood there in shock...  Tears flowing from my eyes he take me into his arms. ‘Please tell me that you feel the same Ishita’ ‘You can’t be’ I said. ‘Why not?’ He questioned. ‘I am not Ur Type of girl...’ I replied. ‘No, I love you for who you are and what u r ’ He said. With that, I replied the same three words  he had said to me. ‘I love you too Raman’ I said softly.

3rd person Pov

Raman grabbed Ishita by the waist and pulled her in close so that they could almost kiss. ‘I’ve longed for you ever since first i saw you’ Raman said to her in the low raspy voice of his. Ishita closed her eyes hoping that this wasn’t a dream, when she opened her eyes once more, she found his face so close to her and then his lips pressed against hers. Every second that passed, the kiss got deeper and deeper more passionate as if they were hungry for each other since ages. He slowly moved his hands up and down her back. She dug her nails deep into his back. Raman slowly kissed her, down her neck, along her collar bone and he slowly massaged her with wet kisses and love. She moaned softly against his lips as he step forward and pushed her against the wall. He moved his lips down her neck to her cleavage as he unbuttoned her blouse.. He lifted her up and brought her up to her room, they were too engrossed in each other while walking kissing they again bumped against the wall. They laughed at each other at their silliness still madly kissing each other... They finally got to room, He placed her down onto the bed, slowly sucking at the mole on her neck. She moaned and he groaned lowly in his throat,.. He finally slipped off his all clothes and the next second, he was in her. With every slow thrust, she let out a soft moan making Raman pick up his speed. Each thrust was filled with love desire and passion. Soon enough, he was going at his full speed. both moaned in rhythm and she arched her back in pleasure, They both came at the same time, they reached thier climax....They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms..

The next day, Ishita woke up with an arm embracing her tightly. She slowly moved around his arm trying best not to wake him up. She went to bathroom, looked herself in the mirror and found that she was covered in love bites. she take a shower and dressed herself. She walked back into her room and realized that Raman was not on her bed anymore. She walked to kitchen and was greeted at the sight of Raman just in his pants without shirt..His body shining in the sunlight, his chest hair, making him hotter than he visually was. She walked to him shyly... ‘Good morning Darling’ he said.and peck on her cheeks ‘Morning Mr...Raman’ she replied with a grin. He started to fill glass of juice for her. ‘ My tempting Secretary , I think that we should just stay in today’ he said seductively. I giggle and said ‘I have to go office Sir  and need my salary Sir ’ he said ‘No wife of mine is gonna work for money unless in bed’ he said wiggling is eyebrows. ‘Your wife?!’ I said. ‘Oh I should have done a proper proposal’ he said and walked towards his coat and took out a royal blue box. He walked back to me and knee down. ‘Ishita , My tempting Secretary I love you since I met I cant  imagine a day in my Life without you in it,i just want to grow old with you Ishita....will you marry me?’ He looked at me with his brown eyes which reflected love and it turned into happiness and tears of Joy when I said Yes I ll Raman. He slipped the ring in my finger and lifted me up and swing me around. He carried me bridal style into my room and all know what happens next......

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